Thursday, August 27, 2009

The BB's Birth Announcement

When the BB was born, I had everything set in place. I need to have everything set in place for my peace of mind. I can be a bit like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. , though not so much anymore. I had no idea how groggy I would be post surgery, so I had made a written list of people to be informed, marked for those who needed to be called up immediately, those who were to be messaged and such like. I had even composed the message to be sent, and left it on the DH's mobile. Yes, I am super thorough that way, and I have to be, when my man is overly relaxed about everything.

Yesterday, I was thinking about the day the BB was born, and remembered the text message, they were four rhyming lines that had been sent out. And suddenly realised my mobile phone was the only place where I had a copy saved. The GP changes phones too frequently, and I had no expectations of him having a copy anywhere. And the one in which I had a copy, was the one which died when I had been to India in March this year.It just died, and I could retrieve nothing from it. I was worried about the photos mainly at that point, having completely forgotten about the important messages I had on it. And yesterday the realisation dropped on me like a bomb. I searched high and low, on my PC, hoping I had it on a mail or some document, but no such luck. Then I checked the memory card of my old phone, switched on each and every one of the DH's old phones and tried, but no luck. I was so angry, just so angry. Called up the DH, asked him if he had it with him anywhere, I was mostly blabbering and being incoherent, since I was totally upset at that point. No help from that quarter either. He suggested I ask the people we had messaged, and I knew there was no point, it has been over two and half years now, no body would have that message with them, still. And I gave up.

At around 4:30 the DH got back home. Its Ramadan, so he gets back home early these days, and the first thing I told him was get a pen and paper. Somehow like magic the lines came back to me, and he wrote them down. A bit here, a bit there, but finally we got them perfectly. I don't think I have felt the feeling of happiness and relief in a long long time. And thank God, my mind still has the capacity to recollect somethings. And I am putting the lines here, so that I don't lose them again.
We think you should know this,
This is a news you wouldn't wanna miss,
Our family has increased by one,
We now have a baby son.

On a completely different note, my eyes had been giving me a scare, with blurred vision the past couple of weeks. But then by chance the BB took out my old pair of spectacles, and I tried them on to realise the new pair had the wrong power and was making me go cross eyed. Feel lucky to have realised the problem before I did severe damage to the eyes. And the BB was the one who broke the old pair, forcing me to go get the new one.


Monika said...

those were some lovely lines

and the incident that happened u just described, going mad when i dont find anything its just that it happens too often with me read everytime i need something :D

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Awww! That message is just too sweet! I'm glad you wrote it down here! :)

Do you have a baby record book? Maybe you should pen that into the book as well :)

Iya said...

i am so happy those lines came back to you.they are very lovely!!

Smitha said...

That was a lovely message! Wow, you did all that! You should certainly preserve it somehere - it is too special to be lost!

Sraboney said...

What a lovely message - who wrote it?

Passionate Goof said...

Monika - Thanks. :) I can imagine, I really panic when i don't find things.

M4 - Yes, i put it down here, not risking losing it again. :)

Iya - Me too! Thanks.

Smitha - Its on the blog, it is not going to get lost now!!

Bones - Thanks. :) I think its a bit kiddish though. I wrote it.

Solilo said...

Aww..sho cute. Not kiddish!