Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Sure Feels Strange

To be in a house, which we made into a home, and has suddenly in a few hours gone back to just being a house. It is bare, with everything gone, not even a table left to use. I have just a day and half, and two nights left to spend here, and yet cannot get the feeling of eeriness out. The rooms actually echo, when talk now. Fortunately my Internet connection remain till tomorrow, and then I will be off that too. The TV is still hung on the wall, because the GP and me would both be lost without some constant din. No fridge, no oven, the kitchen has never felt this alien to me.

Shifting is not easy, more than the material losses, its the things of emotional value to me, that I have to leave behind that hurt. But then such is life I guess. I am really lost in this place that was my home the past year and half. It is strange to know how much of our comforts are created my the possessions we accumulate around us.

I should officially say good bye here, atleast for a while, but I still want to post a few before I leave, so I am stubbornly not doing it. However, if newer posts, don't follow this one, remember I am in transit for about the next one month, and I will definitely attempt posts from there too.


Anonymous said...

I totally get the eerie feeling you are talking about. Last year this time, I was clearing out my sweet home in Bangalore to leave for the States. The sudden emptiness, echoing house, all the familiar objects gone upset me a lot but as you said, it is a part of life.

Good luck making a new home in Aussieland. And wishing you the best!

Shalom said...

Good luck with the shifting!!!

Sraboney said...

Bye and all the best!

Passionate Goof said...

t3 - It does feel absolutely strange. And hanks

Shalm n Bones - Thanks ladies!