Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Are We, But Our Memories..

Ten absolutely precious memories of my life, is what Smitha tagged me to put in one post. I think it is an amazing tag, because this blog for me is a way to record things that I can look back at later and enjoy, so what better than to put in some of my most precious memories so far. If you are dropping in for a read, be forewarned, this is being done for my personal pleasure, so you may not really enjoy reading this. I am going to try and make this chronological. The memories may not be happy, but are definitely ones that will stay with me for life.

1.Visiting my grandmother as a child, is one of my loveliest memories. She is the only grandparent I had and I felt like a princess when I was with her. I was her only grandchild too. The amazing food that would be cooked on an Indian clay stove. My great grandmother, all wrinkled and shriveled, and so sweet. The amazing sweets that were always made for me. The old style home, where the kitchen and temple were across the courtyard, the huge trees, the beautiful flowers. My circus visits with her, were so much fun. Sleeping with my grandmother at night, hugging her close, her saree, her smell. They are some of my happiest childhood memories.

2.Last day of school before summer vacations were amazing days. In junior school, it meant a class party, lots of screaming and cheering. We screamed all the way back home from school. Fun it was. High school meant waiting for the school hours to get over, changing into casuals and heading out for pizzas and movies with friends.

3.(This will sound really strange)The time I broke my leg in high school, is a memory that will last with me forever. Four of the five papers in the finals were over, and I broke my leg, to be precise dislocated and broke a toe. What followed was obviously an X-Ray and a plaster, but more importantly all my friends oohing and aahing over me in school.

4.Back in March 1993, India had a Davis Cup tournament against USA. The then world no. 2, and former world no. 1 Jim Courier was a part of the American contingent. I was an absolutely crazed lawn tennis fan back in those days. Actually lied at home, got the directions to the DLTA from my home, and cycled down around 6 kms, and got the man's autograph. Will never forget it

5. My graduation results is another thing I will never forget. They came to me in true filmi style. I was back home having finished the course, and had told a friend, who was a local in the city to check on my results when they were announced. Deep in sleep at seven am, a friend called to tell me the results were out, and I should find out about mine. I immediately called up my friend who was supposed to look it up, and she tells me, my roll number was not there on the list. The world came crashing down on me. I called up the BG and started crying my heart out to him. This went on for about three hours, till I finally hung up. Immediately the phone rang, I picked it up, and it was my friend from college, she told me I had a distinction, and it did not strike her to check the distinction list earlier. Imagine that! And she had been trying my number for over an hour. More than the result it was the entire mess which I can never forget.

6.My marriage, and life thereafter.

7. The day BG and I bought our own place. Need I say more?

8. My first year as a mother holds some of the most precious memories of my life. It has been an amazing journey ever since.

9.26th July 2005, Bombay - The day Bombay drowned, and the BG and I made it alive. I travelled the distance between the BG's office and mine, which would usually take about 45 mins over a period of six hours, made it through alive, travelling in my boss' boss' boss car with her. Spent the night at the BG's office. Got home the next day afternoon, wading through waist deep water, without footwear on a rough, uneven road. Don't think I can ever forget it for the adventure it was, and also for making it out of it alive.

10. 17th July 2009, Sharjah.


Anonymous said...

Interesting memories - Last day of school was so awesome. Never can get that feeling again in life... There is always something to do :(

And if you were a distinction level student (or even a first class level student), how could you belive that your number wasn't in the list. You ought to have thought, it is a mistake??? Reinforces my belief that women just need an excuse to cry :P

PS. Till yesterday I thought SG stood for Small Goof and GP was Goofy Pappa. I suppose you should have a legend bar on the right of your blog.

D said...

#1: I think most of us Indians remember trips to our grandparents' house as our first memory! Awesome times, those.

#2: I even remember the first day after summer vacations just as fondly.

#3: I remember my sister also had a similar mishap and all her friends came home to scribble on her plaster. I was so jealous!

#4: I did that for Sachin Tendulkar :)

#5: Results were always a dramatic thing, weren't they?

#6: Same here but I do wish I could get married again. I'd do it in greater style now!

#7: That's a memory I want to make.

#8: And that one too!

#9: My cousin who was in Bombay had a similar harrowing experience. What a day it was!

#10: Like I said, you're one adventurous girl!

Piper .. said...

:):) beautiful! brought back several memories from my past too :)

Solilo said...

Visit to grandparents and cousins will top for most of us who grew outside home town.

You have mentioned No:4 before. I remember reading it.

You studious girl! You should have known.

oh! No: 9.

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - I know, nothing like those long long vacations!
About the results, how reliable are board results in India? Sometimes the unthinkable does happen! It was scary, esp, when I was not present firsthand, to verify.
I had the SG-BG thing explained on top, but I am completely confused myself,so going back to the old nomenclature.

D - About #6, I want to write about it someday, get it off my chest, clarify it in my mind by writing it out, but don't know if I really can put it up.....if I ever would.

Piper - :) nostalgia.... i tell you, we are getting old.

Solilo - Where have you disappeared? Yes, I mentioned the autograph in the 25 random things about me post, i think.
Its not about being studious Sol, its just that sometimes the results get badly messed up in board exams, has happened to me, so I can never be sure!

M@R said...

Memories are everything...they are small bits that make up life and show us the path forward..good and bad they all make us complete. Thank you, lovely post

M@R said...

Memories are everything...they are small bits that make up life and show us the path forward..good and bad they all make us complete. Thank you, lovely post