Thursday, July 30, 2009

Its Not Easy Being A Mother

The BB has now developed a penchant for doing everything the right way these days. It is driving me up the wall. Every time he sees my coffee mug, he brings a coaster to me, and forces me to place the mug on it, even if I am sitting on the floor. He will actually pull the mug off my lips, and have the mug placed properly on the coaster.

Each time I bring my laptop, he follows with the cord, and plugs it in. The moment I put close the laptop's lid, the cord is unplugged from the laptop. In fact if I lock the laptop, and the password screen shows, he does not rest, till I shut the lid. For someone like me, who has pretty much no rules in place, it is quite a pain, to follow the rules.

It is exasperating, when I clear out the floor of all his mess, all over the house, for my vacuum and mop routine, and halfway through, find the floor messed up yet again, sometimes worse than before. If I dare leave the laptop anywhere within his reach, it would be attacked with ferocity, he even tries to sit with my laptop on his lap, and I am fortunate, that the screen has not detached itself so far.

Every pan I use for cooking has to be placed on the burner by him, else I will see no end to his screaming. He holds the bottle, when I fill water, and would be upset if its filled up before he gets a chance to hold the bottle. Similar things happen when I am making the bed or putting the laundry in for washing. If I lie down for just a minute on the carpet in the living room, off comes the quilt from the bedroom. Which only means I have to go and put it back in.

While it may sound cute, but it slows me down so bad, that it gets irritating. And sometimes I really need to scream to get him to stop. And later I just hate myself for doing that.

The BB's favourite alphabet is B, and he opens his alphabet book, and says only 'B'. He even says it in his sleep. B for BB after all!

PS - I tried the SG, BG thing, but it just is not working for me. I am completely messing it up. So am back to the original nomenclatures!


Quirky Quill said...

Your boy is turning out to be quite a perfectionist huh? :) I do think you'll miss this when he grows up and throws wet towels on the floor!

Monika said...

ha ha tell me abt it

N called ojas instruction manual the other day :)

when we sit in the car... he says car seat, buckle, lock, music... after some time if its hot he will say hot AC

my my ....

just 10 mins back I cut a boiled egg for him and let the peel and the masala box on the shelf, he brought a stool climbed took the peels and threw them in the dustbin... and then told me masla keep up...

sigh i just hope this continues when he grows up ;-)

mindspace said...

when i started reading the post, i thought what else could a mom ask for.. such a caring helping hand in the form of a cute lil boy. but then u said it slows u down and irritates u.. i guess excess of anything would have that effect.. still its cute and its temporary.. so enjoy..

and lol @ the nomenclature thing.. even i am confused at who is who :) especially now that i know the real names!!

Piper .. said...

hee hee :) can well imagine! my nephew is exactly in that phase too! :) And I like BB much better than BG/SG!

Sraboney said...

Ha! Ha!

I'm sure it is just a phase...

Passionate Goof said...

QQ - Tough for the imperfectionist me to handle! And knowing me, the wet towel will lay right on the floor, till his next bath! ;)

Monika - Oh! sho shweet. See my smart safety conscious lil baby!

Mindspcae - I agree its cute, but when I am rushing through my chores... arrrghhhhhhhh!!

Piper - I know, I was always using the wrong names.God!

Bones - Hopefully yes. :)