Thursday, July 23, 2009


Huh? What? Is that what you are wondering. Well in the SG's language, that means nose. The SG has finally started to talk, bit by bit. little by little. I have reached a brand new, and wonderful stage in my life as a mother, that of a teacher, I mean the formal kinds. I am teaching him to recognise parts of the face now.

At a little over two and half years of age, we have been eagerly awaiting the words from the SG, and now they are coming, and sound like honey to our ears. My little love, now touches the parts and says ice(eyes), ear, knon(nose), mou(mouth), teet(teeth), keeks(cheeks) and tos(toes). Learnt well wouldn't you say. Last night he was seeing his photos on the laptop, and he pointed to the parts he knew and said them aloud in each of the photos. I tried to teach him hair, but realised it sounds too much like ear, and this was the first time I realised that.Being a mother really is teaching me new things. I am loving it. :) So now let me go off and see the scrunched up knon.

Its amazing how well the SG is observing and picking up things now. Let me put it all down, so I can reminisce later. The little guy sits in his car seat, at the back in the car, and notices every little thing the BG and I do. On the occasional times, he sits with me in the front, he tries all of those things. He knows how to work the car radio, so he puts it on and adjusts the volume, Then he pulls down the sun shade, opens the mirror, checks himself, this is followed by an attack on his favourite item in the car, the GPS, if it is not in use. He now apes his father in putting up the GPS stand, starting right from blowing at it, to moisten it. It is just so much fun seeing him do all of it.

Most of the day he is up and around with the vacuum cleaner in the house, assembled, plugged in, switched on and working. As I sit, typing this post on the sofa, he sits next to me, with his laptop on his lap, and pretends to type. The SG wears a hairband, as soon as I put on one, and looks amazingly adorable in it. When I wear my earrings, he pretends to wear some himself. He is quite capable of turning keys and opening doors now, so the key is kept quite out of his reach.He tries on our sunglasses all the time. We bought a pair for him, but he refuses to wear them. At home, he finds my spects and puts them on. And not only does he wear them, he puts it up on his head, like I do with my shades. This boy is getting there I tell you.When about to leave home, I pick up a bottle of water and glass for him. he immediately produces the bag to put them in, puts them in the bag, and places it in the tray under his stroller, which is where I put it.

The sweetest little thing happened on Saturday, and I missed it. I was off to get myself some tops, and was in and out of the trial room in a store, trying them on. While the SG ran about the store, with his father following him around. After we got home that evening, the BG tells me, there was a mannequin in the store with a bag on its shoulder, the kind I carry when I take the SG to the park. The small canvas one, which is usually worn across and holds the basics. So the little guy reaches out to the mannequin, opens the bag and pretends to pull out something, then holds it to his ears, talks, says bye and put the phone back in the bag. My little baby, is that how much you notice, and know? You have learned to play with pretend toys, and things. You are growing up so much, so soon, and I am loving every bit of being your mother, just as long as your pretend cooking, which involves spilling all the bottles of water available on the carpet stays at bay. Oh! and just yesterday he saw the newspaper, with a photo of sliced mangoes, and enthusiastically barged on to pretend eating them.

Aping me, by wearing an apron, like I have to do the dishes. And trying to do the dishes too.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this period while it lasts!!!

mindspace said...

he is an adorable darling.. touch wood :)

Anonymous said...

he he, this looks like my alter-ego blog :)

Did you see Yuvaan's interview on my Daddy blog? Check it out :)

And now, I've taken a video of him recognising all the songs that he loves. I'll post that soon as well :)

Phoenixritu said...

LOL such an ego boost. Pity they get teenaged and think parents are so uncool!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

ohh wowww, how much I enjoyed reading this...very niceee

Piper .. said...

he`s just such a sweetheart! :):)

D said...

I have to say this: SG looks sooooo cute with that hair-do! And this is such an "awwww" inspiring post!

Just call me 'A' said...

awww look at that little munchkin. muahhh muahh muahh.

It must be an awesome experience for you right. learning through a different set of eyes :)

Passionate Goof said...

Bones - Definitely!

Mindspace - Touchwood indeed!

Rakesh - Really? Oh! I am definitely checking out this stuff, why did you not leave a link Rakesh!

Phoenixritu - It is. And I always dread the day, he will be too busy for me!

Shruti - Thanks. When are you coming here??? Mail me the details na!

Piper - Mostly he is. ;)

D - I feel the same, he definitely needs a hair cut, that boy!

'A' - Actually it is A, somethings look so different now, and I see somethings I never did before. :)

Smitha said...

Oh that was priceless!! Enjoy it while it lasts! I love this stage!! and miss it so much! You know, daughter used to say 'Ki fi' for excuse me - don't ask me where she got that! Suddenly a few days back - she shifts to 'excuse me'! And to be honest, I felt more sad than happy - my little baby is growing up too fast for my liking :(

Anonymous said...

I thought you knew that blog. Here's the link...

I posted the songs video as well :)

Passionate Goof said...

Smitha - Excuse me? She moved on to that? Aah! I so understand your sadness, but i know you are proud too. :D

Rakesh - i know the blog, but am just lazy. Leaving a link to the post makes life easier for me u know!