Friday, May 7, 2010

See It To Believe It

We recently saw an hour long documentary on this video shot by a tourist in Africa, and I could not help but be fascinated. Wanted to share it, for everyone to see. Sometimes the ferocious lion has to beat a retreat too.

And a wonderful comment left on youtube
"parit1211 iv heard this footage was taken by a tourist at the Kruger park. This amateur managed to capture a clip which many experienced photographers haven't been able to do in their careers displaying the circle of life beautifully. "


Piper .. said...

whoa!! wonderful video!! The crocodile part was totally unexpected! And imagine, the poor calf actually survived it all! I guess the buffalo that was chasing the lions away was one of the parents! This is such a wonderful video, Goof! Thanks for sharing..
P.S - I`m also wondering how the parents communicated to their clan and imagine the beauty of it all - the whole group came forth to help! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular video GM .We can learn a lot from these extremely perceptive creatures..thanks for sharing this :)

Sagarika said...

Have tagged you for a post, do take it up :D

Deeps said...

Amazing video,GM absolutely amazing!

Rakesh said...

Awesome, just awesome... especially the part where the Buffallo throws the lion in the air... too good.

Wonder how much money did this guy get for this video :P

Passionate Goof said...

Piper - I am sure animals do communicate, and have their own way of doing it. What amazed me, was that the calf survived all of it.

liveonimpulse - Very true!

Sagarika - Yes maam, will do.

Deeps - I know.

Rakesh - Sab log teri tarah nahin hote. This video was posted on you tube, and gained recognition from there..... it was not sold!
And yes I loved seeing the lion being thrown in the air too!

Reflections said...

Loved the video...thanks a lot for sharing this:-))!!!!