Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Greens After The Desert

The thing that most tugged at my heartstrings in India, on my last trip was the greenery. My eyes lusting to see some natural greens, got its heart's fill, when I reached India right after the monsoons. Here are some sights that I loved. Aah! The lovely green.


Smitha said...

There is something about the natural greens, isn't there?

Even here, winter tends to be rather dull - all the trees dry up and look all yellow and then suddenly as soon as spring comes, the whole place bursts into greens! I just love it!

Lovely pictures! How is your packing and stuff happening? All set to move?

hitch writer said...

I absolutely adore the greens... !!!!

just cant live without them.. !! they kinda lift the mood.. !!

Reflections said...

Pretty pics GM!!!!!

Seriously.....I too went crazy this time on vacation clicking like mad, pictures of greenery:-))

Deeps said...

Greenery is always so refreshing.I love how it makes me feel positive and happy.

Even moreso,after moving to the gulf where greenery seems so artificial!

Deeps said...

got so carried away with the mere mention of greenery that I forgot to tell you how lovely the snaps looked.

Beautifully captured,PG :)

Passionate Goof said...

Thanks for appreciating the pics people. Indeed greenery is so refreshing, and has such a calming effect on us.