Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After A Really Long Time, Turning on The BB News

From the day one becomes a parent, each day seems to bring their child closer to adulthood, every growing-up moment making them smarter, and more grown-up. I know I have felt that with pretty much every developmental milestone the BB crossed. When I blogged, about something new he had learnt, it made me feel like he had grown up so much since he was born. And yes its always a bitter-sweet feeling, while the growing up makes me proud, I will forever miss the small, look-and-fall-in-love-with-me bundle handed over to me at the hospital. I think most parents do.

From the time I started the new blog, the tales of the BB have started dwindling, not because of lack of events, but because I have many more things happening in life, many thoughts always going through, which take priority over BB postings. Sometimes I just feel like storing up somethings in my mind, and remembering them forever in my memories, the old fashioned way, like people did before blogs and digital cameras came a dime a dozen.

But here I am, back to writing some about the BB yet again. There have been a lot of small incidents which did not make it to the blog, and things happen each day, but don't quite make it till here. But in all the days that have been passing, there are some very definite growing-up signs that have come. In some ways, I see the BB now showing traits, personality traits. I know a lot of people talk about personalities, from the time a baby is born, but I never found any consistent pattern, and I think, when they are that little they are just motivated by their basic needs. So I waited, waited and waited till I could spot something, that I could attribute as his personality, and I think, I see some now. Things that make him a bit like me and a bit like the GP. And it so amazes me, how he has picked up things from both of us. I see him now with a personality, all his own.

What I love about the BB is that he needs very little to be happy. He loves having guests at home, and actually freaks out when people come over, with joy, and yet he is just as fine when they leave. He is easy to please, and can use just about anything around the house to keep him amused. Old toys, kitchen utensils, a door. He is happy when he goes out, and is just as content if he does not step out of the house a few days in a row. Walking is as much fun as is a drive to him. Basically he is happy and content. Just hope that these are traits that remain with him, as he grows up, because no one is happier than a person who is content.

Copying the GP and me, is what the BB is always doing these days. He wants to do pretty much everything we do, he observes us closely and replicates every action perfectly. He can now put on his own shoes, operate the GPS perfectly, me expertly manages the trolley at the supermarket, and is really really upset if anyone else tries to guide the thing, and to be honest he manages it perfectly, 180 degree turns, avoiding bumping people and everything, and that holding a handle that's above his head. He is aware of his abilities and his limitations, and works around the limitations and uses his skills to their hilt. Just seeing an event once is enough for him to remember it well if that catches his fancy. Locking and unlocking doors, operating the elevator, switching the TV(& set-top box) on and off are easy tricks for my little boy now, he is aiming for higher efficiency, trying to work the grill, the mixer, maybe even the washing machine. And about the washing machine, he is at it for hours, and working it manually, which basically means, he stuffs it with any piece of cloth he can find lying around the house, and rotates the drum with his hands endlessly. I get tiered just watching him do it relentlessly, and with the sound effects at that too. He adds sounds, almost perfectly imitated, to any gadget he pretends to use, the hand blender, the washing machine. He even imitates the honking of vehicles when he hears them on the streets. Just today I finished, a box of detergent, and the BB has completely taken it over, ever since. He pretends to scoop the non-existent detergent out of it, puts it into the appropriate dish in the washing machine, and then commences with his manual working of it. Oh! And he is attempting to pee like an all grown up boy too these days. It is just too much fun to watch, just how much he has picked up just by observing mundane things around the house.

Yesterday I spent the most wonderful half an hour with the BB when I went out with him for a walk. We were walking along a footpath which had a resort on the side, and hence had many plants along the wall. And here I touched a flower, and said,'flower', he repeated, this was followed, by leaf, grass, tree, light, and it was just so amazing. We kept repeating the words, spotting the objects every few seconds, all along the way. I was amazed at how clearly he pronounced flower in the very first attempt. He even pocketed a tiny flower I picked for him. He loves pocketing things these days, makes him feel all big and grown up.

