Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Birthday Post

I am writing this post in advance, because I know I will be hit by the birthday blues soon on the day, and the post may not turn out, the way I want it to. It is really strange how birthdays have become so normal and neutral over the years to me. Ten years back I would not have thought it possible. But it happened... and I am learning to live with it.

This time I turn a year over 30, and it just does not feel special, atleast numerically. Feels like an odd out-of-sorts number to turn into. Strangely I don't feel 31, at all, maybe 27, but not 31, the sprouting grey strands tell a different tale altogether, though. And since there is not much I have to write about, unlike the last time, where it felt like I was going from one era into another, I decided to write about the most special thing in my life, the one thing that I am the most grateful for, the GP. He is my most precious blessing, not only because, the wonderful person he is, but also for the anchor and influence he is in my life.

We have been together for over 9 years, married for almost 8 of them, and I think having him in my life, has definitely made me a better person every single day. Sometimes, when I sit back and think, I am amazed, and can't believe that he is actually mine. He is calm, cool and collected always. (Trust me, I do need that kind of an influence in my life to function smoothly.) There have been moments, that I could not believe he was being as calm as he was, and had it notbeen for him at those times, I might have permanently damaged some relationships. I love the way he thinks before he leaps, so so unlike me.

He is the greatest support, and my pillar of strength. He is not romantic, nor an elaborate exhibitionist, nor a man with fancy words nor the one with pomp and show. But with him, you can be assured of true support and total dedication. He actually supports me in all my decisions, and life choices, stands by and helps me the best way he can. I have learnt to appreciate that in leaps and bounds the past few months. From the day I started my training, he was my rock. He pushed me, when I got cold feet, about leaving the BB at daycare and going, he took the day off from his work (which runs this household), when the BB fell ill on the day of my training. He, took a few hours off work, when I had my mid-training interview on a day, when the BB was to be at home. He has been just extraordinarily supportive. I could not have actually done the training and got on with the work had it not been for him. And I know, its a lot more then most other men would have done. Its surprising, how so many people, at the workplace have actually asked me, if my husband was OK with my volunteer work. I could not in a couple of sentences, explain to them, just how supremely supportive he is. He treats my work, with greater respect, than possibly even I do. After every shift he asks me about the day without fail, does so much to make me feel that my work does count. I have infact been divided on whether to call my 'work' work, or just something I do, and it was again the GP, who recently called my place of work, my office, that actually, made it real work to me. Had it not been for him, his time, effort and support, I would definitely not be doing what I currently am.

Ofcourse, I would not have the wonderful BB without him, and that just fetches him extra brownie points in my book. And to top that,he is just such an amazing father. I am not half as good a parent as is he. His amazing calm and patience, with the BB surprises me. The few hours of the day he spends with the BB are so much more meaningful and productive than the whole rest of the day that he spends with me. The GP teaches him so many things, and I wonder how I never think of any of those. He is loving, giving and amazingly forgiving as a father. He sits on the floor, and plays with the BB's Lego and blocks with him for hours, encourages him in his fun kiddy adventures, lets him play havoc on the laptop, and learning that way. The GP is the more worried and tensed of the two of us, when the BB is ill, he just cannot rest or sit in peace, till the BB is up and running again, I have grown better with that over time. Most of his life decisions are now based on how it would affect the BB. I never stop admiring how loving and giving GP, the father is.

He is neat and tidy, understanding, open-minded and a great great cook to. I forever count my blessings, and feel thankful for his being mine, and truly believe that he is God's greatest gift to me. Thanks for being mine darling, and I hope I celebrate many many more birthdays with you.


Sraboney said...

Happy Birthday!

31? That's not old...You are still a nubile nymphet :-) ...Wait till you reach 38 - that's when the depression starts setting in...

Anonymous said...

31 is certainly not old, you know when I turned 30 I too was not comfortable, I always felt I m 28 and I cant age beyond that... but now at 32 I feel its quite young... I see people who are 35 and they still look young... !!!!

I guess its just the new series of 30's that takes a while for us to digest... !! :D :D

and yes... have the most wonderful birthday ... enjoy !!!

R's Mom said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you and many more wonderful years with GP and cute BB :)

Deeps said...

Awww.thats the sweetest post from a besotted b'day girl :D!!

Here's wishing you celebrate many many more b'day with GP & BB :)


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Awww.. and well, given that you're so amazing, you deserve him too.. fair deal it is :)

Happy Birthday! May you have an amazing day and a beautiful year ahead. Wish you lots of happiness and peace. Do report back on how it goes today (make sure the cake is chocolate) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I just turned 30 this year, and don’t feel anything different, except I vacillate between wishing I achieved more to being happy with what I’ve done so far in life.

Rakesh said...

Wow, what a post! Btw, is it a birthday or an anniversary post? And if it is a b'day post, is it your b'day or his? he he...

Totally Awww post as your female blogger friends would say.

Btw, you gotta see me to beleive that 31 is not really old :-)

PS. Does he blush when he reads such things about himself?

Passionate Goof said...

Sraboney - Thanks love! I am neither nubile, nor a nymphet, those adjectives are more suitable for a skinny, hot woman like you!! :D

Hitchy - Thankee for the moral boosting. I am ok, because I still feel I am 28.... happy with my mental age. :D

R's Mom - Thanks you so much, the best wishes I could hope for.

Deeps - Honestly i am not besotted, and believe you me on that. But I do count my blessings from time to time, and this one is my best one. the kind of work I am doing, makes me think everyday, of all the wonderful things I have in my life, which have nothing to do with money or material prosperity.

SAS - You are one wonderful friend, that's such a wonderful ego boost to me. Thank you sweetheart! The day was wonderful, will do a post on it soon. promise. The cake was not chocolate, but it was a cheesecake... so yumm yumm!

Gargi - I can understand your emotions completely.... and I visit that place often, but i have decided, its better to try and do more now, than regret the past, that does not help! And thanks for the wishes.

Rakesh - Very relevant birthday post, and that to my very own! And that was me counting my blessings. :) I have seen you Rakesh, you look like a friggn' teenager..... you are not a normal person!!!!!
And your question.... no idea, I have never seen him reading these things... so no idea, but i am sure he does feel smug! :P

Anonymous said...

31 is far away from old..have a great birthday.. And on GP, he is such a sweetheart as TSAS puts it you're such a wonderful soul and deserve him every bit..touch..Hugs and wishes for your birthday ..Much love

dr.antony said...

Happy Birthday.
You are exceptionally lucky. To be lucky to live a life with some one you love is the biggest gift.Live every day in full.Enjoy every tiny bite and relish.Wish your life full to the brim.

D said...

Hey, belated happy birthday! I was travelling, if that excuse is good enough for me not wishing you on D-day :( Sowie! Hope you had a good day :)