Sunday, May 2, 2010

My SaTuRdAy

What do you think is this?

A huge container full of books and more, being given away!

When a month starts on a note this high, I only hope the rest of the days to follow can keep up, or rather I hope they do! It was Saturday, and we were in mid-day limbo, trying to decide on what to do for the day, when suddenly my phone rang, and a friend informed me, that a library had closed down in the City, and they were just giving away their entire collection on the streets. Well, the whole family was dressed and on the go within the next 15 minutes, though we expected to find very little by the time we got there. But fate had different plans, the container was still full of books, and more was being poured in every now and then. It was just, pick, take and go. Can you imagine, a whole library full of books just being let go. I jumped in, and grabbed as many as I could. And what was amazing was there was no pushing, no shoving, and not even any tugging, people, and surprisingly few, considering the fact they were being let go, were there, taking there time and picking what they liked.

My LOOT! 34 of them. There is even one by Rahi Masoom Reza.

Isn't that just the best way for the month to start. I informed a couple of other friends about it, and at least one, did rush in to get some for herself.

And then I caught sight of the 3rd Zombie shuffle happening in Melbourne. It was amazing to see thousands of people dressed like zombies, walking down the street. Most of them with unbelievably realistic make-up, making them look so so scary. I wish I had time to capture more photos, or atleast my camera with me, but the phone is what I had to make do with.

And then ofcourse my day ended, with my first ever attempt at a cake with frosting, and that too a mud cake. Did not turn out 'great', but tasted quite well, and so I am happy.

And so, this is how May has begun for me this year. How has it been for you?


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Books and a cake.. is sure a lovely start to your May. For me, it's been good too - a weekend full of shopping, good food and well, a bad movie :)

Smitha said...

That sounds like one fantastic Saturday!! I am so J :) So many books! Lucky Lucky you :)

Your first attempt at frosting is really good! You should have seen mine - nothing have as lovely as this!

I have to bake a mud cake too, but have just realised that I need another cake pan for that.. Husband is not going to be too happy to hear that :)

Sraboney said...

'Palomino' was the first Danielle Steel book I ever read...Brings back memories...

Enjoy the books and tell me what Warren Beatty has to say about women...

Sagarika said...

WOW GM.. what a awesome month begnining!!!! AM stupified for words seeing that loot and a tad green too ;p ... the cake too looks awesome.. aah curling cup on a just setting in winter afternoon with coffee cake n books.... MMmmmmm bliss!!!! ..... Hope all evenings turn out to be just as eventful for you .... hope BB is better too :)...

Oh BTW "Thank you for the Mamaries" is a must read for all women I feel... it's TOO good! ...

May you have such lovely treats throughout May! Amen.

Pixie said...

Wow! :)
Sounds like such fun!! :)
So many book! Enjoy reading them :)

And the cake looks yummy! I loved the decorations on top as well :)

Deeps said...

WOW! So many books! Blissful! And your attempt at frosting,looks great and very very very tempting!

Anonymous said...

wow !! that was quite a loot ! you managed to dig up so many books..a nd the cake looks oh so tempting.. Just the perfect way to spend a saturday :)

Jira said...

Thats a jackpot,them free books!!! And what are those beads on the yummy cake?

Passionate Goof said...

SAS - Wow shopping? Super duper then!

Smitha - I know, so many, wonder if and when i will read them! Frosting was easy re, the cake was not good. :( You should try a mud cake, they are so yumm.

Bones - really? Is it nice? I had stopped reading her because I found them too maudlin, but I picked this one, because I knew the author atleast!

Sagarika - I know!! Thanks. ;) Don't worry you can always borrow my books for a read. The BB is just fine, now thankfully.

Pixie - It was! Thanks for liking the cake. The cake itself is tasty, but the texture is not nice. :(

Deeps - ha ha ha, thanks! :D

liveonimpulse - It was a great Saturday, indeed!

Jira - I know, imagine and there were so so many! Those are not beads, just silver decorative balls, which are edible, I found them with other baking goods in the super market! They are quite common on decorative cakes i believe!

Mama - Mia said...

what a loot that is GM!!! :) but its also kinda sad when libraries shut down naah?! :(

hope you enjoy reading all of them!

and the cake looks fabulous! i dunno the B of baking and hence am in awe of all women who can! its such an art!

my weekend was fun. shopping, movie, play and good food! it would be greedy to expect more, eh?! ;)


Trish said...

WOWWWWW that was one funnnnnnn weekend and FAb way to start the new month!
Your loot is wayyy bigger than mine..:) and the cake looks yumm!
BTW,thanks for calling and letting me know.The book hunt and the zombies were the highlight of my weekend:P

Iya said...

why do these awesome things happen when i have already left town?
i wud love to be in a place where they just ask me to pick up as many books as i cud and i didnt have to pay..will i ever ever get such a chance?