Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taking A Step

...... small as it maybe.

The abysmal state of preparations for the CommonWealth Games(CWG) are no secret to the world. How terribly it has tarnished the name of India, we can all imagine. It hurts to see a new piece about the bad state of affairs in Delhi, each time I turn in to the news of the television. Not being too into sports helps at times like this, but I can not will not ever stop being an Indian. Last week on my way to work(yes, its work to me now, ever since the GP, asked me 'Aren't you in office?'), traveling in the tram, I had to sit through a rough half an hour, with the woman sitting next to me, talking to a co-traveller, about the CWG, and adding onto it, with many other negative comments on India. I fought hard not to let my tears out. Got off the tram, reached office, and actually took a while to compose myself, before I actually went to work. And it was then that I decided, that though I am not physically in India, and even if I had been, there was not much I could have practically done, to help with the Games, but I decided to do something, something more than whining and complaining. And so I decided to write to the PM of India. And I did. The first draft, was very me, raw, emotional, angry, accusatory, and to me very honest too. I let The GP have a read before I mailed it, and in his usual cool way of going about things, he said, "Its nice. But, I doubt if it will ever reach the PM, with kind of aggression the letter portrays." Earlier I would have sent it anyways, but now I thought, what's the point in taking the effort and not making it count, so I toned it down, re-wrote it and finally posted it yesterday. I am happy that I did something instead of sitting and cribbing about things. One of the reasons I stopped posting on my old blog, on social issues, was because I did not want to just write without doing anything concrete, about things. I think its pointless to rant and rave, and write, and in actuality do absolutely nothing to turn things around. So this is my little bit.

This is what I wrote, and I promise to tell you, if I hear back from him.

"Dear Mr. Singh,

I write this letter to you, in a state of great mental anguish today. I write to you, because I want to do something concrete, instead of lying around, whining, complaining and feeling miserable, as I usually end up feeling in situations like these. I am writing this to you, because I think the ultimate responsibility of India lies with you, every aspect of it, is ultimately your responsibility. And hence, you are the person I am reaching out to with my complaint, or should I say humiliation.

I am currently living in Australia, where my husband works to earn a living, and these days, I step out of my home, onto the streets, with a cold fear in my heart. The fear of being humiliated, or hearing taunts about the state of things regarding the CommonWealth Games. Today, as I was traveling by tram to my place of work, a middle-aged lady, came and sat next to me, she began talking to the man sitting across from us, and during the course of her conversation, she said, "Oh well! There is nothing to say about the Commonwealth Games ofcourse, with ceilings falling off, what can we say." There was more, and besides the words, the tone of the speaker, left no doubt about the feeling of disgust and pity she had towards India. It hurt, and it hurt bad. I upset me a great deal. I was almost in tears by the time I reached my stop, and it took me a while to calm done and settle into my work for the day. I went on with my day, but felt like a knife had stabbed my heart, and was left there.

Why sir, do we let our own country down so badly? Why with a population of over a billion people, could we not make a complete success of the Games? Why have we become objects of ridicule and humiliation in front of the world? Why is the state of things so abysmal, when we have but a handful of days left for the Games to begin. You are the head of the state, and you can command its resources, as you see fit, why then sir, did you allow things to go so terribly awry? I am terribly dejected and disappointed, by the way India's name and image have been tarnished, and I can only ask you, what are your plans to turn things around?

Kind Regards,
A disheartened Indian."

It is not a big deal, I know, but it is an effort to make myself heard. And if anyone else, is interested, in taking such steps, you can find the contact details of the Indian PM online, and you can even send him an e-mail of upto 500 words, if you wish to. It is not a lot of effort, but it can be one step you take, to make a difference. Don't cave in, don't give up. Keep trying.


Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Murk

dr.antony said...

I don't think much about this CWG. For that matter,has it any value?There are so many other things we have to be ashamed of.We are planning a mission to the moon,but we don't have roads to travel.We can boast the we are the only ones who sail boats on the roads,during rainy season.No one here knows what is duty,we only know the rights.You don't have to be able to write your name to become a Parliamentarian. The only country where serial killers have become MPs.Thieves become Ministers. Literate people pee on to every wall they see and spit their pans from public transports on to the pedestrians.People sit on railway tracks and defecate.
What we deserve,we get.And for that matter, we don't have an image.You are mistaken. Do you think they will try the same atrocities at any other nationalities in Australia? No.Because they know we are cowards too.And we also have a government who will not do a thing if the same Parliament they sit in is bombed!

Smitha said...

CWG has certainly tarnished our image without any doubts, and our PM has to be answerable. And not just the CWG. If you see, it feels like whole of India is in some kind of turmoil - Maoists, Kashmir, CWG.. It just makes one wonder what our PM is up to..

The step you took is really commendable. Most of us just rant. I think it's amazing how you did more than that! Waiting to hear if you do hear from our PM!

Passionate Goof said...

Aono/Murk - Thank you. :)

Dr.Antony - I understand what you say. But here is my question to you, what you state are facts, or events that have already occured right? Things that have happened, and we cannot change the past, but can we not have hope for the future? If we say.... oh! XYZ is wrong, and crib about it all the time, it helps nothing, no one. Why not instead have a positive attitude, and believe in a better future, envision a more beautiful tomorrow, and take steps accordingly. I am not a revolutionary, and I cannot change the world in a day, but it will be stupid of me to not take the few small steps I can, and when all of us take those few small steps, it becomes one huge movement. And that is what brings in true change in society. I understand your frustration and antagonism, a lot of it is a result of the media propagandas too. But if we all did our little tiny bits, I am sure it would add up, and maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually it is bound to make a difference. Ripple effect!

Smitha - Its terrible isn't it? Indeed, there seems to be so so many issues not just in India, but globally these days. Hope its the darkest hour, before the dawn.