Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A True Role Model

It never ceases to amaze me, how truly great people, never blame the circumstances, no matter how tough it gets. They harbour no malice for people who may have treated them in ways, that is nothing short of cruel. I wish that someday, I am able to achieve such a mentality, where I can look beyond any negative influences in my life. It is not that I have never tried, and that is possibly why, I appreciate even more, the people who are capable of doing it, because its not easy. Came across this article in the newspaper yesterday, and it left me, inspired and in awe.

This is a 27 year old woman called Rukhma Lakshman Kale, residing in a village in Maharashtra. She is a volunteer with UNICEF, and is working to help young girls and women in villages, by encouraging them to go to school, as well as by teaching them basic life skills like personal hygiene, basic banking and accounting and so on. Inspiring enough just for this, but what really amazed me, was her personal story, for which she holds no grudges. She was made to live in a cowshed with a newborn baby, and yet all she says is, "It could have happened to anyone.". How many of us can ever be that gracious? We crib and bitch for hours about minor incidents we might have experienced at work, or with in-laws. And here is a woman, who  is a single mother, bringing up her child alone, with no grudges, and actually doing something concrete to make a difference to the society.

And that is what I think a true role-model should be like. truly inspiring, in every aspect. Unfortunately we look at models and actresses as your goals for body image, and then think we are good enough ourselves to not need to change ever. And we shortchange ourselves for life that way. Because we don't believe in really changing or trying to excel as a person. I am inspired by women, people like Rukhma. Who are truly role-models and  are actually acting for change. Who or what inspires you?


Trish said...

Ohh I read about this lady too..Amazing na:) And so inspiring!

dr.antony said...

Rarely we come across such people.For them, it is part of life and comes to them from a full commitment to the cause they believe in.

Anonymous said...

How inspirational..would love to take a leaf out of her book

Mama - Mia said...

anyone who goes out of his/her way to help others or does it while its on his way inspires me. it could be a person helping a blind man cross the road or another trying to get traffic streamlined so that everyone can move. each positive action inspires and makes me reaffirm that there are more good people than not in this world. and that in larger scheme of things, most things we fret over dont deserve that kinda attention! :)


Rajlakshmi said...

amazing!!! inspiring story of a brave women.