Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh! But its Just a Whimper!

The blog is back you see, but not with much of a bang, just a whimper. I left abruptly, I know. No excuses would suffice, I know. So let me just straight out apologise. What brought me back? I am not quite sure of that either.... maybe its Harry Potter. OK, let me say it. Once I took the blog out of the public eye. I thought I will re-vamp it and bring it back. Plans were, for a grand re-doing. Well, that did not happen, and seeing my current schedule, and terrible time management skills, I don't see that working sometime in the near future either. And so I waited, and waited and waited, to write a kick-ass post, but.... you guessed it, that did not happen either. And I wondered, if I would ever make the blog public again. But I also knew I had to. And so today, while Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is playing on TV, I decided to multi-task and type atleast a small hello, to all my wonderful friends, who wondered what happened. Thank you so much all for the concern, and queries, I guess that is what brought me back. There has been a slight re-vamp as you can see, but not much of a do-up.

Life has been as usual. A little bit of work, a lot of the BB, and a pinch of the GP. The weather is improving and getting warmer, which should enable me to get out more, but does not happen as often as I would like, where the weather is so so unpredictable. But yes, the warm sunny days, are just glorious. Made a complete a$$ of myself, in a social interaction recently, and God! am I embarrassed. It involves someone I know at work, expressing that she wanted to catch up with me, quite ardently a couple of times. Well, me being the fool I am, thought, it was a genuine interest, and mailed her saying, we could have coffee, sometime together. Her response completely blew me off, she claimed to be too busy, and mentioned, if I called her, she would most likely be unable to even return the call. It was just two sentences, and I wish I could reproduce them here, but that would not be right now, would it? And that just left me feeling like such a fool. Why do I take people on face value, when would I ever learn!!

I miss my blogging, I want to blog, just need to make sometime, hope I can get better with managing time. All I can say is, it feels good to be back. :)


Mama - Mia said...

was wunnering where you disappeared!

and people will sometimes be genuine, sometimes not! cant do much about that.

you know what i have been moping about? i will miss watching Harry Potter move FDFS thanks to 2B's arrival somewhere around then! :p

you haffun! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're back and it sure isn't with a whimper :) Yu were much missed !!
Keep Posting

Anonymous said...

Thank God you're back and it sure isn't with a whimper :) Yu were much missed !!
Keep Posting

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

You were missed.. and I like this do-up. Very clean and sorted actually :)

And boy, that response is rude! Even if one's invitation is meant casually (which I simply don't get, but still), the point is SHE *did* invite you. So, no reason for such high-handedness. Anyway, it's not worth feeling bad about.

You go out, have fun and have a super Diwali :)

R's Mom said...

Great to have you back...keep writing and bah to that rude reponse!

mindspace said...

you did this come back post on 1st and my reader shows it up today!! what a lazy reader i have..
good to see you back n u know that :) liked the font and color in your header. enjoy the HP series, hope u get the books also, soon. Press the ignore button more often when u come across such ppl.. its not worth being bothered once u realize what kinds they are.

MRC said...

Welcome Back! For a change Google Reader is being lazy..this post showed up today!
New layout...hmmm sorry Goofy, not a fan of it. It's too monochromatic for my taste, though the header is nice.

And about that woman...ignore her , listen to some music and DO NOT mail her back about her idiotic behaviour.

Smitha said...

You know what, Sri, like Tara - this post came up only now in my reader! Wonder why.

As far as people like these - she must be crazy! Why on earth did she say that she wanted to meet with you in the first place. Just ignore her!

dr.antony said...

It is good to be missed too.
Sometimes,we all need a break.There is monotony in every thing we do.I dont know if it applies to blogging.
So you have come back with vigor and vitality!Keep on bloging.

Deeps said...

It feels great to read you again, GM! Know what this was the first post I was greeted with when I opened my reader...oh I'm so glad you're back! Hugs!

And that ex-colleague of yours- SHE IS RUDE!

You did change the look of your blog, didnt you?? Looks grand! Why dont you shift to wordpress, GM, their features are far better than blogger, the comment-interaction for sure is great there.

Shrutzz said...

welcome back....Hows BB doing?

Passionate Goof said...

Really sorry for being so late with replying... you kind kind people.

Mama - Mia - I wonder taht about myself sometimes too. How have you been? And congrats on the 2Bs arrival.

liveonimpulse - Thank you so so much.... it means the world to me.

SAS - Thanks sweety! :D And yes, I am not too bothered with the lady in question... just felt like a fool right then, but doing perfectly fine now. :D

R's Mom - Thanks.... yeah... me not bothered with her either.

Tara - reader thought i had gone for good, so it didn't check on me I think. ;) Eagerly waiting for the new HP movie... Is aw my last one, very close to your home. :)

MRC - I know.... its quite dull I know, but that's the best I could do... maybe will change it in a while. Not in touch with that woman any longer!!

Smitha - Reader thought i was gone for good, that is why! And yes, she is off my list of friends or known people for good.

Dr.Antony - I know! And yes I am back... happily.

Deeps - Thank you sweetheart.:)I tried shifting to wordpress once, when i started this blog, but I need my blog roll like I have it here, and hence I re-created the new blog in blogger.Reader is just not my thing. :(

Shrutzz - Thanks.... BB is just fine... need to do a couple of posts on him... hopefully soon! How was Goa?

Trish said...