Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bidding a Farewell

2009, to me was a year that came, and went, and I gladly bid good bye to it. No, it wasn't a horrible horrible year, but it was a year where bad things happened, to bring out the good, something like the hardest tests are needed to bring out a person's biggest strengths. I did find parts of me, that I had never known existed, I found a side of myself that I never knew could be there, and prove to myself that I can beat my worst vices with true determination. So that sounds like a year I should be proud of is it not? Maybe in due time I will be, for the strengths that showed, the true friends I found in the tough times, and yet all that remains with me is the test, the fear, the pain. So for now, 2009 does not go into my list of best years spent!

The end of the year however saw a dramatic turn of events. It was good, it was a revelation, and it was positive. We moved places, and I am happy being where I am. I found a spiritual channelisation, that I am trying hard to hold on to and keeping the flame alive within. I think I was long hankering for something strong and positive to influence me, and it finally came to me in the form of something that was relateable, and made perfect sense to me. Has it changed me completely? No, but I see something positive developing, which I hope to nurture and nourish as much as I can. It is strange to see, how in a way life has come a full circle, I am going back to the thoughts and lifestyle my grandmother stressed on, and its strange how those small teachings from childhood are re-surfacing with the new learnings, how every small tale I had heard is suddenly shining in new light in the new things that I am learning. I just hope that I don't let go this time.

The year also ended with the goofy gang landing up in a new place. A place that seems full of promise and niceness so far. Fortunately I have some friends here, and they have shown amazing support, so its been much easier settling in. Its different (yes indeed, like the Maggi ketchup), is all I will say about this place, till I do a detailed post on it, hopefully soon.

As a family, I don't think 2009 had a lot to offer to us. We are poorer by a house, and of course money. But then we get some, we lose some right? So I guess we are doing OK on that front. Else as a year 2009 was nothing exceptional, nothing exceptionally amazing happened, and it was only towards the end that the year turned around a bit for the better, besides ofcourse the BB having one of his worst illnesses till date, which just did not seem ready to go away.

So what do I take away from 2009? Hopefully better health, and left all the scary excess weight I was carrying, and I have left behind a wardrobe full of clothes that had become too huge for me to fit into. This is not the best photo to have as the first photo of the new year for this blog, but this is the best of 2009 for me, so here, I am sharing it with you.(I give in, and give you a typical before and after shot!)

Bye bye 2009. Though you will not be one of the best years of my life, I will always remember you, for what you gave me, just as you were leaving.


Sraboney said...

I'm sure 2010 will be a better year for you as you become a true blue Aussie...

Monika said...

wow the before and after pic is wonders isnt it?

wishing u a even better 2010 :)


mindspace said...

This is a huge achievement GM.. for once i thought the other lady is someone else.. like ur aunt or someone :P i love ur present look and you are such a positive person.. I am sure the coming time will bring the best for you and the lovely family you have..


2 B's mommy said...

You have moved to our good old neighbour, Aussie ! Do let me know when you fly across the ditch to visit NZ :)

Wishing that year 2010 will bring you lot of happiness and peace.

Anonymous said...

Wow how did you manage to knock off all that weight !! Some tips would be welcome :) Here is wishing you a fantabulous 2010 as you set roots in Aussieland

Doli said...

wowowooow how did you lose all that weight? some tips would be great :) happy new year to u

Elizabeth said...

Congrats GM, your weightloss is truly impressive. do share some tips. Wishing you much happiness in 2010.

Smitha said...

Here's hoping that 2010 would be everything you hope for!

And the before and after pics - amazing! It is a testament to the hard work you put in!

sraikh said...

I know how hard you worked to lose that weight.

Wishing you that 2010 will only bring you the best

Roop said...

wishing you the very best, goof!!! :) i am so proud of you for making the positive changes that you made. only wish that it would be better this year.

Passionate Goof said...

Bones - I am hoping for the same,though I doubt i can convert into a true blue Aussie. Faking accents was so easy during the teen years, i am not even being able to pick up one now.

Mon - Yup. I finally put it up!! :D Thanks.

Mindspace - You did? Wow! Thanks. :) You are such a sweetheart and a HUGE boost to my ego.

2B'smommy - Will do, and the same goes for you, when you come this way. Thanks a lot for the wishes.

liveonimpulse - Thanks a ton. Losing weight was all about eating right, and working out, good old fashioned way.

Doli - Good food and exercise, that is the key.

Elizabeth - Thanks. :) Exercise and eating right that is the key.

Smitha - Thanks Smi, and I wish you the very same. I had made that thing long back, but never dared to put it up on the blog till now.

sraikh - Thanks S, and here is wishing you exactly the same!!

Roop - Hiiiiiii! Nice seeing you drop in here. Thanks for inspiring, motivating, and being there for me. :D

Reflections said...

Wow ur before and after pics are amazing.....great inspiration really:-)

Shalom said...

Happy New Year!!!! Love the pic, fantastic job! Congrats!!!!