Saturday, February 12, 2011

Darn these kids!

Do you know I have actually started writing posts, that I am not publishing? I cannot believe I am actually doing that, but I am. But I have a reason, and I will tell you. These are posts I write with honest thought and passion, mostly with strong opinions for or against something. Yes, I know they are my thoughts, this is my space, and I can put it up. But I don't want to. Simply because even though I truly believe in what I write, I know others who might be hurt by what I say, and I don't mean to do that. And so while I am getting the freedom and actually writing it out, I am not putting it up there, simply because hurting anyone is not the purpose, my views are mine, and others have every right to think and feel differently. Isn't it?

So anyways, for someone who can barely manage to type in two para posts once a week or even less, that is quite a luxury as you might guess. I am trying to figure out my son these days. He has suddenly developed a lot of opinions, and wants. The other day, the GP had the most hilarious conversation with him.

GP - Do you want a dog?
BB - No, I want a Possum!
(possum for a pet?????)
After a while, the GP pursues,

GP - BB, do you want a dog?
BB - No, I want a horse.
And since then a horse is what it has been. The GP ofcourse is faking desperation, to hide his amusement, and wondering aloud, from where in earth would he get a horse, and then where he would keep them.

The BB also has a new passtime, filling and emptying every bottle, sipper, flask he can lay his hands on in the house, in an unending cycle. Yes, I am terribly worried about my water bill people. However, coming to the point, I have been on a constant screeching spree of , "BB, stop wasting water!" Not that it has much effect, but atleast I try. So the other day, the GP was in the kitchen, cleaning up his barbeque grilling plate in the sink, and the BB pipes in, "Mumma, papa is wasting water." I think I was just shocked, stunned, and I could not control my laughter. How quickly do these people connect the dots???


Sraboney said...

Kids are smart...

Smitha said...

You know, you have a point about writing posts and not publishing it. I have a lot of rant which I want to get out of my system - maybe I should just do this :)

ANd BB! He is so smart! Of course he is right :) the same rules should apply to us adults :)

Passionate Goof said...

Sraboney - yeah well!!

Smitha - You know when I began typing the post, I just did it like a regular post, but by the time I reached the end, I did not think it was worth hurting others' beliefs or feelings, just because mine stand starkly different. And its my view, not something that I need corrected or anything.

Trish said...

Hehee kids say the funniest things!:D
And I like the private post idea..thats one reason I like lets me publish private posts.

Passionate Goof said...

Trish - I agree, its hilarious. :D