Monday, April 26, 2010

A Couple Of Facebook Things

It is quite difficult to now imagine life, before the advent of blogs and Facebook, atleast for me. I know life was easier, more real, and there was much less strain on the eyes, but somehow the memories of it all have blurred now. Facebook seems such an easy place to connect, share, socialise. Anyone goes for a trip anywhere in the world, and I get to see what it was like, birthday celebrations, even gorgeous food cooked, I can see it all, from oceans and continents away. And yet the medium irks and amazes me all the time.

The feature that suggests friends, is fun, suddenly you see names, that tug at your foggy memory, and sometimes it clears up to show a name from the past. What I find really fun, is sometimes seeing the 'mutual friends' list. For someone who went to the same school or college as me, I would expect a list consisting of people from the same institution as mutual friends, and that is no surprise. Sometimes there are suggestions for people, whom I I have never known, and so I check if there are any mutual friends, since I cannot really trust my memory, whole and sole. And there in that list would be a friend from school, one from work, another I know through blogs, and just makes me wonder, if in fact there really is just six degrees of separation. And how in fact strangers are not really all that unknown to us.

And then there has to be something that really gets my goat ofcourse. I love, and I mean absolutely love seeing the photos of my friends on Facebook. But each time there is a new set of photos up there, and I comment on them, because I really cannot resist, or even 'like' them, my mailbox is them full of a million messages regarding every other comment on those photos that have followed mine. And then the 3 or 4 meaningful messages in my inbox, hidden within 50 from Facebook, often get overlooked or sent to the trash. When I comment on a photo, I don't have any desire to know who else did, unless the person whose pic it is, responds to the comment or someone directs something at me. I try resisting my comments, till a few days after the photos have been posted, but very very rarely succeed, and that means a huge deluge of notification mails will flood my Inbox unnecessarily. And I hate that.

Tell me people, all of those who use Facebook, do you love it, hate it, or like me find somethings nice, and some not so much about it.


Sraboney said...

I don't mind FB but lately it is becoming a bit too intrusive...For instance, when someone on your list becomes friends with someone else, it appears on your page...It's like once you're friends with a person, you are required to know everything about him or her...Also, the Farmville thing irritates me...I don't want to know how others are faring in the game!

I also don't like my Inbox being inundated by comments from others...

Iya said...

hey GM, you have options of disabling these notifications. you can choose not to get any emails on follow up comments..and u can also hide updates from certain applications like FV etc..let me know if you need some help in how to do it..we can take it up offline

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Love FB most of the time.. of late, that's the only way I can still have a semblance of touch with some of my friends in other cities/countries.. and rediscover old friends. I hardly ever comment on/click 'like' on pictures etc, so no inbox flooding.. instead, I leave them a wall message saying the pictures are nice. Don't play Farmville et al either, and ignore those updates or remove them. Just in it to stay in touch with friends via wall conversations, read their notes, see their pictures, know when they're in my city .. that's it. So yeah, I pretty much only love it. Hate the random quizzes, community names etc. but gotten used to selective browsing now.. they dont even register anymore :)

Piper .. said...

Like Iya said, you do have the option of disabling comment notifications. It is tremendously irritating and it fills the inbox with junk mails. So just do it now, Girl!
As for me, I find it okay. The only thing I dislike is the farmville craze!!

Anonymous said...

Facebook happens to be fun and irritating at the same time. It is great to get in touch with old friends but PDA on Facebook gets on my nerves.. couples keep blowing virtual kisses ( even if they stay under the same roof!)
This is something i always fail to understand and yes i detest farmville

Passionate Goof said...

Bones - I quite like FB, but its just the email notifications that were bothering me. And I understand your point about intrusive very well.

Iya - hey! Thanks. Did it, such peace of mind!! :)

SAS - I know what you mean, and I like it for that reason too. And selective is the way to go there I guess.

Piper - I did it. Thanks!! I am not into farmville either!

liveonimpulse - ha ha ha, they do kya? I didn't know. Mighty irksome that would be! :P

Deeps said...

GM,all through this post I was nodding my head. We share the same sentiments when it comes to facebook, especially about notifications. Aarrrgh!! They are so irksome!

Deeps said...

I disabled the email notifications after reading Iya & Mish's comments
My life is looking so much brighter and simpler now! Thank you so much, girls :)