Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giving It Up

I was not sure I would put it up on the blog, but then I realised that every penny counts, and this is not for me, so let me just not act prudish, and share it here. There is the 40 Hour Famine being organised by World Vision Australia. And I decided to participate. There were ads on the TV, and I was intrigues enough to look them up online. It seemed like something I can do, and so I went for it.

The thing is, that I give up something that I need all the time for 40 hours, and try to get my friends to donate to the cause in return. It could be anything, so I decided to go with the Internet, something that I use from the moment I get up, to the time I go to sleep, and the other, is non-vegetarian food. I am thinking about withdrawal symptoms already, but might as well go ahead and do it. Wish me luck people. And just like what I told all my friends, 'No amount is too big, and none too small. Even $1 is most welcome, to whoever wants to contribute.' So anyone, who wishes to donate, even a dollar, please just mail me (goofymumma[at]gmail[dot]com), and I will mail you the link where you can donate.

Its a really good cause and the money generated from this will be used for people and especially children who need it, around the world. As mentioned on the website,
Donations to the 40 Hour Famine this year will support projects aimed at: addressing climate change and increasing agricultural production in Nepal; tackling childhood malnutrition in Kenya; fighting child labour and trafficking in India; providing supplementary food support to families in Cambodia; and assisting with food security in Laos.

Wish me luck!


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

That sounds like a very noble AND interesting thing to do! All the very best.. I know the going can be a bit hard, because I'm quite addicted to these two things too :) Soldier on, GM!

Anonymous said...

That's a great cause you're endorsing through your blog GM..way to go girl.. All the best. I would like to pitch in whatever small way possible

Quirky Quill said...

Okay. Done my bit. A dollar for every hour :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi GM i can't seem to contribute the site won't accept my card details as valid :( is there a way out ?

Passionate Goof said...

SAS - Thank you very much, and I am hoping whatever little bit I raise, counts in soemway!

liveonimpulse - Thank you so much. And no I have no idea, what the problem might be, but i will mail those guys and ask.

QQ - You are a sweetheart, and the encouragement, and generosity is much appreciated.