Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Post Would Probably Not Have Been

But human niceness always overwhelms me, especially when done without motive or purpose. It overwhelms me, because I see very little of it, in the world today and more so because it inspires me to try a bit harder to be a better human being. Touch wood for such wonderful people.

The other day, I was checking my mail-box, mind you, the mail-box and not the inbox, and I laid my hands on a slightly lumpy envelope. Pulled it out, and surprisingly, it was hand-written and addressed to me. The envelope felt exactly like it was holding a rakhi. It was surprising, because I don't think anyone would really 'write' to me. So I come home and open the envelope, to find a note and a small package. To get the rest, you will need the background story, so here goes....

Rewind to a couple of weeks, and after a lot of trying over the last few months, I finally found a sideboard/buffet for my dining space. The new ones in stores cost nothing less than $800, and I definitely did not want that, and so I was waiting for the right one to turn up on one of the trading sites. Used was what it had to be, and then I had grand plans of a floor lamp in the corner. The sideboard that I found was for $30, and it was five years old, from IKEA. I mailed the guy who was selling it the night I saw it, and the next morning found his reply, saying he would like to hand it over to me that very day or the next at the most, if I wanted it. Good enough I thought, and asked him if he could deliver to my address, which was quite a way off his own location and he agreed to that too. Transportation is expensive business in this part of the world, and this man delivered it to me for free. It was brought to my home that very afternoon, and the man told me, he, himself had brought it all the way from London, but could not fit it into him home here. Felt like it came all the way across the world just for me. It is exactly what I wanted, no glass exteriors, no sharp edges, and just the perfect height. And the price.... well let me just say I found a steal. (And would you believe it, the very same day I also found a lamp on sale at the same site for $10.)

However when the GP sat down to assemble the sideboard, two supports for a shelf was missing. I just mailed the guy saying they were missing, and if he finds them, let me know, and we would drop in and pick it up. And that was the end of it, till I received the envelope in my mail. There in the envelope, nicely packed were the two supports, and a note saying he had found them, and was hence mailing them to me. And I think that really was sweet of him, not because that is the right thing to do, but because very few people would take the effort to do that, take the extra effort, without anything to gain from it.

I was very excited about my new possessions of course, for the warm glow it added to my dining space, and the things got in place just before Easter, just perfect. I wanted to click photos and do a post, but just never got around to doing it, and would probably never have, had it not been for the shelf supports which came in the mail. So here I proudly present to you my gorgeous new possessions.

Doesn't it look absolutely beautiful?

And here is presenting a closer look of my onion lamp. It would have been hidden from view, on the floor, so I places it on the sideboard instead, and I think it looks just perfect.

For $40, that's a bright warm corner in my home!


Piper .. said...

Yes, it`s the little unexpected goodnesses in people that make the world go around, Goof! I`m glad you found what you were looking for. The corner looks perfect, esp with the beautiful lamp! I`m looking for a similar sideboard myself, but of a darker shade..

Trish said...

Wowwwwwwwwww its beautiful!!I LOVEEEEE it!!The onion lamp looks gorgeous!!

MRC said...


It's sad that in this world doing the right thing , does not come naturally to more of us!That said, I must add that the onion lamp is really quite cool!Love the glow , and it goes really well with the sideboard.

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

What a pretty lamp, and what nice colorful things on the wall alongside!

Smitha said...

That was such a sweet gesture! He was indeed so nice to do it!

As for your warm corner - looks absolutely lovely! I especially love your onion lamp :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

That really was wonderful of him. And I LOVE the lamp...adds a warm, cosy glow.

Sagarika said...

Oye it's awesome... it looks so warm ... I wonder how your space must be looking on a winter evening with just this wonderful thing on... aaah do click some w/t flash pics then :).... as for goodness of the man... God bless him for that! - I think it's people like him who help us believe that nicety is still not dead!

Passionate Goof said...

Piper - Oh is it? This one is IKEA, so maybe they will have in in a darker shade too!! :D

Trish - Thankeeeeeee!

MRC - Thanks, and yes, its is sad indeed. In this case for example, someonelse, might have no use for those supports, but then may not want to make the extra effort to actually send them over, nor pay the postage for it!

SAS - Thanks! I love bird-strings(that is what I call them!!).... just love them. they add such colour and vibrance to dull spaces.

Smitha - Hai na? Remember I told you, I was looking for these things!! :D

M4 - I think so too, and thanks!!

Sagarika - Okie, will do that once winter sets in. :D And yes, such people do give us hope. :D

Shrutzz said...

Loved the way you began your post..very nice..
loved the lamp, its great to be doing up your home :)

Mama - Mia said...


yes, such unexpected generosity always brings a smile!

and the onion lamp is totally gorgeous!!!


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely lamp there..yes people being nice when we expect it the least fills the heart with a warm feeling..

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely lamp there..yes people being nice when we expect it the least fills the heart with a warm feeling..

Pixie said...

:) :)
This post made me smile!

Such goodness always warms the heart! :)

And the lamp is beautiful...

Passionate Goof said...

Shrutzz - Thanks!

mama-mia - It does indeed and thanks!

liveonimpulse - Thanks, and indeed.

Passionate Goof said...

Pixie - Thanks, and thank God for such people.

sraikh said...

It looks fantastic. It really does.

And thta guy, such a nice person.
Now whats next on your buying list?:)

Reflections said...

The onion lamp looks so pretty....u must be having so much fun doing up ur house:-)).