I think I am very fortunate to have an undemanding, rather content child. That bit he definitely gets from the GP, the contentedness. And may I just add here, that some recent events around the household, has reinforced my beliefs on what a wonderful man the GP is, and how lucky I am that he is all mine. So over all, a happy state of affairs, with two amazing men in my life. And even though I am heaped with work, and organising activities, you can still say, I am in a very happy place.


Solilo said...

Touchwood to your happy family, GM!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

WOW-WOW-WOW..Happy Family - Happy Life...Hey, being CONTENT is the most difficult feel in life and its sooo soo important. Way to go lady!

mindspace said...

Touch wood! it all sounds so good. God bless the baby and yes, he has a great set of parents to learn things from.. so why not!

Rakesh said...

Being Content - that's the most important thing I guess.

Unfortunately, my son sounds like a terrorist in comparison with the BB. Nothing holds his attention for more than a few minutes and he's on to the next thing.

And he loves going out of the house, every time the door is left open, he runs into the lobby laughing and shouting.

And everytime we come back home he doesn't want to enter the building, he wants to go back out...

At times, even at midnight eyes closed and all dreamy, he starts crying - ghumi chale, ghumi chale.. he he...

soin said...

easy to please husband and child..ur lucky then.. i see some really spoilt children these days and go wtf.free

Anonymous said...

My kids were content if they got the attention and patience they needed.
...but there were times when I was just tired and that's when I thought they were being difficult :)

Hats off to you for taking pride in and encouraging his little acts of independence and every little achievement :)
This post will be read, years later ... with the same, or even more pleasure.

Anonymous said...

@ Rakesh - Is Yuvaan a Gemini baby? That sounds so much like my son! He's still the same, we used to say he has wings in his feet :)

hitch writer said...

Touchwood !!!! God bless... !!

Children I believe go through phases.. some days they are cranky some days they surprise us how well behaved and mature they are...!!! all in all its just an experience... to be soaked in is parenthood !!!!

Elizabeth said...

What an angel, who is happy to play with things in the house and does not seem to fuss about going out.

My son, on the other hand, always wants to go out and is most happy outside.

Rakesh said...

IHM - Nope, he's a cancerian - Just like his dad :) But I wasn't this restless (I think) !

Rakesh said...

IHM - Nope, he's a cancerian - Just like his dad :) But I wasn't this restless (I think) !

chandni said...

BB sounds like a doll. I so wish I get to meet him some day soon, before he grows up :)

such a lovely heartwarming post!

Passionate Goof said...

Solilo - Touchwood indeed!

Shruti - Love your new profile pic girl! And Thanks. :)

Tara - Wow! That is a compliment i definitely don't deserve, but thanks a ton sweets.

Rakesh - I think your son is the way I used to be as a kid. The BB is more like his father, a content, laid back chap. :D

Soin - I know what you mean, but there is a big difference between naughty kids and rude kids. The former kinds are there everywhere, the latter, no one likes!

IHM - I think that is true for all kids isn't it? and thanks for the compliment. ;)

Hitchy - touchwood!Oh yes! The tantrum days, and the good days.... they keep alternating I think.

Elizabeth - The BB too is happy outside, but there is no fuss about being indoors either!

Chandni - He he he. Thanks. :) Make it to Bombay if you can sometime in the moth of november, after 10th, and I am sure we could meet up.

Shalom said...

God bless you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Touchwood lucky lady! May you and your family have more happiness than you can imagine! :-)

Smitha said...

That is such a lovely account, GM! BB will love to read this when he grows up. Touchwood! He seems such a lovely, smart little man:) Hugs to him!

To have a content child is indeed a blessing. All the pretend play you mentioned - I just love it when Poohi does it too. At times I try to film her, sneakily to just try and capture those moments :)

Loved this post! Hugs!

Smitha said...

I just wanted to add, that the way he is, is a testimony to how beautifully both of you are bringing him up!