Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ring That Fits The Finger

is the one that makes me exuberant. My first ever diamond ring, the one the BG bought me, for my birthday four years back. Nothing fancy or expensive, but my first diamond jewelery none the less. I remember our after office sojourn to the Tanishq store to find the ring, have it resized and then finally my wearing it. Diamond happens to be my birthstone and I was so excited to wear it, and I imagined life to be better after I wore the ring. As they say, it is all in the mind. I wore it all the time, along with my wedding ring.

Then I conceived. The pregnancy involved a lot of eating, and complete bed rest. To say I ballooned up is putting it mildly. The fingers started swelling up, and I got the rings off my finger before they could get stuck. And that is the way they remained till date. I bought a couple of new larger sized rings, ones that fit my finger, and wore them. I got rid of all my pre-pregnancy clothes, convinced I would never get back to where I was. For a clothes' lover like me, that meant wardrobes full of clothes, some barely worn, some still awaiting their first appearance. My heart broke, in ways only I will know. More than a year after delivery, when my weight was not coming down, I gave up hope, I felt I was stuck in my huge form for life. I looked bloated, unhealthy and enormous to say the least. I am not giving figures here, but I am not the kind who would cry at gaining two hundred grams, here I was closing in on a century. I used to take the rings out of my safe once in a while, trying them on unsuccessfully, and mournfully returning them to their box.

Moved in to a new place, with central air conditioning, and yummy fattening food easily available, fast food joints at a few seconds walk from home, and I piled on some more pounds. The clothes I had stitched just before leaving India, fit a bit more smugly than when they were stitched. Things just went from bad to worse. I was tiered of being huge. My dreams of being a yummy mummy forever dashed, and trying to reconcile with the idea of being a huge, comforting pillow instead.

This year started on a new note. I found a new friend, Roop. If there is a guardian angel for each one of us, then mine, put me onto Roop. In the real world, I would never have been her friend, really. And we are as different as chalk and cheese in the most obvious ways, and yet there are the commonalities, in the more basic things in life, like principles, beliefs, thoughts. This world of blogs has given me such amazing friends, and she is one of the finest. Gradually she started urging me to do something about my weight. She helped and guided me to start, taught me how to work smart about it. Her own eating habits, and tips on cooking, made me more aware of my nutritional needs, and helped me get over my emotional eating habits. She was candid and genuine, and called a spade a spade to shake me out of my unhealthy, unfit slumber. And the process started working, like nothing else ever had, every time I got stuck, she showed me a new way to try. She motivated me to keep at it, and encouraged me to work harder. If there is one person who deserves appreciation for my efforts, as much as myself, it is her. The weight finally began to drop. "A" and Sraikh, gave me amazing inputs, having treaded the path themselves. It is amazing how they took the efforts to respond to each and every query I had, write in detailed replies, document all the information and share it with me. I love you guys, you rock. "A", actually made me a worksheet, and offered more help at every step, and she did it even without me asking. All my efforts have been based on advice from blogger friends and their encouragement.

It was beyond my wildest beliefs, when the scales started tilting downward. It had been so long, with only gains, that a drop was quite unbelievable. Even the BG did not take notice till the first five kilos were gone, and it changed the figure in the tens place.Then in May, my heart broke, when blood tests revealed somethings, which sent me into a pit of depression. I dreaded my very existence, and poured my heart out to Monika and Roop. They both actually supported me better than I could have imagined, Heard out my sorrow tales for days, till I snapped out of it, and knew that I am going to be good, and fine. And as I usually do, I emerged out of the ordeal stronger than I was before.

So over the last five months, the weight has reduced, the stats are shrinking, but more slowly than I would like them to. And as the weight melts I get motivated to work more for it, and I have so many wonderful people I can ask for help, whenever I feel something is not working for me. But there are always dampers. Like a relative who saw a recent photo of mine, and spent precious bucks to call me up and ask me if I have lost weight, because it seemed so in the photo, and expressed concerns, that I may in fact become thinner than her. Considering the fact that she is well into her fifties, this was really a corny statement. On the face of it, she always encouraged me to try and lose weight, and look good. But the reality became apparent with her call. I should remain the fat one, who she can shower sympathies on, and advice, but dare I actually lose weight. This incident totally got my goat. I had to actually mail her some fat bad photos of mine, to convince her that I am still enormous, and no threat to her beauty. That also made me more determined, and wiser about her true nature. So all in all good for me I say. Such strange people are the reason, I am not sharing my news with anyone, but the wonderful friends I have here.

I am yet far from my normal BMI, a long way off actually,have just managed to move into the overweight category from the obese, but atleast now I have hope that I will get there, the process has started, my efforts are showing results. And I am happy. The BG actually went out and bought me some diamond jewellery when I crossed one of the milestones, and we were both so happy, not just because I am losing weight, but because I am gaining health. Coming with a family history of cholesterol issues, high blood sugar problems, heart disease, excess weight can actually be a killer for me.

About the title of the post? Well, the diamond ring, fit back on my finger today(actually 2 days back, July 22nd). Ecstatic is what I am. Last night before sleeping, I felt my current rings almost slip off my my fingers, I was pleasantly surprised. Today morning I took them off, to keep them aside, so that I don't lose them. And just on a whim, I tried on my first diamond ring, and it slipped onto my finger. Slightly smug, but got there alright. And that has been the most sure shot sign of the fact that I indeed am getting thinner. Wish me luck, and hope that I reach the goal I have set for myself for the end of this year, not the final one, but just a reasonable one. The final weight goal, which will basically be my entry the normal BMI range is set for end of next year. Not a size zero, but a healthy body is what I am aiming for. And yes, the ring is back on my finger.


