Saturday, September 5, 2009

And Baby When You'Re Gone

The DH is traveling. His is half way across the globe from me right now, and I am definitely not liking it. And so here I am dedicating to him one of teenage favourites.

Now, I feel better having seen Bryan Adams, how can I possibly not? I think he was one of my first crushes, and definitely the crooner who lived with me through my teenage. However those are days of the past, and I am an old old hag, accompanied by creaking joints and everything. And the man in my life is the DH. I miss him so bad when he is away. He reminds me to water the plants, which are basically my plants, but he waters them each morning, because they thrive a lot better under his care. I have a few additional things to take care of, when he is not around. But, mostly I miss him not being home each night, and our absolutely silly conversations and the stupid movies he watches, and his fooling around with the BB, and preparing the salad, and..... well ok I simply miss him. Now hope he is back real, real soon.


Shruti SriHarsha said...

ohhh..I completely understand how it feels!!!

Also, the beauty is to see how a wife misses her hubby...chooo romantic!!!

I suggest you and the little BB join him in one of the trips..both of u can have a good vacation, while he works...what say ;)

Anonymous said...

mushy mushy!!! kya baat hai!

Solilo said...

Aha! love-shove miss-wiss pyaar-wyaar. Okay! just wanted to write all that. :)))) Small separations are good. *wink*

I will kill you if you call yourself an old hag. You are still in late 20s remember. Have some consideration for people like me who started 30s. Sob..sob..Cruel GM! :((

Passionate Goof said...

Shruti - You know I always wanted to do it earlier, but his work was always in remote sites, and now there are visa issues, when he travels, getting a visa for the BB and me is not as easy as it is for him, since his office arranges for his on short notice.

Rakesh - Imagine, I travel that path too at times. ;)

Solilo - Well written. ;) I would never have, but my health is giving me such scares these days Sol, that I am in a state of 'preparing for death', and that does make me an old hag. And never ever do I think anyone in their 30s is old. And I am just a month away from entering it myself. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh I can so understand what you are going through. My hubby had to be away for 3 months and it was just a little thread of sanity that prevented me from going totally bonkers!! Hope your Dh is back soon!

And girlie, health issues or not, you are not allowed to call yourself a hag let alone an old old hag!! :D

Monika said...


and old and u too sols if u guys talk like this what will happen of me who is already nearing mid 30's

Passionate Goof said...

T3 - Three months. God! that must have been crazy. That is just so sweet of you to say. :)

Monika - :) Arrey I say i am old, because my body is rotting away from the inside Mon, not because of the number of years I am old.

Purvi said...

oh you are so cute!! I loved this post, could feel the chemistry that you both share and your love through these few sentences.

And yes, BA dear is the teenage friend or rather I would say was my friend even while I was falling in love and all... He suddenly disappeared though after the baby was born :P Was good to see this video :-)