Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meeting Up and Going Away

And I have done it. Never thought I would be able to, but I did. I met a fellow blogger, Tara. I visited her home, and had some yummy food too. The grilled chicken and some absolutely mouth watering paav bhaaji. Oh! And did I mention her picture perfect home. Its just the place for friends to sit and chill out in. Relaxed, cosy, vibrant and warm. They have definitely done a great job in doing up the house. Tara is exactly what I thought she would be, warm,sweet and quiet. She was busy being a good host, and letting the BB play around. The BB on his part as always was fascinated with the Tara's fish tank, and kept repeating atu,atu (read water). And he was also amazed with Tara's open kitchen, where he could see us, even while we were in a different room. Tara has beautiful plants all around her home, and sea shells too. She has a mind blowing collection of the shells, and how well she has used them to decorate her home. Every nook and corner of the house has that special touch of beauty and decor.

Tara and Amit are such a sweet couple, if you didn't know them, you could well believe they are just dating. I was just smiling within as I saw them, and I am smiling right now as I type this. We talked about this place, the people and loads more. I love the area she lives in, it is very well organised, and is green enough to make you believe you are in India. We actually drove around the place after dinner, and rolled down the car windows to actually smell the foliage. The greatest thing about the meeting, was that, not for moment did I feel like it was a first meeting. It was like sitting around with friends we have known long enough, and having a relaxed chat and dinner with them. I never knew it would be this easy. Was always a bit apprehensive about what it would be like to actually meet one of the people I read, or one who reads me, and it turned out to be such a wonderful experience, now I just wish we had done this earlier. Tara, thanks a ton for the lovely dinner, and such a fun time. The men bonded nicely too, and I can now always tell the DH, how he met wonderful people, just because I blog, next time he cribs about me being on the laptop too much! The comfort and warmth of the meeting completely belied the fact of it being our very first time. Tara has put up her mysterious account of it too.

The honest fact is, Tara saved my neck, I am leaving, and she kindly accepted to take over my plants. I would have hated to see them dry up. She said she has space, and can take them. And I jumped at the offer, and went to give them to her last night. And since I have mentioned it, yes, I am going on a vacation. Come tomorrow night, and I am off to Bombay for a few days, 12 to be precise. The DH finally got his leave approved, and the tickets were booked late last afternoon, yes he is the absolute last minute kinds. This being the Eid weekend, we were fortunate to find some seats after all. Let the monstrosity of the prices not even be discussed. We finished most of the gift shopping yesterday. Doing very little of it this time, because another, longer trip is scheduled soon enough.

Finally, a vacation after a really really long time. Most of it is going to be dedicated to health care. I am visiting doctors, to let them look into my eyes, ears and other things and ensure that whatever afflictions I have are cured. I am leaving the laptop behind, and staying away from the internet. So that I get more time to relax and enjoy. Waiting to switch on my India SIM card and ring up all my friends, and family. I want to do a photo-chronicling of Bombay, but am not sure how well I will manage. As of now I have the plans though. Durga Pujo is also to be celebrated with great pomp and show, hence am going to pack all my new clothes for the trip. Also packing all the give-away that have collected here, the BB old clothes, blankets etc, some of mine and the DH's too. In India I know of people and places I can give them away to, here I know none.

And, vacationing I go tomorrow!


Tara said...

This is like 'death by chocolate', in the literal sense of the words.Can someone even take in so much of praise at one go.. NO NO.. lemme come back and write more if I survive :D

Anonymous said...

Thatz so sweet :) Tara, I so want to meet u now sweety :P

Hv a gr8 vacation dear and come bk with lotz of pics :)

D said...

Wow! The meeting sounds fun and am so glad your plants got adopted :)

Your staying away from the internet may be a good idea, but not for us :(

D said...

Wow! The meeting sounds fun and am so glad your plants got adopted :)

Your staying away from the internet may be a good idea, but not for us :(

Reflections said...

Hey what a lovely post...enjoyed reading it. Will be going to check out Tara's post now:-)).

Have a good vacation!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ death by chocolate...

You make Tara sound like the perfect hostess. All of us will be queing outside her house now :)

Pixie said...

oh wow!!

This is such a nice post and written so well... :)

I can so picture Tara now! :) :)

Folks all over the blog world are meeting up! :)

Have a happy vacation! :) :)

Smitha said...

That is so wonderful, GM! You and Tara met up too! Wow!

Have a wonderful break in India! Hope you have a lovely lovely Durga Pujo! I miss Pujas so much! We used to have the best time during the Pujas in Jamshedpur :) Do come back with some glimpses of the Pujas for us.

sraikh said...

So much fun.
Tara sounds wonderful. I'm sure her food tasted as good as it looks in her pictures.

Have fun during your trip. takes lots of pictures.

I hope the docs there give you the right treatments and advise

Solilo said...

GM, Just read it on Tara's and meeting sounds so much fun. Loved reading your account too. BB too had fun. So sweet.

Have a fab vacation!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Awww! I'm so glad you guys met! Here's to new friendships!

And you're coming to India?!? WOW!! That's great news! Too bad you won't be in Cal this time, but Bombay...great enough! Enjoy your vacation, sweets! Have a blast :)

Meira said...

Hi. Came here from Tara's blog. Really liked your description of the meeting. have a great vacation :)

Passionate Goof said...

Tara - I am hoping you have survived, and every word written here is truly meant.

songoflife - Thanks. hope i get to do the photos!

D - Yes me too. I so did not want them to die. Yes I really need to rest my eyes.

Reflections - She has done a nice job of it. And thanks!!

Pixie - Thanks. :) Yes picture her, she is quite pretty!!

Smitha - Yes yes yes, we did!! Oh1 I loved durga Pujo in Jamshedpur too!! I will try and get some nice photos.

Sraikh - Yes, the food was yumm!! I am hoping for the best too.

Siolilo - Thankeeeeee. It was real fun meeting her.

M4 - Cheers! Yes I am a break finally!

Meira - Thanks, and I hope to have fun too.

hitch writer said...

She fed you Grilled Chicken !!!!!

I couldnt read anything else... !!!!!!!!

I was just greeeen !!! like your plants..... sigh.... !!!!

12 days leave !!!!!!

sigh !!!!!!!!

Piper .. said...

:):) wow! The meet-up sounds like real fun! I have been rather shy of meeting blog friends. BUt your account makes it seem just great!
Have a fabulous trip home. I havent been home during the Pujos in a very long time.. Have lots of fun and come back soon. Hugs

soul speaks said...

Hi, That you had a lovely time is so evident from your post. Great bonding there. take care. Rekha

mummyjaan said...

Enjoy your vacation.

Just call me 'A' said...

GM...I commented on this post. where did my comment go? :(

anyways.....I'm sure you're having a great vacation. eat lots some for me too and exercise hard :D

the account of your meeting with Tara sounds really great...and enjoyable. chat again when you get back.

Passionate Goof said...

Hitch - You should visit her, I am sure she will gladly feed you some.

Piper - I felt the same way too, but this turned out to be great!! I had a good time and am back.

soul - thanks Rekha. :)

Mummyjaan - I did!!

'A' - I did not get any re.... I ate lots, but did not exercise... ;)