Sunday, October 11, 2009

Intellectualism, Just Not My Cup Of Tea

Or simply put, I am as shallow as a chopping board. Yes that is me. Anything remotely intellectual does not interest me, I love all things that are classically described as pursuits of the stupider kinds. I hate newspapers and news. I have barely any clue of what is going on in and around the world, and have absolutely no views on the world economic crisis, except the one that any average mind would have.

I prefer Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer to Milton and Shakespeare. I absolutely love Hindi Filmy music, and have gone into the recesses where I am not even aware of the recent English releases. I don't listen to Classical music. I have no knowledge of art, beyond knowing about 'Madonna' and 'The Last Supper'. The words, Rembrandt or Monet might actually be brands of chocolate according to me. I neither know, nor understand them. I do not pursue any art form, nor do I grasp astro-physics well. My only claim to fame is I can add up numbers decently enough to not need a calculator while doing my bhaaji shopping(buying vegetables). Once upon a time I was a great sports enthusiast. As a teenager, I waited each edition of Sports World with bated breath. Savoured every article and delicately preserved the poster of each edition under my mattress. My favourite stars went up on the walls of course. Over a period of time, I have lost that passion too. I cannot think of a single bit of me that would classify me as an intellectual. I even enjoy cheap Hindi comedy flicks. I do enjoy some serious movies too, but even there I hated the much applauded 'Black'.

So what do you make of me. I enjoy shopping, like dressing up, and enjoy nothing serious. Makes me a really shallow and non-intellectual being does it not? But somehow I am happy being this way. I cannot hold great discussions on world politics, but I can always lend my shoulder to a friend who needs to rest it, I love being there for people who just need to talk, or even just sitting in a crowded place and observe people. I love people, seeing them, observing them, reading them, and most of all, help in a very humane way, anyone I can. I am not observant or smart about anything else in life but people. So what does that say about me, I don't really really know yet.

I do feel like an idiot when I read the smart informed blogs, or hear people talking about things that are universally defined as intellectual. All my childhood, I have been living under the shadow of intellectualism, and a deep desire in my parents that I develop the trait. I never did. I hated it then, and I don't like it now either. I hated it because it never appealed to me, but there was constant pressure to adapt to it. I never could do it. I was never interested in picking up the newspaper, inspite of much coaxing by my parents. I did it for a few months during the preparations for my MBA entrances, and dropped it as soon as I could. I preferred a Reader's Digest or a piece of fiction over the news any day. I still admire people who have genuine interest in the news, state of affairs, astro-physics, art, classical music, serious cinema and all else. I admire them, because I just cannot develop the skill to interest myself in these things, and honestly I don't grasp it well either. That is what it is about interests isn't it, what we enjoy is what we pursue. And I am happy pursuing, my small shallow pursuits.

So does that make me a person without any views or opinions, a moron and someone not worth her salt. I would hope not, because what I think, I do with passion. My thoughts and interests have more to do humanely than objectively. To me art is anything that pleases my eye. Music is what makes me move to its beats, with lyrics I understand and appreciate. I love colours, and happiness, brightness and joy. I seek it instinctively, I have to train myself to watch, read or see things that have a feeling of moroseness attached to them. I am passionate, but not about the stock market details or geo-politics. I am passionate about kindness to animals, loving children, loving fellow human beings. And happy being what I am. I don't shy away from saying I don't know something when I don't. I never pretend to be knowledgeable about things I am not, and it would suffice to say I am comfortable in my own shoes.

If you need an ear to hear you out, or shoulder to lean on, I am always there, but if you are seeking intellectual stimulation, or a deep appreciation of art, mine will be the wrong door to knock on.

And in furthering the small joys in life which keep me happy, I am sharing a photo of the motorbike, with the BB standing alongside. The flowers were part of the Dussehra celebrations. The gorgeous thing turned eleven this year, and is yet up, running and rearing to go. (No jokes about it would be tolerated. This particular piece of machinery has a special place in my heart!)


soin said...

somehow ur blog doesnt give that image..and y do u have to be this or that..let it

Sraboney said...

Hey, did someone call you a moron? Don't worry about what others say or think - just be true to yourself...Anyway, all these so called intellectuals are idiots - I don't like them...They are full of themselves...

hitch writer said...

Y do you want me to think too.. ??


I m so happy without thinking if I am intellectual or not... now...

Smitha said...

GM, Who is to define intellectual and shallow? I am sure most of us are more shallow than intellectual :) And anyways, just to tell you - your blog is one of the most diverse and interesting blogs that I read. I love your passion and enthusiasm which your posts shine with! And that is no mean feat!

As you say, being truw to yourself , being comfortable with what we are, is far more important, rather than conforming to other people's expectation of what we should be...

Anonymous said...

Nice read. I feel life is beautiful and too short. Do what you like the most.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

You are a very much a normal woman, who is sweet and caring!!!!

Staying content in what you do is more important, than showing outside world, what you are ( INTELLECTUAL!!)....

Enjoy your day...hug BB and you will know, what you are blessed with ;))))

Pixie said...

Ah GM!

Have no worries! :)

Enjoy each day! Enjoy getting dressed up and a romance novel here and there is a must!

So, no, you are neither shallow nor a non-intellectual!

Being happy and content is most important and of course enjoying life to the fullest!


Passionate Goof said...

Soin - I don't have to be anything, this was just a random post.

Sraboney - No re, not at all. I am not someone people are likely to mess with. "all these so called intellectuals are idiots - I don't like them...They are full of themselves..." LOL!!

Hitch - No, not at all. It does not matter.

Smi - *blushing like a new bride*thank you thank you. so many sweet things to say, you humble me girl.

Anon - Agreed!!

Shruti - I am not really concerned about my image, just saying this randomly, and yes I am very very comfortable with myself, esp now that I am a bit lighter.;)

Pixie - Hey! How have you been? I am happy and content... thankee!!

Anonymous said...

I loved what Smitha has written and agree with her. Who defines what is intellectual and what isn't?

I love your passionate posts the most, and I loved your post on Bishnoi people... straight from your heart, and the saying no to criminals in politics campaign you started!
Loved that too :)

Anonymous said...

GM, I have to tell you that you are among the most grounded women I have ever read - the type who doesn't work a hysteria over her family/job/appearances or whatever! People who read your blog know you say it as it is without being judgmental. There is a point to most of your views - we may not agree to all, but you are graciously okay with that. I love the fact that you always accept yourself for what you are - when you are proud of yourself, you crow about it ( and it makes us smile ... :-) ) and when you see a weakness, you analyze it coolly! I seriously do think you have lots of grey matter up there but the point is you use it for something worthwhile while Intelellectuals just wanna show off! :-) We love your posts and do keep them coming!!

Passionate Goof said...

IHM - Thanks a lot. :) Its so sweet of you to say that.

t3 - *almost fainting with all the praise* Wow! Thanks a lot. If a psychologist has analysed me to be so wonderful, I am rightfully in 7th heaven right now. :D