Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Little This And A Little That

Its been a while, since I last opened this page, to create a new post for the blog. I did not really value, the twenty four hour Net connectivity I had back in Sharjah, till it was finally disconnected. To say I miss it now, will be putting it quite mildly. On the up side though, my eyes are thanking me profusely, for the much needed rest they are getting from the glare, as well as the greenery they are soaking in all around. Currently stationed at my in-laws, life is quite nice in terms, of food, sleep, rest, relaxation and everything. Since I got here, I have been running around doing too many things. Things that may seem mundane, but are supremely time consuming. A thousand phone calls a day is one such thing, followed by shopping ofcourse and such like. The shopping this time is strictly to the point, as per the many lists I have been drawing since the past couple of months. And yet, its fun.

Last week I managed a two day to Nashik and Shirdi. I had visited the Shirdi temple, once as a college student, with the DH, the, then my much besotted with me, boyfriend, and this time I went with the BB, it was just so unbelievable, quite like taking him out on the bike with us last time. It just makes me go awwwwwwww..... The temple itself is nice, and clean, very surprisingly, but the management, not so much. By the time, we reached the darshan area, we were actually being controlled by the crowd, it was nice having the protective arm of the DH around. I was happy, and really happy getting there. I did pick up a few momentos and gifts from a shop outside the temple, and a small idol, I had really hoped to carry with me, but in the last minute rush of getting everything, and visiting a few other sites, the entire package was lost somewhere. And yes, I am mighty depressed about that, because it makes me feel like Sai Baba does not wish to come to me with his blessings, or maybe its his way of saying, being a good person is more important than idol worship... I don't really know, but I am feeling very very bad about losing the package, and I am not someone who is bothered about losing things usually. There is a lot more from that trip, but hopefully I can do a dedicated post on that sometime.

For now, its life-in-limbo. I am in the middle, neither here, nor there, hanging somewhere in-between, too much of luggage has come in with us, and it is difficult to get the things I need out of the entire packing. We got lucky while coming here, and a lot of our extra baggage weight was let in without charges. But once here, the problems are not over. We are finding it pretty much impossible to find a person who ships personal goods. Limited air freight is what I may need to settle for, and that means, all my plans of having my comfort items around, is just going down the drain. I will have to cut down drastically even in my cargo package. So everyone's sympathies are most welcome at this point in time.

Also just learned how difficult it is to have a fight with the DH in the presence of his parents. It is just so tough to not be able to blow the steam right off. Have any of you faced similair situations?? How did you cope. I am so incapable of pretending to be all calm and cool when I am feeling the exact opposite. And if you need to know why, its because he has pushed the shipping of goods till the very last minute, and now I cannot carry things to my heart's content, and I do have the right to be absolutely furious at him for that, no holds barred. So what if he was busy with other equally important things, he had to sort this out in time. All is calm out here now though, and hence I am able to do a little post. :)

I go off to Calcutta for a bit, and the worst bit is, inspite of the gorgeous and dirt cheap goods available there, I simply cannot shop. So I am in quite a pitiable condition. I think I will eat and sleep all day long there, as a means of wallowing in self pity. And for a change my phone is ringing off the hook. Unfortunately though, when on a vacation, the phone is often in untraceable locations, those from where the sound does not reach, and I pick up the phone quite a while later, to find so many missed calls. I am really enjoying catching up with friends, re-connected after a couple of years with a dear dear friend, with whom I used to talk almost everyday earlier, and it feels great. And yes, thanks to all you ladies, who called up, and especially the ones with advice on how to work things out in Melbourne. Forgive me for not being prompt in my returning calls, but I really really am on a very tight schedule.

That kind of rounds off most of what has been up with me, and what I am up with for now, hopefully a few more posts can happen before I leave India. The BB, by the way is acting like a completely spoilt brat under the loving lenience of his grandparents. It will be tough getting him to be his former self later, me thinks!!


D said...

Hey, your life sounds nice and buzzing with activity right now. It's so nice to have something to look forward to and Melbourne is definitely something worth looking forward to! I guess there are lots of bloggers from Melbourne around to help you with useful advice.

Sraboney said...

I can't understand why you can't find a packer who ships personal goods? There are plenty around...What are you looking for exactly?

Pixie said...

so much to do! Glad to know that you're quite busy and having fun inspite of the cargo package issue...

Good to see you writing :)

Shalom said...

When we moved to the UAE from Bombay, we used Writer Corporation to pack & ship all our personal stuff, and we were 100% satisfied with their work. Check if they have a branch where you're staying now & whether they ship to your destination. You do need to work out the logistics though, how long it'll take for your things to reach your destination, and so plan the shipment date & stuff accordingly. G'luck!!!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

wow, what a lifestyle....Its so good to read all this....Wish I can go on a long vacation...FREEDOM is what I need:)

I was laughing, when I read about not pouring your temper out in front of your In-laws...I Live with my In-laws and learnt the act of smiling and nodding my head for everything..Heheheeee...

sraikh said...

YAY. You reached safe and sound.

Now to hoping that you can find a shipper and do shopping to your hearts content.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Wow!! Busy, busy, busy!! Just kick back and relax...there'll be a lot to do once you move.

And you're coming to Kolkata? When, when, WHEN??

Smitha said...

Good to know that you have reached fine and with the extra luggage :)

I am sure there must be packers and shippers who ship personal stuff. I know that there are people here who ship to India..So there must be some who ship out of India as well..

As for fighting in your in-laws place - yes, been there done that :) We used to step out for a walk, and return only after sorting it out :) Gets very difficult otherwise :)

Have fun, all the best and am sure BB will revert back to the angel is he once you reach Melbourne :)

Passionate Goof said...

Sraboney - Thanks for your help girl. I got onto some people..... things may just workout. The iussue is I need only transportation, and re-locators do an entirely different job. :P

D - Indeed there are. :)

Shruti - I am not on a vacation, its a stressful, full of work, hanging-in-between thing. I don't think i can ever LIVE with my in-laws, would go nuts. I just cannot stop appreciating girls like you!

Shalom - Thanks a lot... How is the lil one doing?

Pixie - Thankee... :)

Sraikh - Yup, I did! I will find someone, i will!!

M4 - I am trying to relax. Well I was in Calcutta for about a day, and am back now.

Smitha - Have found a few people, just waiting for their price quotations. And I have my fingers crossed about the BB. :D