Friday, July 17, 2009

A New Start, and Why?

I am not quite a pro and yet not just a novice in Bloggersville right now. What started as a form of creative outlet has now turned into an addictive passion. So what made me create a new space? That would be an amalgamation of a lot of reasons. Primarily I have matured, in my thinking and writing, over the past year. Writing has always been a hobby, I have never done it consistently, nor professionally, and so when I started blogging, my thinking quill was quite rusted, and the writing not quite there. But over time, writing regularly, and reading some great writers, I improved, and sharpened my skills. I still ramble, and go on a tangent at times, but its a lot better than from where I started.

Not enough reason for a new blog you say? There is also the fact that one of my blogs has not been updated in ages, because I am trying to stay away from the disturbing events and practices in the world. The second one, started as a dedicated blog about my son, created to keep a record of the happenings of his life and those around him. But gradually with time, the focus shifted, and off late, it would be highly unfair to call that blog about him. That is because he has grown as have I. After over two years of being a dedicated mother only, as the SG has grown, my focus has started to shift, to myself amongst many other things. SG remains my first priority still , but now others have cropped up too. To be fair, I am no longer a dedicated mommy blogger, and hence I needed a new space to be myself, and put in everything that I wanted to.

It is also fun to start new, to build from scratch, well not really, in this case, because I have my blogroll, which I have developed, slowly and gradually over more than a year, I have friends, who know I am starting up again, and have all dropped in with lovely words of encouragement and compliments. So it is new, but has all the good things of the old.

And hence here I am, starting a new space. But I am still the same, because I am goofy as I always was and will be, and am forever a mother!


Anonymous said...

That's what I was thinking? Why new? Questions answered. In any case, we don't need to economise on server space like electricity or power, so go ahead... have fun.

We're following you!

Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma?!? said...

Aaah!! Now I get it! And I so understand as well.

A toast to you and your new blog...may you never run dry of inspiration as well as passion! Cheers!

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - Thanks!

M4 - Thank You!