Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leaking Nose, Funny Doctor, Allergies and Medicines

Add to the mix some mind numbing television viewing, deep fried food and take away any form of calorie burning activity. That pretty much describes my life for the past few days. Started with a leaking nose and sneezing since Sunday, followed with a slight earache, which made me run to the doctor last evening. I just could not afford a repeat after the last time, the pain just gets unbearable, and with the BB to take care of, I just did not want to risk it.

Besides the pediatrician, for the BB, every other doctor I have met here, just seems so unbelievably incompetent compared to even a general physician in India, that I dread visiting them. The only thing these people want is to make money. If they think there is a problem with the liver, they will refer you to an ophthalmologist, just to make more money for the hospital, and tell you to visit them next only after at a fortnight, so that they can bill it under a fresh consultation. They are that kind of pathetic weird. And since I am bitching expressing my opinion about this place, let me add on the side, that this place has no sense of hygiene or organisation. The Buhaira Cornish, which is very close to home, and one of the main parks in the main city of Sharjah, is set around a sea inlet, and there is a constant inflow of sewage into the very part that forms the Cornish, from the city's gutters. During low tide, the stench and sights are quite disgusting to say the least. Let me not even go into why I am forced not to take the BB out each evening, like I would love to. Getting back to the original point, I visited an ENT specialist last evening, to get the ears looked into, before it could possibly get too painful. Excerpts from the conversation which flowed.

Doc - Does you throat hurt?
Me - No.
Doc - OK.
Me - So, do I have a cold or is it just an allergy?
Doc - Since your throat is not hurting, we can say it is an allergy.
Me - I am almost always having a slight irritation in the ear, is there anything I can do about it?
Doc - Take an anti-allergy pill, whenever you feel that way?
Me - (huh? which is practically everyday!!) What could be the possible cause of the allergy, since I am almost constantly facing this.
Doc - How can we say?
Me - (huh? then who can? Atleast give me some possible cause!!)

Me - Is it advisable to use a mask if someone is traveling in the current situation?

Doc - (Looks surprised) I don't know. (Consults with the nurse in a regional Indian language and repeats) We have not been told, I don't know.
Me - (This takes the cake, definitely going up on my blog)

I asked her about the mask, because the GP is going to be traveling soon, and I thought it would be good to get some medical advice. But I obviously knocked on the wrong door. This doctor also has an entire collection of piercings available, so anyone looking to get an ear piercing, let me know, I will give you her details. And no, I am not over reacting, maybe I have been fortunate, but I have never come across such unbelievably incapable doctors in all my life in India. And trust me to know because I have been plagued by ill-health and jinxed with injuries since I was born, and have seen more than my fair share of doctors.

So I came back home, knowing I am down with another allergy attack, just like the many I have had since I got here and some medicines and sprays to stuff myself with. However, since Sunday, I have been vegetating, watching absolutely mindless television, eating food soaked in oil, and made with sugar. Doughnuts, samosas, kebabs, pakoras, name it and I am having it. I am allowed some self pity, when I am ill right, and eating fattening, unhealthy food is my favourite way of doing it. I am not working out at all, because I am supposed to rest when I am not feeling well, even if it is just an allergic reaction(this is the cue to every reader to offer sympathies, and tell me to rest some more). The walks I am not so sure I want to go again, especially with the sewage floating in the water around which lies my walking route. And till I can continue, to maintain this facade of illness, I will continue to watch TV nonstop (I don't need much of an excuse for that otherwise either) and generally enjoy inactivity. As an end note, there is grilled chicken for dinner tonight.


Solilo said...

Get well soon, GM! The allergy seems bad. You traveling soon to India? Have fun!

You have an excuse of being ill. I just now gorged on two Samosas.:D

Passionate Goof said...

I wish I was..., but no I am not, but the GP is traveling for work tomo. Yes the damn allergy is bad, and I never had such issues in India, so i am pretty sure the problem lies in my geographical location. Its OK to have samosas, when you are not overweight, bordering on obese! Believe me, I have been eating better by force, not by choice of late.

Sraboney said...

Get well soon!

D said...

Ohhhh, I hope you're feeling better! Allergies are such a pain, pun intended. But ear pain because of an allergy is a first. I mean, are you sure it's not an infection and just an allergy? Please find a good doctor because the ear is such a sensitive part of the body that if you neglect anything that is potentially dangerous, it may cause long term harm. Not wanting to scare you, but take this seriously, please. And take care!

Deeps said...

and that end note did generate a slurp!

I didnt even knw you had changed your domain.It looks very nice,much similar to the old one though.I love your screen name!

Get well soon,Passionate Goof!
Hugzeee to the BB

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Ooooohhh!! Not good, not good at all! Not having a good doc around is not an enviable situation to be in :(

Take care sweetie. Hope you get well soon :)

Elizabeth said...

First time on your new blog. Its equally good.
Feel the same sentiments about docs in the UAE. Even we avoid them.
Hope you are feeling better.

Passionate Goof said...

Sraboney - thanks. :)

D - fortunately i am a lot better today. I think it is the allergy, because the allergy meds, help the pain go away, and the nose, throat and ear are connected isn't it?

Deeps - Come over and taste some. :) You didn't know... oh! :( Good you found me atleast. :) Hope I do get well.

M4 - I know.Its scary really. I made sure i went to India for each one of the BB's vaccinations you know.

Elizabeth - Thats so sweet of you to say, thanks. They are scary aren't they? I am a lot better today thankfully!

Monika said...

docs can be jerks sometimes

hugs to u

and grilled chicken yummy

Anonymous said...

Sigh.. we talked about this and I know you are feeling sucky and down.
I really hope you can find a good doc who will provide a diagnosis instead of half crazed ideas.


Smitha said...

Oh dear! I hope you are feeling better now..

How do these people qualify as doctors? I hope you find a good doc too..

The mention of food makes me drool! you know, we get bake-able samosas here. They are frozen and can be baked instead of fried. So whenever we crave junk - we bake these samosas and they are as good as the ones we get in India :) Really yummy :)

Passionate Goof said...

Mon - I know, oh yes the chicken was yumm!!

Asaaan - me too, and thanks. :)

Smitha - I am fine now. :) Oh! the rejects from India come and settle here, trust me. bakable Samosas? really? yumm!!