Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tales From Tonight

First of, let me apologise, to all the people who peeped into this space the last few days to see, if there was anything new here, and found nothing, and some more, to the couple of readers who actually asked me what is keeping me from blogging. I apologise, because I am very disappointed when there are no updates on the blogs I visit, I keep haunting them for updates. There is not a clear reason, as to why there have not been any new posts in a while. Just that life has suddenly gotten busy with a million things happening almost each day, and I decided to live it rather than struggle for time, lose sleep and blog about it. I miss posting regularly, but I am forcing myself to take it a bit easy.

My training began this week. It was an amazing experience. I will, for my own sake, post on it, in detail. And then some more.

But this is just something that happened tonight, and I just had to share it. Today, the BB forced us to buy him a box of lollies, at the market, and we did. At night, he wanted to hold the box and sleep, I was very unhappy about it, and told him to go to sleep on his own, if he was not ready to let go of the box. He chose the box. Good enough. I left the room, telling him to not come out of the bedroom and fall asleep on his own. For a while we could hear him, and then it became quiet. I decided to go check on him after five minutes of silence. Opened the bedroom door to find no one...... surprised, I looked around, and this is what I found.

Do note the box in his hand, and the phone charger near his legs. I am guessing he was trying to plug in the charger, and fell asleep doing that. He was deep asleep, and awakened by the flashing of the camera, but went back to sleep easily enough once I put him on the bed. My little cartoon I tell you!


Shrutzz said...

My-My-My, HUGS to the sweet little one and so sweet of you to click the moment :)
Choooocuutteeeeeeee........Loved it!!!!!

Sagarika said...

olle.... that is so cute.. and yes lots of chides to you for scolding the poor fella just because he chose the box of lollies over you.. what will ahppen to you when he chooses his gf/wife over you????

Sraboney said...


Chatterbox said...

That was so cute :)
He didn't let go of he box of lollies even he was attempting to plug the charger in for the fear of you taking his box away :)

Anonymous said...

BB is so adorable !!! :) very sweet yu shouldn't have scolded the little fellow

Pixie said...

oh my! he is so so adorable! :)
and cute! :D

Deeps said...

Awwww..he's a cutie-pie! Hugs to him :)