Monday, February 28, 2011

A While Back...

This is the only kind of household wildlife I had to deal with, give or take a few houseflies.
These pics are from the day we cleaned up and put to order the garden of our home in Melbourne, before handing over the keys.

Look at what we found hiding in a corner, while removing the weeds.

Something we could happily put on our palms, and be friendly with.....

..... but that's not all.
It was never me, who was brave enough to do it.
Now see whose hand the snail rested on!

The BB was learning about animals and their lifecycles at his nursery then, and was very excited with the snails. We even put them in a mug of water for a while, and treated them like our pets, till the poor creatures escaped for dear life. :)


mindspace said...

wow, thats a brave boy.. or its about preconditioning of mind.. i would have never been able to touch or let the snail touch me, ever!

I love the red brick flooring. must be such a nice feeling living in this kinda house.. ok, n here is the request - pls share more pics lady..

Passionate Goof said...

Tara - me neither, and hence I was so surprised to see him handling it so well. :) The red bricked floor as you say, was only on the outside, the path leading from gate to home... And share pics of what?

dr.antony said...

I haven't seen this kind of snails for some time. They are extinct from from our gardens!

Mama - Mia said...

what fun for BB! :)

and the snails!