Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Stop This Shit

Alert - may contain words and idea unsuitable for people under 18.

Clarification -I am not against homosexuality. It is the linking of people's name to it without a solid ground for it that is bothering me. In the post the words 'dirty' and 'disgusting' etc has been used for the mindset of people, and not about anyone's sexual preference at all.
I am sick of people not being able to think beyond sex and sexuality, and sexualising every damn thing they see. Tells me where the damn perverts are born from really!

Everything is looked on sexually. And now this cry about Mahatma Gandhi being bi-sexual. I have a simple thing to say here. Petty people cannot look beyond themselves, to them the entire world is as petty as are they, and hence they cannot even conceive or even begin to understand greatness. I am sure soon enough someone will come up with sickening stories on Jesus, Ram and more, well just because they think that everyone is as shallow as them. Abstinence, is not easy, and all those who are sexually active will know that. How many of us can even imagine giving it up for life? Very few, and most of those who do would not even succeed! So the people who have or did, are now labelled with all kinds of names, because dimwits cannot think beyond themselves or their own lack of self control. If someone does not or did not marry and remained a bachelor or spinster, they must have been homosexual. If they had a close friend of the same sex, they must have been homosexual or bi-sexual.

I wonder what warped world these people come from, or is the world getting so warped, that we cannot think beyond the nasty? Have these people never had friends, or have they never had any relationship in their lives that was not about sex? If you have not been able to tell till now, I am extremely enraged. Takes me back to the one thing that irritated me about JK Rowling, her claim about Dumbledore's homosexuality. Yeah well, its her character, and she can shape it as she pleases, but why does he have to be homosexual or not?

Somehow, no one aspires to be better anymore I think, its about pulling people down to your dirty level. I want to have sex outside of marriage, I do it, and then claim the whole world does, they just don't say it. Why be ashamed of what I did, why let there be a moral high ground? I would rather pull everyone down to my dirty level.Makes life easier doesn't it. So everything has an OK, any kind of sex, any kind of relationship and wow what a wonderful world we have.

I have not read the book, and I would like to believe the author, Joseph Lelyveld, when he says people are misquoting and misunderstanding his work, but its the very idea that people think this way that sickens me. I can bet my entire life, that not one of these so called writers or critics have the guts to do one tenth of what the Mahatma did for not just India, but the world. So what do they do, they try to tarnish his image and give  new dimensions to his persona. Its been done before, its being done again. Its shameful and utterly disgusting, if you cannot emulate any of his great principles, and I am sure most of us don't even try, the least we can do is show respect, and admire a great man.

Each and everyday I seem to find something that tells me how little we value our morals, and how easily we let virtues rot. Commitments, who needs them, its ok to break them. Extra marital relationships happen, there are bad relationships ....... what about commitment, what about honesty? And while it does take place, there is no denying that, to actually accept it as acceptable, by mainstream society is what scares me so so much. No one thinks its a virtue to be patient, or humble. If you don't beat your own drum you lose out, and again the worst bit is not just doing it, but claiming, that to be the right thing to do. God! I can go on endlessly about this, and it will just make my blood boil some more. I am too enraged and upset to be coherent I think, so I will link you up to a post, which is written clearly and precisely, talking about many many more such incidents and I loved it.

The fact is, morality exists for a reason. No I am no supporter of the Shiv Sena or Shri Ram Sena, but it breaks my heart to see how easily everyone lets go of anything moral, by giving it a million different names, to do things that are easy and require no self control or restraint. And it is really shameful to not only do that, but the people who really led the hard life by following the moral principles of life, being trivialised, and made to look petty. I personally know two women, one of whom was a spinster all her life, dedicated to the profession of teaching, and I can guarantee she died a virgin. Another widowed before thirty, who never indulged in any kind of sexual activity for the years after. If anyone dares, call them homosexual, or whatever I will personally wreck physical havoc on them. I have just this to say to such people, "I pity your existence, without any morality or ethics, because not only is your mindset lowly, the sad bit is you can never even comprehend what greatness look like. Much like the pig which can never even look at the sky, but lives and eats filth."


Anonymous said...

i am a firm believer of morality and ethics and thus agree with you on most counts,but if you think it the other way round,an eminent figure like gandhi being proved a homosexl can remove national stigma.Jawaharlal nehru's life itself is now seen with a totally different lens,in light of his relation with Mrs mountbatten,lending imagination the unheard travails of mrs Knehru which we'll never be privy to.
but it's good to hear that these men were human too,than the exalted image already presented.
it is the homosexuality for the sake of experimenting is what's cringeworthy.

Renu said...

westerners cant think beyond sex.

And it is the same as we nevr emulate what is good about west only the open society, same they see what they want to see.

Passionate Goof said...

Anon - I understand your point, but I do not agree to it for the simple reason, there is a difference between someone saying they are homosexual/bisexual/asexual or whatever, and its different when its said by others. Especially about a person who is dead and long gone, its simply slander based on assumption and often twisted facts. Especially in this case, it inherently accuses the Father of Our Nation of cheating on his wife too!

For what you say, it will only work if known personalities, come up and own up their sexual preferences in public. Else its more of a signal to stay in the closet. That is what I think.

Renu - Unfortunately, I think its the same in India too. People take the immoral as acceptable just because its the easy way to be. Gosh! I can go on about it for ages really. It is just so sad, how we are degrading as a race. And I agree about aping the 'negative' bits from the west.

Soulmate said...

What I feel is people now believe that its their birth right to question someone's living or someone's thinking without having a look at themselves.. And to question someone's sexuality long after a person is gone, is beyond belief.. Just proves how low people can get.. Its not just because Gandhi has put in the spot.. It applies to every person.. Please atleast let the person rest in peace, if you didnt allow him to live in peace...

TurbulentMind said...

It is indeed sad that people will believe everything they are told about a certain personality, just because he/she was famous. The point remains that a person's credibility doesn't change because of his/her likes, dislikes and in this case sexual orientation. It is called private life for a reason.

However, I am not in complete agreement with the issue of morality. I believe that it is a skewed concept and changes from person to person, time to time and place to place. So, what is moral to you, may not be moral to me and vice versa. I believe that each person is entitled to their opinion and belief, and unless it is restricted by the laws of the land, people are allowed to (and will) do what they believe is right. Agreed there are societal norms, but even they are changed/modified and like you mentioned, broken. In a system which emphasises liberty above all, it is hard to define what is right and what is not.

Yet, what you put across has been understood. Perversion is pervasive today, and we find it everywhere. I say so because I see it and I am part of it. But till the point it is fun. When it tarnishes somebody's image, belief and faith, I think that is where the problem lies.

Passionate Goof said...

Soulmate - Everyone is our business, as long as we can pull them down, that is the modern day mantra. Everyone is as bad as us, if not worse. Greatness is not to exist!

TurbulentMind - About morality varying from person to person, it is not something I will agree with. It is never any act itself, but the reason for it happening that decides its morality. So in a world where people are saying ill things about others, for no reason, but to tarnish their name, I believe its immoral. And yes, that will go for anyone. It is immoral to kill helpless newborn babies, just as I believe its immoral to introduce someone to our own bad habits like smoking or drinking. Even though the 'someone' might be our dear friend, but it is immoral to bring them into the ills we follow. So no, I do not believe morality is all that subjective. And no, I am not talking about morality the way the Ram Sene does!