Sunday, June 13, 2010

Popping Up A Bit!

Life suddenly seems to have taken a quantum leap in space. It has infact become quite unrecognisable, from what it was a few weeks back. Its strange how just one day of training, can change so much in a life. Its not just the day, but my entire attitude towards everything, that has undergone a complete change. I am also learning to knit, so that keeps me busy in my free moments too.

There is a lot that has happened, so much infact that it would be quite unfair to document it all in just one post, and yet knowing how my life is going these days, I would rather just squeeze it all in this single post, rather than lose the opportunity to share it all, over here. I have been completely off the blogging circuit, reading, posting or commenting, and while I don't particularly miss those bits, in fact I don't find the time to miss it. But I miss my blogging friends, I miss them more than I can express in words here. And yes you know who you are!

There was one huge marital fight between the GP and me, the last week, and I was amazed at how it went, and what happened. We fight, very often and lots, but this one, it was different in more ways than one. For once we did not go all, kid-like, and had a civil argument, very mature, and adult-like. Face to face talking, a very very big step for me. And I think I can say our life has changed for the better post that. A lot of unsaid issues were brought forth, some pushed-under-the-carpet topics were dragged out from there, and discussed up front. Over all an amazing sense of closeness, sharing, and understanding was established at the end of the war zone, and all I can say is, it was simply super-duper amazing. If fights can be such, I welcome them time and again in my marriage!

The BB has decided to blabber non stop, from the moment he wakes up now, and its just a lot of fun. He has settled down amazingly at the day-care centre, and for the very first time, even said a 'bye-bye' to me, when I dropped him there last afternoon. Oh! I felt so happy. His tremendous attachment to me, seems to have suddenly diminished, leaving me feeling confused. He happily goes off with the GP, without wanting me, I can be dropped off somewhere, while he goes off with his father, and he would not care two hoots, and many many more such things. While I am happy he is gaining that emotional independence, it would be a blatant lie to say, I am unaffected. Ofcourse it hurts, it hurts to know that I am not needed quite as much, by the boy, who loudly claims himself to be papa's boy repeatedly all through the day! And then he has finally managed to destroy one of the laptops at home, fortunately for me, it wasn't mine. For all the playing around the BB can do with the laptops, he is allowed to play his games and things on ours. But the other day, he decided to sit with a glass of water alongside, and managed to spill it all onto the laptop. Surprisingly enough the laptop kept working for a day or two after the incident. But when it was shut down after that, it just never woke up again! I am amazed at how calm the owner, that is, the GP is. He did not even scold the BB much, and I had to perform the task. So I am officially the meanie of this household.

Did I tell you ever what a wonderful man I have for a husband? If not, then hear it now. He is the best. I am amazed at the amazing support I am receiving from him for my volunteer work and training. Though the BB spends the day at day-care on my training Wednesdays, if I need to spend a couple of hours on other days there, the GP does so much to see that it goes through, that it is amazing. I don't think I could have done this with anyone but him by my side. Life does have its tests, isn't it? I have my training just once a week, and on the night-before the second training session, the BB decides to come up with a fever. I was a lot more relaxed than the last time, since the GP was home this time, but felt terribly disappointed about having to miss the session. The fever though subsided almost immediately and did not come back all night or in the morning that followed, but day-care was definitely not an option for us that day. I knew I would miss my chance at the learning completely if I missed the session, and was feeling really sorry for myself. My darling of a husband, promptly took his day off work, stayed back home with the lil BB, while I headed off for my day at training. And tehy even dropped me off! Yes, its all about equality, feminism, etc etc etc many women would say, but may I just add here, that he is still the only earning member of the family, on whom rests the sole responsibility to keep us thriving. Touch wood, that he is all mine!

