Saturday, November 7, 2009

What An Amazing Sight!

We were driving around, in Dubai in the afternoon today with a friend, , and this sight quite took our breath away. Its the dream turning into reality, for people who own a place in Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, living in the clouds. The clouds stand somewhere in the middle of the building, surrounding a few floors. It was just such an amazing sight. A gorgeous, goodbye view from the city I believe!

Looks amazing isn't it?

That is the entire building, and you can see exactly where the clouds touch the building along its length.

Could not resist sharing this one.


Smitha said...

Wow! GM, that is beautiful! People on those floors will have such a wonderful veiw and the feeling of being on the clouds!!

BB is so cute! Look at him hiding is face :) Was he playing peekaboo?

mindspace said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow ... :-) Breathtaking! An advance anniversary present too, is it not? ;-) Happy Wedding Anniversary GM and GP!! May you have many many many and thousands more together with happiness and health!

Anonymous said...

Man is an amazing machine.

Shalom said...

Awesome photos!!! I remember standing in Dubai Mall & crouching down trying to get the whole building in one shot....not possible from that close!!!

Pixie said...

that kind of left me speechless!
The last pic is simply adorable! :)

Passionate Goof said...

Smitha - I am sure they would. the building opens up early next year I believe.

Mindspace - I know.The last few days thee were simply awesome.he he he, I will agree to all nice things said about the BB. Mommy pride it is! Removed ur comment, coz u mentioned his name. ;)

t3 - No re, anniversary is far away still. Its in November, the GP will be in Australia by then and me in India. :( But thanks for teh lovely lovey wishes girl.

Hobo - Indeed.

Shalom - Yes it does not quite work out from tha close, most of Jumeira though offers full shots.

Pixie - I know, I felt teh same way when I first saw it like that. :)