Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bombay - Places, Faces & More

The Face of Bombay - The Gateway Of India.

The Churchgate Railway Station. The Final Stop For Locals.

A Little boy, enjoying his new toys on Eid, near a Dargah.

The colourful Balloon Man.

A Victoria, the horse drawn carriages, near gateway, a ride of fun. I loved the figurine embossed on the back.


Anonymous said...

Aye dil jeena hai mushkil yaha..
zara hatke zara bachke

yeh hai bambai meri jaaaan !! :)

nice pics.. !!!!

Solilo said...


Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice nice pictures!! :-)

D said...

Like that picture of the little boy with the bat. Nice!

Smitha said...

Lovely pictures, GM! Totally captures the feel of the place!