And then comes the most special part of my activities of late, my training. Its simple awesome, and in so many ways! I don't remember, ever in my life being a part of anything educative, and not wanting to just fall asleep instead. But this, well I just love what I am learning, and more importantly the wonderful discoveries I am making about myself along the way! The group of women is so varied and just so simply diverse, that it makes the whole experience just that much more enriching. Our trainers, are women with such kindness, empathy and wisdom, that it is a privilege to just be in their presence. And every woman who works for the organisation, just has such an aura, a class, a sense of presence about them. They each have their own personalised style, a panache and a sense of such immense confidence with empathy too boot. The training group is such an eclectic group too. Some women there, do so much more volunteer and charity work, that it is absolutely inspiring. I believe the oldest lady in our group is close to eighty, and yet she is so sprightly and fresh. I am making friends, and learning things just through the personal interactions. In someways, I feel like I am finally back home, a place where I like being, where I want to be, a place which inspires me to actually wake up early in the morning, and take the effort to get there. For now, it seems too good to be true, and I just hope I don't jinx it any. And I think only because I am loving it as much as I am, I am not in tears each morning that I leave the BB and go. The very first day, when I was on my way in the tram, and did not really know what it would be like, I found myself close to tears at the thought of having left the BB, to go out to do my own thing. It has been easier in the weeks that followed. And I did I tell you the GP actually gets him fed, dressed and everything and drops him off to the day-care on those days? Another big point to him!

The GP's birthday is coming up, a week from now, and I am already wondering what to do. All ideas on celebrations and gifts are most welcome people. These are the most important things that have been happening in my life the past few days/weeks. Add to that lots of dinner guests, and general guests, and homework, and cooking, and some more, and you will understand, how it has become such a tough task for me to stay on my laptop for more than five minutes at a time. Please do update me on what is up with you!


Rakesh said...

hey, How have you been is a silly question after reading this post coz. I can see that you've been great... and some more :-)

The kid becoming independent is such a good thing. But moms are such confused souls, they want them to grow up but also want them to stay small forever.

I for one, can't wait for my son to grow up so we can do boy's stuff together :P

And good luck with your training. Though I'll have to go down and read your earlier posts to see what exactly is the training about. But neverthless, good that you're making new friends everyday. That's the most interesting part, I guess.

Sraboney said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying life more - I mean, if you are enjoying arguing with your husband then life must be really good...

All the best with your training...

Tamanna Mishra said...

About the civil marital fight :) I really, really hope I get there some day. Must be totally worth it, no? :)

Smitha said...

It is lovely to read a post from you after what seems ages, GM :)

BB becoming independent must feel wonderful :) And he talks all the time :) Welcome to that phase :)

So you and DH had a civil argument! Wow! we still have not managed it, after nearly 10 years of marriage :)

And you are having a great time with the training! It sounds great!

Update from my side? I have been writing so much as part of that NaBlopomo thingy that I am all drained out :)

liveonimpulse said...

hey glad to see a post from you after long :) and happy to know the training is going well and the BB is getting independent..

As for the adult fight.. whoa I wish me and my husband could do that.. we squabble like kids its silly !!

And all the best for planning for GP's birthday..
Take care...cheers

Trish said...

Heyy I am so glad you wrote!Though,I get all the news on the phone..I miss reading your thoughts here..:) come back to blogging,GM!

Trish said...

Heyy I am so glad you wrote!Though,I get all the news on the phone..I miss reading your thoughts here..:) come back to blogging,GM!

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - Thanks, and indeed we are confused people, us mothers. How was yoru swiss trip sir?

Sraboney - Yes it is indeed great. touchwood!

Tamanna - I could not believe they even existed till I had mine.;)Simply superb!

Smitha - I hope I can write some more this week. ;) Wow, everyone is doing NaBloPoMo. I just don't think I have it in me anymore.

liveonimpulse- Thanks, I hope I can make a day of it. Training is going really great. Wednesdays are the most happening day of my week these days. :)

Trish - Thank you sweets!!!

Rakesh said...

The trip was good. And good that you're not doing NaPloBoMo. It kills the blog reader.

Reflections said...

Glad u have something meaningful happening in ur life....I remember having emphatised with u on the same count in so many of ur older posts:-). Often when we feel we are making a difference the rest of it automatically falls into place.

Wishing u the best GM!!!!

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - Wish i could get back into that groove!

Reflections - Youa re so right, infact so much has fallen into place. the cycle of 'karma' I think. :)And I am infact really happy doing this. Really really happy. Touchwood!