Monday, November 2, 2009

And So, Whats Up With Me?

I never realised, just how easy it is to build a nest and make it cosier each day. It has been just a little over one and half years since, I set foot on the Arabian shores, and now when it is time to leave, I am amazed at the amount of things I have amassed. Some things necessary for practical living and some for peace of mind. Its just that now that it is time to move, I am not sure just what or how much of it I am ready to leave behind. The worst is selecting the clothes that I will indeed take away with me.

Have started my work for the shifting. Am sorting things everyday. Today was spent sorting out the BB's clothes, and his toys. Threw out three bags of broken toys. Mostly cars which have been deprived of their divine right to wheels. I am super duper sorry that I need to leave behind his tricycle, and the little table we had bought for him this year. Both too heavy to be taken, and the table will not really fit back well together, once its pulled apart, and hence so not worth the attempt. I am sure that we will end up with better things, that will last longer, as he grows, and yet it hurts to leave these things behind. Oh! And I also organised all my jewelery, which I have collected here patiently and lovingly, so that they can be easily packed and moved now.

On a different note, I managed to sell six different things through online portals. Cannot tell you, just how proud I am of myself for that. Its just too much of a job managing to communicate with so many people, some, who are not even interested in the item, but just mail for fun. There is this one guy who bargained for an item for two weeks, and then when we finally settled on a price, he just evaporated. Then there was another, who would send a message saying "x, will pay cash immediately"(x being an amount always a third of my expected price). He wanted 2-3 items, even called up and spoke to me, continued to haggle, and I dealt with that calmly. Eventually he did not buy anything either. With such people, aplenty, I am mighty proud I managed to sell six of the seven items I had listed.

I will sort my books, the very few I have here, and start the weighing process to get a vague idea of just how much more I can fit in. There are a few last minute purchases I have planned, things that can only be got here, and I need to keep enough baggage allowance for them. The GP has given me strict warnings, to not so much as dream of fitting in a handkerchief into the allowance he has, and everything will need to be fit into the baggage that is for the BB and me. Of course there is the hand baggage allowance too, but trust me with a kid, a lot of it is actually used up for things required on board. Tomorrow, I weigh in my options, and literally!

That is how the scene is with moving at the moment. I have a lot more to write and share, but am really hard pressed for time. Hope to do some more blogging in the days ahead. Or maybe this is the way things will be till I actually settle into my new home.


Smitha said...

'I am amazed at the amount of things I have amassed - This is something I always find. Every time we shift houses or cities - it gets crazy! These days I have started de-cluttering in advance - my storage space is running out :)

You sold 6 things online! Wow! That must not have been easy :) Way to go!

All the best for the weighing - I used to hate that part - I always had stuff that I had to leave behind :(

Mystic Margarita said...

Glad to know you've started the sorting and organizing already. I was wondering how you were faring. So, when's the D-day? Good luck on the big move. Sending lots of good vives your way.

Sraboney said...

Moving can be a pain...I remember when we moved from the US to India, we packed everything ourselves (we didn't bring any heavy items)and I'm proud to say, nothing broke!

All the best!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You concentrate on the task at hand...we're not going anywhere.

Wish I could lend you a hand, but sending you virtual hugs and plenty of good wishes :)

soin said...

shifting is a pain in the being a banker we have had to move every three years..sort of used to it now..u sound like you sold a broken 8 gig ipod to some unsuspecting fellow..anyways have

Rakesh said...

so all set eh? Why are baggage allowances such a pain. At times I feel, its better that I've to pay a full ticket for my kids now that they are 2 so that I can take an additional 30 kgs.

And selling 6 of the 7 items, Cool ! Even I'm proud of you :)

Passionate Goof said...

Smitha - Oh! I have hoarded just so much! De-cluttering is essential now I realise. I am already sad that i have to leave things behind.

Mystic Margarita - I am leaving on 9th re. I hope I am doing fine. :) Thanks a ton, I need all the good vibes!!

Sraboney - Wow! Awesome... how did you pack so well??

M4 - Yes ma'am doing that. Thanks a lot for the wishes. :)

Soin - Arrey no. I would never sell spoilt stuff.... they were all in perfect working condition.

Rakesh - I know, I am getting that extra 30kgs, but when I am moving with everything, I always need more.

Anonymous said...

Uff! Sounds so difficult yet exciting at the same time! Anyways good luck moving and hope all the things you want gets to go with you! :-)