Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are We Weaklings?

Where are we today as people of the world? What are we heading towards? What are our goals, our missions? I wonder often about these things, about what is it that we are looking for. And I don't seem to get the responses I would like. Even within my ownself.

Somewhere I feel, we are a misguided lot, being led on like lambs to the slaughter, by the devil disguised as the enticing have-it-all. Sounds strange isn't it? But when was the last time you heard someone say, my aim is to be more honest, or more helpful or more charitable? But I am sure we have often heard others as well as ourselves say, I want to own another house, get a raise, make XYZ amount this year, bring my body weight to ABC kgs. And in these small monetary and materialistic goals, have the bigger, humane goals been lost somewhere?

I don't remember the last time I deprived my self of something that I really wanted and donated the money instead, to someone who really did need it, for something as basic as food or clothes. How many of us even aim to do that? How often, if ever have we heard someone say, my goal this year is to donate atleast half of my earnings to charity, or take a few weeks off work and help the people who need it? In my case the answer is never. And it is this that makes me wonder where are we as a community of people headed?

What are our real goals and ambitions in life? Making more money, getting a promotion, being thinner? Good things in themselves, but is that all we want for ourselves, is that all we believe we are capable of achieving? I think we underestimate and devalue ourselves tremendously when we limit ourselves by such goals. There are then some who aim to read more books, expand their knowledge of music or learn a new skill, and yet again I think we are limiting our potential here. These are wonderful things when we look at it from the practical world, and yet somehow, I feel that they are not what changes or improves the core of the person we are. I will never underestimate the value of reading, music or learning new things, but is that enough for us to progress as persons, spiritually?

I for one, never make new year resolutions, simply because they do not translate to anything more than words in my life. And yet, I know a lot of people who do. And of all those who have shared their's with me, I have never come across even one, which said things like I will be kind to animals this year, I will not say a bad word about anyone, I will stand up against what is wrong, I will not be greedy or demanding. How does this, then, represent us as a society of humans. Are we too absorbed with the material to want more, to actually unleash our true potential and achieve it. It scares me to think that in ways we are actually, being just mediocre and proudly so.

Often our vices are now, labeled as our personality, individuality, and left at that. I am moody, I am short-tempered, I am impatient. These are the kind of statements I hear often, and use them myself too. What saddens me is, we say it as a statement, sometimes even arrogantly, not wanting to change it one bit. We actually proudly claim these vices to be ours. Why? Why is it no longer thought of as a vice, as a corruption to our character that we should try to get rid off. Why is it used as a badge of pride instead? If we do not understand these qualities as a malignance in the wholeness of our persona, how can we ever think of eliminating them. And with each person proudly hugging their flaws, where exactly does that lead the society, which is comprised of people like us? Shallowness, materialism, weakness and yet full of arrogance?

In reality it is weakness, because we as human beings have such huge potentials, we can move mountains with our minds alone, and yet we give in, and do not even try to win over the smallest evils in us. We give in and let the vices rule us instead. It saddens me, because it feels like seeing a huge fercious lion, watching a small little deer, walk by, and not attack it, saying, oh well, why take the effort to run and hunt, let me just be lazy and sit around instead. And eventually that is what will kill him, because he needs the food to nourish his strong body, and without that his body will become weak and eventually he will perish. That is exactly what the virtues are for the human mind, the food that nourishes it and keeps it strong and flourishing. Our vices, weaken it, diminish its strength and finally leads to its demise.

Why do we not decide to do something to nourish our souls each day, each time we make a resolution, even if for just a day? Like each time I think, today I will try to lose weight by not eating anything oily, let me also think, and today I will also not say a bad word about anyone, or today I shall tell no lies, no matter what, or today I will send a good thought out for the person I hate the most. It will be tough no doubt, probably tougher than avoiding deep fried chips and pakodas, and yet it will make me that much stronger and better as a human being. And I think each day it will just get easier, till, one day I find, that, that is what is now me, my nature and I no longer need to make the effort to be that way. Imagine a society where most people are like that, whole, strong and pure. The way we were intended to be when we were created.

[This post is more of an introspection, than any kind of accusation. This is not meant to offend anyone, but was meant as an analysis of myself, and of what I see around me, what I think needs to be changed, more so in me than anyone else. ]


Anonymous said...

I'm yet to meet a passionate idealist such as you.. Yes we are weak and with time becoming weaker..our aims and goals so shallow, our personalities rather hollow and we seem to be taking a strange kind of pride in it.. Infact being honest, straightforward and saying it like it is considered sometimes blasphemous and mostly foolish !! It is indeed a sad state of affairs

Passionate Goof said...

liveonimpulse - I take that as a huge compliment and so thank you. the thing is, that is the way I have been since childhood, and hence I usually stand out like a 'sore' thumb in most places. But don't you think its strange that most people are not like this? Aren't we diminishing and minimising ourselves that way?

Anonymous said...

yes sadly we are diminishing ourselves like that !!

Shrutzz said...

Loved this topic....I want to re-read this again, but want to quickly add a comment too...
I loved every corner you have touched and somehow stole what I was thinking from last few days...

Am so crazy of picking clothes and anything materialistic....I pass near a MALL everyday to reach my office..somehow I have this feeling " Is this all I can think of all the time??"""..Its kinda getting on to my nerves..I want some nice feeling and am confused at whats gouing through me....

Going to read this again

Anonymous said...

Goof... this was an excellent observation. As much as I admired your previous posts, this post has beaten them all. You raised valid questions - questions which all of us should be asking. And your solution too was simple and practical. I can imagine its going to hard to try and think humane thoughts but I for sure am definitely going to try. :-)

(Me thinks, you should be writing professionally - you have that special something!)

Passionate Goof said...

liveonimpulse - But on the brighter side, we can always turn things around!

Shrutzz - Thanks! I think we all want a little bit more, in terms of materialistic pleasures, and in the consumerism focused society of today,it is more likely to be so. The sad bit is, indeed when that is all we think of . Believe me, if you try, you can think of a LOT more. The great bit is that, you have already realised, that you don't like to think about such things alone!

thethoughtfultrain - First off, Thanks. 'you should be writing professionally - you have that special something!' is a really big compliment. :D I am high on this now. Thanks a lot for thinking of giving it a try, I am sure we can make it work!!