Roop Rai said...

aww thank you so much for the acknowledgment. that's very very kind of you. :) i am glad to have met you as well. u know, most of us are not receptive to anyone else's views. you had faith in what i had to say. you never took offence to me telling you many many things as is. ;) it takes a very secure person to take criticism as well as you do and accept suggestions openly. so kudos to you for it!! :)

with that attitude, nothing is unsurmountable for you. weight to bohut chhoti baat hai. you'll manage it within a few more months!! it's all good. stay off the fried fish is all i ask. :p

plus we won't get along in real life? ;) i told you oye that i'd come say 'hi' no matter what. ;p ok ok fine, u are right ... maybe you wouldn't have come said hello hehe. i can be quite intimidating. mu ha ha ha ha ha ;p

Silvara said...

Heya!! Everyone seems to getting into the weight loss thing - i betcha summer has been helping too :D

It's winter here and i don't feel like coming out of my blankets :P

Congrats and keep up the hard work :D

Piper .. said...

HUgs! You`re right. Its not so much about losing weight as it is about gaining Health. The ring looks beautiful!!! And hey Goof, I havent found the time to go through the books yet. I hope you can understand and forgive me for the delay. BUt I shall do the research and get back to you as soon as I can.

Smitha said...

Congratulations!!! This is so cool! You managed to lose weight and become healthy in the process! I do think, that being healthy is the most important bit! Reading this, makes me want to give it a committed try too.. I think, my problem is being committed to it.. I lose my motivation..

It must be great to be able to wear your very first diamond again :)

Quirky Quill said...

very happy for you!! keep up the good work-Lady of the rings :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! For the ring to fit. You know once you make up your mind that you are ready to take charge of yor body and not give any excuses, there is nothing there to stop you.

I am also still in the overweight(by 2%) BMI and that has been one of my goals as well. We will reach the finish line, I am sure of it,

Anonymous said...

Great GM! You do need support from dear friends and it is great that you found them on the blogosphere. But don't stop on just this ring, make sure you have to discard your entire wardrobe and buy a completely new one, few sizes shorter :)

Good luck...

Anonymous said...

damn proud of you :)
that is some achievement!:)

you and Monika! way to go gurls!:D:D

as for the said relative? (I know quite a few such 'friends' too) :/

just imagine me saying a cuss word or two *wink*
(psst let your iamgination run wild!)

may her beauty ..err bloom even more (what??honest! I am wishing her all the beauty in the world :D)

pretty pretty rings:)))

HEre's to many more miletsones!:)

btw if you get my previosu comment please delete this:))

couldnt log in from WP

D said...

I feel slim just reading this post :) Just kidding!

And remember what they say about how slow and steady wins the race? It's true!

mindspace said...

Such posts bring a happy feeling. congratulations my dear! I know what you are saying coz i see the standing on the scale and jumping with shock or happiness and slighted change in the wgt up or down resp at home almost everyday. Its all about metabolism rate, working out regularly and eating healthy. and the benefits are so worth it..

keep up with this spirit. I told this to Monu and am saying this to you too.. :) u look smashing already.. sachi!!

Just call me 'A' said...

you know that I'm smiling from ear to ear don't you :). since i cannot give you a real hug right now, here's a virtual one....HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. You will only go down down down down the scale, from here......and up up up on your confidence level. I've said this already but saying it again...I'm so proud of you. YOU made this happen :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm happy for you...I hope you continue losing weight...

My wedding rings don't fit me - I guess I'm getting old and have started retaining water!

Passionate Goof said...

Roop - How could I get here without you sweets? It would have been my loss had I taken offence right? I have to be a total fool not to use what benefits me. :) Real life or not, now you are my friend forever!

Silvara - No sweety the summer here is BAD. I am unable to go out for walks completely.... :( Thanks for the motivation.

Piper - Hai na? What else will a doc say? No hurries, take your time, even if it takes over a month, no issues. :D

Smitha - I used to lose motivation in a couple of days too earlier, but this time when the results started showing on the scales, it motivated me to keep going!

QQ - Thankeeeeeeeeeee!

Asaaan - I know you will too. You inspire my like anything, and I mean it.

Rakesh - I am getting there Rakesh, most of the old clothes are hanging on me now, but I have to shrink a lot lot and lot more.

Indyeah - Thanks!!!!! We have to get there, nahin toh hamaare grandchildren ke saath maze kaise karenge? About the cuss words, i keep saying it in my mind.

D - have my fingers crossed. Hope it works out that way. :)

Mindspace - Thanks, I was so waiting to share this with everyone. :) And thanks for that HUGE compliment really.

'A' - Yes I do. :) And a huge hug right back to you. I did put on some this weekend, so have to work that out over the next few days, but overall, its all good. Thanks for all your help, and I mean it!!

Bones - Thankeeeee. I cannot believe you have put on weight, just can't!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! :-) We are having weight battles to fight everyday too. Determination and of coz encouraging words from loved ones keep us to be at it. I admire your friends who encouraged you to do your best and you to persevere. I am sure you will succeed. :-)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I am on the same journey as you...weight wise and emotional eating wise.

The joy you feel is really indescibable! You have great friends to spur you on and I know that you won't give up until you get where you know you need to be.

Congratulations and good luck!

Trish said...

Awww this is such a feel good post..And so honest!
P.S. now I dont feel bad,that DH cannot notice,my weightloss.But I'll get to where he and everyone else will too!