Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh! How this would crush all the Indian wants of the chubbiest baby possible. A four month old baby in the US was denied Health Insurance because he was deemed too fat. It would be worth a good grand laugh, if it were not so completely absurd. And the only reason it possibly worked was because it was in the US. In India, imagine that happening?

Ever since the BB was born, I have constantly been bearing the brunt about his weight and eating habits. The initial months as a new mother was extremely tough for me, as I would doubt myself. A certain relative, always wanted me to feed him till he puked, and was constantly grumbling about how I eat good(read spicy) food and feed the BB, (a mere six months at that time,) bland things. The hilarity of it all puts a smile on my face now, when I can picture feeding some spicy mutton roast to my six month old, just-on-solids baby, but back then it used to just get on my nerves.

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Getting back to the news, it might have been just an excuse for the Insurance Company to make some money, but the excuse does not get any more strange. Little Alex seems like quite an average four month old from the photo, so I indeed wonder if the Company wants super-model like size sero figures right from birth. It would change the entire concept of pregnancy, a woman would need to starve instead of eat through it. Alex's father, Bernie's statement was just perfect for the situation.
“I could understand if we could control what he’s eating. But he’s 4 months old. We can’t put him on the Atkins diet or on a treadmill,” Bernie joked. “There is just something absurd about denying an infant.”
In a world that is actually going crazy, and where little seems to be done for any purpose besides making money, when there is little sense or logic to actions, this piece of news really makes me wonder, how absurd can absurd get?


Smitha said...

That was ridiculous! As you say - do they expect a size zero baby?

I don't understand why people have these weird aspirations when it comes to a child.. Why not, just let the child be - eat however much he needs.. Spicy mutton for a 6 month old might have been a sight :)
Once, when I took Poohi for a regular checkup here, a midwife told me to switch to formula milk because she was too thin! I ignored her totally. She was smaller than the rest of the children - but genetics also has something to do with it na? And she was progressing fine on her curve. When I had her, there was another child - a new born at 4 kgs - surely every child is different and needs to be looked after in a different way.. Sorry, GM - started ranting :)

Sraboney said...

Ah, America...The whole system is wrong there...It's all about making money, not about providing medical insurance coverage...

M is thin too...She's in the 50th. percentile...She's tall though (95th percentile) but the doctor says she's fine...She doesn't seem to put on weight even when she eats decently...

Spicy food for a 6 month old? WOW!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Only in AMerica, only in America!

Watch out for the new trends that'll be making their appearance...diets for pregnnt women to unsure size zero babies, etc!!

Anonymous said...

Darn these Insurance companies!! Anyways, m glad it worked out fine for Lil Alex's parents .. The baby is awfully cute isn't he?

Rakesh said...

seriously - Huh???

You know, you should watch this movie - SICKO. It's by Roger Moore (911 director).

It is an awesome take on the US's health care system. And that is what Obama is trying to rectify right now.

It may be biased but it actually made me cry buckets!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

ohh he is soooo choo cutteee....
The rejection of Insurance sounds stupid!!!!

Solilo said...

People go to extremes. Underweight and overweight are both health issues.

In US, you can see people from poor section overweight because potato, cheese and meat are cheaper compared vegetables and salads. The sad thing is they can't afford insurance or proper trainers to reduce weight and run high risk of health related issues.

Peanut has always been a normal child. Her pediatrician had no complaint and neither do we have any. But some Indian ladies I meet tell me how I need to give her lot of ghee to make her fat. I told them once that I prefer a healthy child to an inactive one. So I am not force feeding anything. I would be alarmed if my child is underweight or overweight. Why should I worry when mine is active and healthy.

Maria said...

This is ridiculous! Americans oh! americans!!
So does this prove that the food shortage in the world is not due to Indians/Asians :)

Passionate Goof said...

Smi - Oh! Yes the midwives, and doctors can be quite ignorant at times. I have a basic thumb rule, as long as the BB is active and happy, I am content. Rant away, we all have such tales to share.

Sraboney - I agree, about the US. M, must have your genes, and hence is that way. Good that she has a good metabolism, its healthier being thin, than fat!

M4 - he he he..... they are some crazy people, I feel at times.

t3 - Oh yes! He is just so so sweet. :)

Rakesh - Is it? Okie, will try and lay my hands on it.

Shruti - I know, he is adorbale ain't it?

Sols - Oh! The Indian obsession with FAT babies, it so gets to me I tell you!!

Maria - he he he... maybe it does. ;)