Monday, March 28, 2011

CSAAM April 2011 Is Coming Soon!

That is the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month April 2011. With great initiative, by a couple of motivated and concerned bloggers, namely Kiran and Monika, the CSAAM, will kick off this Friday, the 1st of April. A month, that will give us many informed, posts, articles and discussions to think and talk about the very taboo topic of Child Sexual Abuse. Read about how it all began, if it interests you in Monika's introductory post.

It is not an exaggeration, when one says almost 80% of women in India have faced some form of sexual abuse as a child, most often by people known to and trusted by the family. The fact that the awareness and the concern about such a widespread phenomenon is so little, is what this initiative plans to change. Information and knowledge is the best way to deal with this evil. Most parents ridicule the very idea of their child being abused, and hence neither explain the possibility, nor equip the child to deal with such a situation. Thus leaving a child more vulnerable to being hurt and abused. There is also a lack of acceptance, when such an incident occurs, an attempt to push it under the carpet, which just makes it much worse for the victim. The aim of the campaign, is to bring out to light the issues surrounding CSA, to remove the myths and bring out the truth, to make people aware of it. Knowledge and awareness of this very prevelant social evil is the very first step towards our beating it.

The campaign has support from NGOs which work with victims, besides many wonderful bloggers themselves. Be prepared to learn facts, feelings, real life incidents and the best ways to cope with it or help a victim. But foremost, it is a campaign to make people see CSA in broad daylight and accept it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm all for the cause..Thanks for sharing GM..
A must read is Bitter chocolate by Pinki Virani.What constitutes sexual abuse? Why do some men (and women) sexually abuse children? Should it be considered abuse even if the victim does not protest? And the abused children - what happens to them when they grow up? As a concerned parent, what can you do to protect your child? Pinki Virani takes on these and many other questions in her book Bitter Chocolate. This p book covers a lot of ground, from making real the devastating consequences of childhood sexual abuse to providing suggestions for improving the Indian legal system's response to abuse, and a guide for survivors.

Passionate Goof said...

Oh! You can suggest that to the blog, infact contribute with your views. It will be great.

Anonymous said...

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