Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rare Sighting!

We were on our way back home, on Sunday evening, after an outing, and we were passing the Royal Melbourne Hospital on our way. Traffic lights made us stop, and I spotted the whirring blades of a helicopter atop the hospital building. I knew at once it was an air ambulance. Being an avid viewer of Grey's Anatomy, Dr.House and others, does have its benefits. It was like film turning into reality. The GP, was game, and so he went across the road and parked for a bit, while we actually saw the air-ambulance take-off from the roof.

Here are some of the pictures, for you to enjoy.

That's when it was up there, flying away.


dr.antony said...

Interesting.That building did not look like a hospital at all to me. As an Internist,these are usual events for me.Last week I had to transfer two patients..a case of bleeding in to the brain,and another one for an emergency cardiac intervention.Both survived. For a non professional, I don't know what all kind of emotions pass through their minds at occasions like these.

Trish said...

woww..u actually got the pics..??