Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nothing To Say

I have a disappointment heading up my way this week, and I will definitely post about it, when the time comes, have even thought up of a cool title for that post. So expect that sometime in the weekend, or if I am too busy, early next week. Frankly speaking though, I have been desperately wanting to write a post today, and I am absolutely unable to come up with anything at all, when I finally it down to do it. I have a few ideas, but somehow i know I cannot translate them well into a coherent post at the moment. So what do I do? Torture anyone who drops in with the mundane, my life.

The GP is away yet again, on a business trip. (I wonder if business trip is the right term for someone who is employed and not running a business per se.) Its kind of depressing on lonely winter evenings, when the man is not around. And yes winter it is. Its freezing and chilling out here. Like a fool I went out with just a sweater on yesterday, no socks or shoes, hat or gloves, and I actually froze up partly and had to thaw my feet when I got back home. It has been ages, and I mean literally ages, since I have been in a place that cold. I had forgotten what it really feels like, and it will take me a bit to re-ignite my chill fighting skills. happy being indoors, heater on, warm and nice, really! And yes, I am desperately missing my fur(faux) lined black leather jacket, from the times I actually lived in a place that got chilled in winters. Officially though we are still in autumn time here, the winters are ushered in only next month, and I can only pray that I will survive. I have no idea why I am dreading the cold so so much. Maybe the joints that have already started to creak have something to do with it. And no, its not exaggeration, my joints are actually creaking, makes me wonder what my real bodily age is.

In other news, the BB is fascinated with the hair and head of his peers, and his been tugging at any that he can lay his hands on. The problem is I don't even understand why he is doing it, so I don't even understand what to tell him. And yes, I am taking a break from the playgroup for the next few months. Because, once again, it is really getting cold, and its no fun waiting for long periods of time on the bus-stop, or walking in the chilly breeze, and most importantly, because I am really mad at the other mothers there. I think the last one is in fact the real reason. I don't really wish to go into petty details right now, and maybe I am mis-interpreting the social cues of this society, but whatever it is, I am unhappy! And no, there is nothing racist about the situation.

Life is on as usual, a little happy a little sad.I am sleeping a lot these days, and I mean a real 'lot'. Its so cosy inside the quilt, I just don't feel like giving it up in the mornings, and most mornings I lay in till the BB decides he wants to be up. Privileges of being a stay-at-home-mom I guess. And of course, I love my sleep.

So tell em friends, what is up with your life? And yes all my blog readers are my friends, so just tell me what is up with you too.


Sagarika said...

Reading your post made me realise that its been a long time since we spoke... I have so much piled on... I don't know what u talking about but if hugs can help take oodles from me... Atleast of not be a problem solver they can keep u warm... Hoping to hear your cheerful tone soon :)

Indyeah said...

The way you have described winters...did you just hiccup?
That was me!:P
saying all sorts of things in my mind.
You sadist!
Its darn hot here.

I have forgotten what winters was like. What it means to be inside a quilt and snuggle on a winter morning. Coz I CANT STOP SWEATING LIKE A PIG:P

Whats up here? has kinda started. Looking forward to the madness that will unfold soon.The Great Indian wedding tamasha:D


And do write about whats bothering you , if you feel like it..maybe it will help?

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

You're dealing with the cold, and I'm braving the bleddy heat over here. And I'm a little sad too.. because my fitness plan has totally fallen through the cracks and because a half-read book is waiting to be finished for the last month! :( Other than that, there's some fun stuff like blogging and work and other trivialities I keep writing about. Trying to get back on track.

sraikh said...

Oh no.. What happened with the moms? I havent been online in a while.
Missed chatting with you.

You know maybe this is your first winter and you are getting the blues..It happened to me during my first winter as well...

Cheer up ...and hopefully we can chat soon

MRC said...


It's the cold weather and having to look after BB without GP thats getting you down....but then Im sure you guessed as much!From all those books that you got recently, try reading something light and frothy, it may help. Also sending lotsa hugs your way :D Life with the RCs is the same old same old...just revolving around his Artimness, who is getting naughtier and cuter by the hour!

liveonimpulse said...

Aww hugs GM is winter giving you the blues ?? I am sure you'll feel better once GP comes back from his trip..untill then catch up on your sleep and cosy up with a steaming cup of coffee and curl up with a good book. Sigh the joys of winter

Piper .. said...

:):) It`s a little cold here too, though winters are really, really bad! But somehow, I love winters. All white on the out and all warm inside :) Nothing like a steaming cup of coffee on a white winter afternoon. That and a good book to read :)
I`ve been away for a while, Goof. But I have been wondering what you`ve been upto. Hope things are good