Monday, January 25, 2010

A Full Circle

Life somehow has come a full circle for me, bringing me to Australia I think. There are so many things that was part of my childhood, that has come back into my life, in the last few months, that I feel I have reached, the point from where I started. A very obvious reason for that, is that I am living in a house. Yes a house, not an apartment, but a house. I have lived all my growing up years in a house, and while apartments are much easier to maintain, I did miss the open spaces, the feeling of being on my own, rather than sandwiched from top and bottom, and most importantly, I wanted to be on the ground floor.

And here I got all of that, even got a backyard, where I dry my laundry, just like my mothers used to when I was young. And then with my new camera in hand, here are somethings, I love about being back in a house.

A Backyard, visible from my kitchen, scope for a kitchen garden, and some open -air running space for the BB. The balloons are remnants of his birthday decor.

Spotting birds on trees, from the backyard, and sometimes in it. A little bit of nature, in my yard.

A plant in a huge wooden tub, making for a good photo.

Also, there is a garden, full of plants, flowering plants. It is not well maintained at the moment, and most of it is growing wild, but that does not take away from the joy of having flowers in my garden. Have a look.

Just blooming.

Gorgeous isn't it? There are four bushes of yellow roses in my garden.

You can tell me what these are called, but what a dash of gorgeous colour!

And then flowers, willows and greens.

I am loving being in a house, where there is no one living above or below me, with open air space that is just mine, and seeing the BB enjoying it all. What is strange though, is the creaking foot boards, and the strange sounding walls. Its all wood, yes wood. Most houses here are not made of iron and bricks, like in India, but most of it is wooden. That took me a bit of getting used to. I kept thinking, can the house really take all our weight, and a hard knock if it comes. I guess it can, and am a little more used to living in a wooden home now.

And I am back in a country, which celebrates 26th of January, as a national holiday. It is marked as Australia Day here, what I have grown up celebrating as Republic Day in India. Life has come a full circle indeed.


Rakesh said...

Wow, this is one, just one thing I don't like about UAE - the flats...

Great to see pictures of your new home :) You're putting that camera to good use!

It indeed would be so nice going back to a verandah, garden and all...

MRC said...

I know how you feel!I've grown up living in houses,with gardens,wild and tended,in cantonments all over India, and the few years that I've spent in a city were pretty suffocating.That is also one of the reasons I married my husband ;) (exactly 6 years ago, tomorrow)

D said...

Nice pics Goofy!

Smitha said...

Lovely pics, GM! You seem to be making full use of your new camera :)

I love houses too! We have to shift places, and am worried that we might have to move to a flat if we don't find the right house - and I hate to even think about that prospect. I just love living in houses.

You have a nice garden! That is one thing I miss - mine is all landscaped for easy maintenance so can't really plant - which I always want to do - so I have to manage with potted plants.

BB looks like he is enjoying his backyard :) And have a great holiday tomorrow :) I have forgotten what it was like to have a holiday on the 26th of jan :)

Silvara said...

Don't know if I could ever live in a apartment knowing nothing but open spaces lol....

Happy Australia Day to you!

FYI - there's a combined annual Indian Republic Day/Australia Day picnic being held at Jells Park in Mt Waverly - used to go when I was a kid - not so much now but it's a lot of fun :)

Aneela Z said...

geraniums from what i can make out.

Maddy said...

Was wondering if you have stopped blogging,today when I visited your other blog I realized you have shifted here(in blog) and there ( to Autralia). I was reading your previous blog. Oh NO!, If I would have known, I would have knocked your King Faisal road building.

Have a great time in the New Country and Home.

Shrutzz said...

wow-wow...lovely pics and nice to hear about your new home :)
Happy RD and AD!!!

Gyanban said...

Happy Republic day to you...first time here, reading some of your previous posts..

A state of happiness can exist anywhere in the world..because it really is a state of mind. I ve known people being in absolute bliss in dingy old locality of Delhi or well as people who are absolutely miserable with their studio in Manhattan...:-)

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - I was used to flats when i got to the UAE, so did not bother me much. Yeah! I love my new cam. It is nice being back in a house, but it needs a lot of maintainenence too.

MRC - I liked living in a house, as long as I was not at the helm of things, but when it was mine, an apartment was more convenient. ;)

D - Thanks. :)

Smitha - Yes I am! House- living does have its charm, but is a lot more of work too. I am sure landscaped gardens with potted plants look beautiful too.

Silvara - Uff! you show off. ;) Fortunate you never had to live in Bombay. :P But I do know what you mean, I had a tough time adjusting post marriage. A picnic wow, maybe next year.

Aneela - Thanks for letting me know. How are you doing in Dhaka?

Maddy - Hey! You knew where I lived. How? Aah! yes, you had asked me on the old blog once. But how did you know???

Gyanban - Hey, welcome, and a Happy Republic Day to you too. I completely agree on happiness being a state of mind, but to say it very honestly, I do enjoy my material comforts!Delhi n Kolkatta u mention...I have a connection with both cities. :)

Elizabeth said...

Idyllic house. Open spaces bring in so much positivity and they are great for kids. Miss it totally in UAE, where apartments don't even have a compound let alone parks and open spaces.

soin said...

i hate the whole aparments thing.dont even knows living around and all that.i prefer the old style big house with sunlight and where we know who lives next to

Passionate Goof said...

Elizabeth - UAE has more parks that Bombay for sure. :)

Soin - I know what you mean, but its hard work maintaining without house help.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry was comparing it to more greener parts of India. Never lived in Bombay.

Passionate Goof said...

Elizabeth - No sorry shorry please, but just saying...... India has cities parks and open grounds, and then some without any!

Solilo said...

Beautiful pictures and BB seems to be growing so fast. (touchwood)