Friday, April 9, 2010

Nothing To Write

Too Many Things On My Mind,
Yet, very little to do,
Blogging needs its own time,
The lack of which I rue.

The mind is confused,
My thoughts astray,
So what can I then write?
In my attempts to get inspired,
I end up with a more confused mind.

Its not that I have too much to do,
Nor that I am a busy bee,
But the mind is just not calm enough,
To get a post out of me.

At least I get to read the blogs,
Of those who have things to say.
And I feel thankful to the Lord,
That not every mind is rotting my way.


MRC said...

I know a blogger who once did claim,
that if asked to rhyme,
she'd probably sink in shame,
But for a sign,
That she'd stay afloat
Look no further than this post!


mindspace said...

oye, wats that crap in the last line???
cheer up.. cheer up.. cheer up!

Sraboney said...

Welcome to my world!

Momo's Ma said...

nice poem. has not seen this poetic side you before.dont worry, am sure u will be back soon with ur passionate ones. :)

liveonimpulse said...

Please stop being so self deprecatory..if your mind is rotting away..we don't

liveonimpulse said...

I meant people like us can't claim to have a mind at all.. see I published a half baked comment that should tell you whose mind is rotting :)

colormesunshine said...

holaaaa... is the goffy household doing and how is my little BB doing?

now the post did not sound confused at all... :)..see you were inspired... :) wrote a poem :)

Sagarika said...

God knows when u'll stop being self critical and admit that u write well... AWESOME!!!

Piper .. said...

wow! your first poetry on the blog, I think :) All else aside, listen up Goof. All shall be well. Trust me. Like everything else, this too shall pass. Sending you lots of hugs

D said...

Wah! If I remember correctly, this is your first attempt at poetry on the blog at least? Nice!

Passionate Goof said...

MRC - This still remains a 'rhyme', kiddish and corny. :P

Mindspace - My mind has frozen.,... nothing coming from it!

Sraboney - You too???

Momo's Ma - Hope so, hope so!

liveonimpulse - ha ha ha, thanks for the boosting!

colourmesunshine - All well, atleast for now, but things keep cropping up here and there!

Sagarika - Wow! THANKS, and a big one for such a BIG compliment.

Piper - No re, have a few other stupid rhymes on the previous one too. Just as lame and stupid.

D - No re, did some stupid ones on the old blog too. :P And thanks. How have you been?

Judy Balan said...

Haha. First time here and I love candid poetry such as this, hence the comment on this post :))

It does not in any way imply that I did not read your longish posts. Though I must admit I have the attention span of a PMSing Gold Fish :|

I did read the latest post as well as the Partner post though, and I think your style has a warm, lovable quality about it :))

Not that you asked :|

Passionate Goof said...

- My attention span is about the same, so I quite get you! Thanks a lot for the compliment, always makes me feel good!