Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Reflections About WWII

I am reading this book, based during the World War 2, and it has led to a barrage of thoughts in my mind. I am not a person interested in History, Politics or wars, so all that I know about WW2 was what I learned in school. The reasons were obviously political, because there will never be a war, let alone, one that involves pretty much all of the world, unless and until there are strong political motivations. But that is not my point, it is something else that came to my mind, infact something that I think is a very positive aspect of the war.

Adolf Hitler(God knows how I hate that monstercreature), led the single largest atrocious genocide in human history. He tried, very strongly to pretty much eradicate the Jewish race from the face of the earth. Fortunately for humanity, he did not completely succeed. The horrors of tyranny in the concentration camps, are not hidden from the world today. The Diary Of Anne Frank, till date remains one of the most powerful books ever published, some have even said, that is the book they would want to take to the grave with them. However, my point is not that. It is the fact, that Hitler a Christian by religion, was waging a war against the Jews, and that could be all means be seen as one of the most religious wars of all times. What is extremely heartening though was to see, so so many other nations of the world, consisting of primarily Christian citizens, stand up in arms, against the misdeeds of Hitler, fight against him, and provide refuge to the Jews who managed to escape.

There were Christian people, across the world, who joined hands, to protect and fight for the Jews, against another Christian who was trying to kill them. There is no denying the war was not simply altruistic, but there were very many, selfish motives, power struggles, and more that resulted in the war. But we cannot turn our back on the fact that other Christian dominated countries, fought against a Christian(Hitler) oppressing the Jews, and they lent aid, and help to save and protect the Jewish victims. Isn't that what humanity is all about.


Renu said...

true..this is what humanity is all about..but we seem to be forgetting this in our quest of materialism.

Anonymous said...

Very well put GM !! In our thirst for material pursuits we seem to be forgetting what being humane involves...

Dr.Antony said...

Have you seen Schindler's list? I read Anne Frank before i joined the medical college.
Iran publicly announced that the holocaust was a story and nothing like that ever happened.Every Islamic nation criticizes America. But when it comes to charity,they come out first and donate maximum to Islamic countries. Have you seen any thing like happening in the reverse? No. These are different kind of principles.

Passionate Goof said...

Renu - That is why I understand the antagonism most people feel against 'Muslims', because we don't see any Islamic organisation or country, take up even a verbal stand against the terrorism they spread.

liveonimpulse - Possible.

Dr.Antony - As I replied to Renu, this is one community which does not clear its own name, maybe because it does not want to, or maybe because it does indeed believe in the barbaric attitude of its extremists. They propogate hate,anger,violence, I am yet to see them spread the word of love, or take a stand against the violence.

Rakesh said...

I don't think it was as simple as Christians coming out to fight another christian. At that time, the world wasn't really divided along religion. Islam hadn't found the Oil and the middle east was in medival times. The question of religion is a very recent one.

Actually, a lot closer, we saw, America supporting Taliban fighters against Russia in Afghanistan. Going by today's divide, America supporting Islamists is strange as well. But as I said, I think, there were completely different equations in consideration at that time. Religion wasn't really one of them.