Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Waaaaow" To Simple Pleasures.

That is the word always on the BB's lips these days. Anything, and "Wow". The origins lie with the GP though. Each time the BB would dress up to go out, or put on the sunglasses, the GP would say ,"Wow!". And so the BB now follows. If I tie up his longish hair into a tiny pony, he says it, or when he tries on my hairbands, as soon as it is in place, out comes a big ,"Waaaaow!". The word is repeated about a hundred times a day in the household in different lengths and tones, and it is yet to lose its charm on me. Each time he dresses up, he says it to himself, when his meals are served, he says it if he like the food, he even says it when his favourite ads turn up on TV. The most wonderful thing though, happened this weekend. I was getting dressed up for a weekend outing, and just as I finished, and was looking at myself one last time in the mirror, the BB walked into the room. All done, I turned to leave, and he pointed at me, and said , "Waaaaow!". And I went out feeling a bit bouncy.

Today evening, I went out with the BB in tow, sans the stroller, I think of it as an entrapment, though immensely useful at times.It just does not feel right to strap in a child who would love to run wild! After doing off with the errands, the two of us headed off for a tiny walk, and suddenly the wind started blowing really hard. The joy on the BB's face was indescribable. He was squealing in joy as the hair on his face blew in the winds. It was such fun to just be there with him, and enjoying his delight. Not surprising, since the GP and I both love the wind on our face, the bike being our favourite mode of transport for years, till the BB happened. I see him going the same way.

And now for some learning, when there is a toy bucket at home, it needs to be useful, besides simply holding the toys. So the BB has put the bucket to some more use, as you can see.

He overturned and emptied the entire thing, turned it upside down and just climbed on it. Now I only hope he does not realise too soon, that he can take the bucket to various places and use it as a way to reach the things he otherwise cannot!


D said...

My reaction to that photo is simply "Waaaaow!" LOL

Monika said...

too cute the photo is.... and let me assure u were lucky till now... and HE WILL FIGURE IT sooon.... Ojas has and made my life miserable, anything he finds like this the first thing he does it reverse it takes it to the nearest place where he wants to climb and thak my life is over,
he did it to my coffee table too recently


Solilo said...

What a cutie! WAAAOW! Hahahaha

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! It must be a lot of pleasure watching BB grow up, eh?

U gotta wonderful space here! My first time! Liked it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Simply Waaooww!!! And be careful of what you say now. Yuvaan has picked up 'Sittt' (Shit) as well :) he he...

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I loooove the way he pointed at you and said Wow! I can just imagine the high it gave you :)

What a sweetie...hug hime for me.

And as for the bucket episode. Trust me, he'll figure out it's a ladder in disguise in no time at all!

Passionate Goof said...

D - :)

Monika - Please assure me the other way, would make me happier. I can imagine the trouble!

Solilo - Yes its always cute with other kids. :P

Rakesh V - Yes pleasure, but a lot work too! Thanks for dropping in. :)

Rakesh - Oops, indeed i have to be careful.

M4 - It did, believe you me, it did! The hugs have been duly passed. I hope he figures it out as late as possible!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

wowwww- Lovely pic....he looks tall ( as compared to the previous snaps;))

such a nice feel, when he said wow to you na? am sure it made your day!!!!


Smitha said...

Waaaow! BB is so cute!!! Am sure he must have figured out the other uses of that inverted bucket ;)

That is such a lovely pic!

indianhomemaker said...

Aww!! The wow when he sees his mum all dressed up - priceless :)

And about the bucket being emptied, to stand up on - the fun has just begun ;)