Sunday, January 30, 2011

After the Break Or Break Ke Baad

The reason for this post is, that I am still unwilling to let this blog completely die, I am just not ready to completely give up on it yet. And yet I have to accept that regular blogging, like in the past, is unlikely to happen, atleast anytime soon. So I will post as and when I can, and with whatever I can. There have been many events in the past month or so, that should have been posted about, but was not, including a wonderful 4th birthday for the BB. And I am not making any false promises to myself or anyone else,that I will post about them. But what I can do is make this an update post of sorts, and then hopefully keep posting on and off through the year. And since this is my first official post for 2011, here is wishing anyone who reads this a very very Happy New Year.

Well, I think most of you know, but for those who don't, I moved to Brisbane in November, searched high and low for a place to rent, found one. And as soon as we shifted, in came the floods. They have been devastating, terrible. I was very fortunate to be in a place, which had no water coming in. The GP's office was flooded, and they were evacuated from the building. Follow that up with the building sustaining substantial damages, which meant employees were not allowed in for the past few weeks. The GP has been working from home, and is set to resume office finally from tomo, after nearly 3 weeks. The advantage was, that the house was settled more quickly, and that makes me happy, but not at what the cost was. It was heart breaking to see, people, old couples, who lost everything, their entire life's possessions. And no matter how non-materialistic we are, losing an entire lifetime's worth of things, including memories, photographs and more can be a very very hard ordeal. What shone through though was the spirit of Queenslanders! Cheers to that. The council got overwhelming requests for people wanting to volunteer and help. Over 60,000 people wanted to do something, and the council had to end up apologising, for not being able to fit everyone in. Such marvels of the human spirit always brings tears to my eyes, just as it is doing right now, even as I write this. It is a long hard path ahead, what with the main city, the CBD(Central Business District) going underwater, but we will get there!!

The BB's birthday was celebrated on the 3rd of Jan, a few days before the floods. It was a wonderful day, that we thoroughly enjoyed, and which completely calmed all my doubts regarding how we would do in a new city, where we have no friends yet. It was a day at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Which meant we actually held a Koala, fed kangaroos out in the open with our own hands. Awesome fun, and the best bit being the BB enjoyed it without a sign of fear. It was lovely. Follow that up with a ferry ride across the city, and some biking along the was a great fun day.

And the BB, well he has begun kindergarten here. Which basically means he has a ball of a time, running around, playing barefoot with friends, but there is rona-dhona, when I drop him off in the morning, and that does not occur if the GP performs those duties. So well, you get the picture! Not that nature has gifted me with enough mother's guilt, to last me 3 lifetimes, but my son has to add to that, and make me feel like the meanest mother on earth for leaving him in a place where he can play and have fun with children his age! The good bit is, that he is getting along with the kids here, more than he did in Melbourne. Maybe he has grown up. But unlike in Melbourne, where he would mostly play on his own, or just alongside other kids, he runs up quite a riot with the ones here. And he has loads to show and then tell me about his day, when I pick him up. I just think the bright sun makes him happier. We are, after all, tropical people, how can we survive without sunshine?

And then I obviously have to tell you the great BB's tale of glory. This Thursday, we took him for his 4 year old vaccinations. The list though similar to the one followed in India, has slight variations. Its a big pain for them as well as us, while they sit and compare the list, trying to make sure, my child has received everything that he needs to. fortunately this time they gave me an Australian list all marked and stamped, so that next time, there would be no need for all of that. And then as she said, the next shot will be, only when the BB is in high school. So rest and relax for now! Coming back to the point, I went in believing there would be 1 shot, the DPT+IPV, but there was also the MMR Booster, and then they wanted him to get an additional shot of Hep B, because they felt he should have had one at a longer gap. And they said, he could have them all the same day. Till last year, I could keep the BB distracted well enough not to realise the shot coming to him, till it actually did, and then it would be over before he knew it, and all would be well. I was a bit worried this time, since he is not quite as easy to distract now. So I tried to make it sound fun. And went all , "Oh! Wow! we are going to get injection. So cool! And the BB is such a big brave boy now. Wow!"insert more such things here. And then within a minute one after the other he received 3 shots on 2 arms, and would you believe it, not even a whimper. His eyes were set on the injections, he saw them piercing him each time, but not even a whimper. I think I am the proudest mother who ever lived.(Between the GP and me, I am the brave one here. The GP is terrified of objects that pierce the skin, while I stare at the injection while it pierces my vein and everything.) The centre was out of bubbles, and so they only gave him two little star stickers on each hand, and the boy went through most of the day without washing the back of his hand, for the fear of losing the stickers. Not a whimper, not even one... the nurse, another set of parents who were in with us, were all amazed. And yes as I said, I am the proudest mother in the world!

That kind of covers the main events so far. The house is still being set up, in terms of beautification, but I am happy with it over all. For one it has a bigger living area, and a kitchen than the older one, so more sensible planning here, and I feel good. The locality is nice, lots of family with kids, quiet, very very green, which means lot of spiders and other wildlife too, but so far I like it. Please tell em what have you been upto, and how has it been at your end, and I will try and keep updating this space, as often as I can.


Sraboney said...

I'm glad everything is turning out well for you...

Rakesh said...

Wow, this is some life you're living GM! Every 6 months, you seem to have a new home, new country, new city, new school for BB, new neighbours, new friends, I so envy you!

Glad to know you're fine and settled after the floods.

And on the shots, my wife is just like the GP, she can't stand the sight of any injections, not even the sound of Yuvaan while he gets them, so she walks out of the hospital, right to the parking area to make sure she doesn't listen anything :)

BB's turning out to be a Brave Boy should we say, just like you? :)

TC and Keep Having Fun.

And yes, these updates would suffice till you want to blog again.

Don't shut this blog down, As I'd told you earlier, a lot of times, this blog seems to be what I would write and at times, my thoughts 1 year in advance (Especially your posts on parenting since my son is a year younger than yours)

D said...

Nice to get updates from your end Goofy. And I love how you've woven the good and the bad in the post so beautifully.

As for me? Same old, same old.

Passionate Goof said...

Thanks so so much people for actually commenting, I did not think there would be anyone who would read at all!

Sraboney - Thanks! :)

Rakesh - Its every year, and not 6 months.... please don't make us more nomadic than we already are. While you may envy the situation, I am tiered and worn out, I would rather settle down and grow my roots in some place now, tiered of shuffling around! Don't think I will shut down the blog, but then posting might just be very very sporadic that's all! But then something is better than nothing right!

D - What do you mean by same old same old. You are travelling, partying, and everything.... Are you enjoying life back in Lko now?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's nice to hear from you GM..and to see that you are all settled..take care

Deeps said...

Loads of hugs to the brave boy and his proud mom! Really he didnt cry? Thats amazing, GM!

Really happy to know that you've settled down after the massive floods. Cant even imagine how devastating an experience that must have been! Hats off to the spirit of people there!

Looking forward to reading more updates from you :)

dr.antony said...

Good to hear from you.You had mentioned this move in your last post,I think.
Life is full of unexpected.Changes are inevitable.

Passionate Goof said...

liveonimpulse - Thanks dear. Yes settled in quite a bit!

Deeps - No he did not, and I am still gloating!! :D I will try and keep updating Deeps.... Thanks for the encouragement.

Dr.Antony - Yes indeed it is!