Who Am I?

Non conformist, non perfectionist, open minded with strong values, a wife, a mother, a woman. That is me. I am passionate about my beliefs. Inequality, exploitation, corruption, misuse of power disturbs me. This blog is about what I think, what I feel, what I experience as a person. I am not black and white, nor am I grey, I am like the world around us, full of colours, no one thing defines me, because they are all parts of a whole that form what I am. I am a mother, but not only that, a woman, but more, I am a person with many facets, just like any other. Passionate by nature, honest by virtue, sinfully impatient. I thrive on retail therapy and food. I am a nomad searching my purpose in life and place in this mad mad world. And you can see all of that unravel on this blog, bit by bit. The people who will often feature here are the two men in my life, the Goofy Papa(GP) or Dear Hubby(DH), my other half and the Baby Boy(BB),my son.