Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please Don't Smoke

This post could, and will eventually contain some points about how harmful the act of smoking is to the physical body, but I am writing this to express my strong dislike of smokers. I understand that smokers, are addicts, just like many others, who are addicted to drugs, drinks, television, video games or even sex(yes, that is the new one doing the rounds, sex-addiction. huh?). And honestly if anyone has an addiction that they can nurture without harming others, its none of my business to poke my long nose anywhere, but smoking, well its wrong left, right and centre from where I see it. The smoker himself/herself, has consciously decided to burn his/her lungs, but that in no way means they can burn mine. My tolerance towards smoking has gone from high to nearly zero in that last few years. I just cannot stand it anymore.

Smokers smoke everywhere, anytime, anyplace, and they expect the rest of the world to just sit around and inhale the toxic fumes they emit, which is just disgusting. On two recent occasions, I have come back home enraged because of inconsiderate, and addicted smokers. On one occasion a lady brought her child to play, in the play area of the park, got out of the wood chips covered ring and smoked away to glory, as if the smoke would not come into the area the kids were playing. I gave her the dirtiest look I could garner. In a second, more horrifying incident, I saw a three or four month old baby being carried by a woman(possibly the mother) who was happily puffing away on her cigarette, and walking along with a man, doing the same. The baby was right in her arms, inhaling in every breath, the toxic fumes. If you cannot quit smoking, atleast don't breathe it out into your baby's lungs woman, I felt like screaming out.

Image picked up from another blog.

Smoking is a terrible addiction. Its great that the government here, is more proactive about discouraging it. One look at the cigarette packs is enough to scare someone. It has graphic images of terrible diseases caused by smoking, and one needs to see it to believe just how scary they are. (I am not putting them up here, but for some really frightening images, go to this blog, from where I have picked up the image above.) But then they are smokers who will not be daunted by such things ofcourse. I would have nothing against them, if they smoked within their own homes, and ingested all those fumes themselves, but when they let it out in the air, especially near the BB it just totally and completely infuriates me. Because this is one addiction that harms people around the smoker as much as it does the smoker himself or herself. And then people who have never smoked in their lives and neither wish to, end up bearing the ill effects too just by being around them.

A couple of things I believe every smoker should always keep in mind is, not to smoke in the homes of other people, nor in public places. Since most malls here, have strict no-smoking policy, every entrance and exit will be crammed with smokers out for a puff before going back in for their time at the mall, so there is no way one can enter or exit the mall without inhaling some of the noxious fumes. While I often end up holding my breath for a few seconds, I cannot actually pinch the BB's nose shut, to keep the fumes away from him. Many of you, who read this, may think I am being overly uptight or stuffy about this. But trust me I am not. I have no issues with drinkers, who drink themselves, without unleashing the effects on others. Smoking is different, because it creates passive smokers out of everyone who is around, and it is unfair. If I am not a smoker, why should I face the ill-effects, because someone else cannot control their urge? And imagine the little baby, with the parents blowing smoke rings into her face at such a young age, what is that doing to her delicate body and health.

One of the many online sites describing the ill-effects of smoking, is what I am linking up here, and asking you to tell me after reading this, whether it is acceptable to fall prey to the ill-effects without ever having taken a puff yourself ?


Sagarika said...

I know it's bad... I know I need to quit... but I am not addicted... I know I can do it... but not now.. but yea when I decide to go the family way I swaer I won't touch it (at least with the kids around ;p)

Mama - Mia said...

it IS a terrible habit. thankfully for longest time i have not known too many people - family and friends who smoke. and some i know are always considerate enough to not smoke in the house or when cub is around!

but yes, i wish they would all just quit. you know its odd its not banned considering it has only bad effects. but then there is TOO much money involved to be able to do that! so ofcos that will never happen!



soin said...

ok the thing is most people against smoking maginify the ill effects of long as you keep under four ciggs per day no problem.and passive smoking-you people create unwated hue and scene.a bit of smoke doesnt affect you. the child part i agree. never ever smoke near one.too sensitive.
the blog link you gave..those are per day box and half 15 ciggs..that injured you.but that group is very small percentage of the total smokers population.just like that everyone goes smoking is injurious blah blah.perspective

Sagarika said...

Hey You post really set me thinking and I had to write a long pending something and back link your post in the begining .. thanks for the lead though ... I owe this thoughtful thursday to you :) *Hugs* *Hugs*

Reflections said...

GM I get just as mad abt this esp when it concerns the children...and thankfully UAE also is making non-smoking in public places and mall very strict.

Piper .. said...

Ouch! That hurt! The G would fall flat on his knees to worship you, for this post. He has been trying long and hard to get me to quit. It`s not that I`m not aware of how harmful it is. Just that I`m not yet prepared to quit somehow. I dont know what the reason is.. I`ve tried the nicotine patch and the gums. It doesnt help. Or may be I`ve not been too serious about it. But yes, one thing I do ensure - NEVER to smoke in public places where there might be children around(mall entrances or parks for example). And never to smoke inside the house. Not that I should be placed on a pedestal and worshiped for my considerateness :):) but I think this is atleast something..huh?
Dont hate me, Goof! :) I`ll try..I promise I`ll try - when I feel ready for it.

Smitha said...

I so totally agree with everything you have said here. I get so mad when I see parents pushing strollers, merrily smoking away to glory, in total disregard to the poor child with them. They show some hard hitting ads here, and yet, people do not seem to care :(

I used to get really upset, when I was pregnant and was forced to walk through cigarette smoke outside tubes and train stations. It was banned to smoke inside, so people would stand outside and finish off their smoke, forcing us to walk through it :(

Passionate Goof said...

Sagarika - All teh best, and I hope you quit it sooner rather than later. And I inspired you? Wow! thanks.

Mama-Mia - I am fortunate enough not to have such friends either, but then I see so many of them on the roads out here, that it really gets to me.

Soin - Trust me, you don't like inhaling exhaust fumes from a huge disgusting big truck without maintenance, standing beside you on the road either! What is bad is bad, whether in low doses or high.... cigarettes do you no favour, and it is better that you learn to accept the truth. Try and quit, you will do yourself a favour! Not trying to be preachy, but just that I feel strongly about its ills.

Reflections - I know, they had passed the laws when I was there, but people were still smoking in Sharjah when I left, hope they get stricter with the implementations.

Piper - Hugs, not meant to hurt you, but the addiction. Think of it this way, God has blessed you with a perfect mind and body, why do you want to disrespect Him by hurting His precious gift. It is really good that you are considerate enough to not do it in public, very few smokers have that control!

Smi - I know exactly what you mean. This low or rather negative tolerance I have now, is mostly because of the BB, I know!

MRC said...


Having grown up seeing my dad trying to quit smoking many times(he finally kicked the habit ten years back) and being married to a smoker , I can tell you it's REALLY tough for a smoker to quit. Think about how hard it is to stick with a diet. Not defending the habit though, because it harms others too, and not everyone is like Hubby dearest who makes it a point to stand really far outside when he smokes at home or anywhere else.

Deeps said...

I can understand very well how you feel. Thats exactly how I do too.

I remember we had been to a restaurant and there was this man who was smoking away to glory, despite there being a big 'NO-SMOKING' sign-board hanging for everyone to see. It was a family dining area and there kids running around. It was so annoying,you know. What was even more so was no body was saying anything to him because he was an Arab! We gave him the dirtiest look possible but to no avail. R was so pissed off with his attitude that he went straight to the manager to complain. That thankfully had the desired impact. He was asked stub it out or leave the rest.

These people dont realize how much they are affecting others by such non-chalance!

Sometimes it becomes necessary to make them aware of it.