Friday, August 28, 2009

Just What I Needed

As goes with my shopping frenzies, I get obsessed with one thing at a time, and keep buying loads of the same. At different points in time, they have been sarees, dupattas, footwear, bed covers,coffee mugs and such like. I just need an excuse to shop of course, but then I do OD on particular objects at different times. The current flavour is accessories, and I am definitely overdoing it. I have way too many necklaces with me now, and I still want some more. Recently say a post on Sraikh's blog about this nice necklace stand she has, and felt I could do with one too, its so much more trouble opening a box, and sifting through the contents to find the one I like.

Last evening, for the lack of anything to do, I brought out my box of jewelery to look at my collection and feel pleased. I just opened it, and lo- behold, my wish is granted. Please see the photos below, for my personalised necklace stand.

The fork in the background, is the one the BB was playing with, for his pretend cooking, before he turned his attention my way.

Now they all look so good, I would never know how to pick one, and it would never look as good on me!!


Smitha said...

Awww!! BB is looking so cute!! LOL @ Personalized necklace stand :)

There is something about children and accessories! Not only does Poohi wear all of mine, anytime she gets her hands on them, she also manages to select her own, when we go shopping!

Anonymous said...

I thought you dressed him up as little Krishna!! This is the first time I am seeing a toddler being used as a necklace stand!! LOL!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Delightful! Absolutely delightful!

Sraboney said...

See, he's already become a Mummy's helper by 'displaying' your jewellery so that you know what they look like when worn...

Passionate Goof said...

Smitha - Really? Already picking her stuff. Wow!

T3 - Trust me he took up the post himself, he wore all of them all by himself.

M4 - :)

Bones - As long as he does not destroy them, I am OK with it.

Purvi said...

He is just a darling!

Neet's so much into this too - removes all my necklaces, wears all of them, if she cannot figure how to wear some (smaller ones), she just tucks it under her chin as if she is wearing it hahhaa... so is the case with bindis several on her forehead, clips, bangles (my bangles she wears on her hand upto the armpit) - everything!!!

Its so much fun to watch them like this!

God bless DB (dear bhanja!!)

Monika said...

awwwww BB looks so adorable with all those

give him a tight hug and kiss from my side will u

Passionate Goof said...

Purvi - Oh! she is just like you then, You love these things so much yourself isn't it? I know, its loads of fun!!

Monika - Will do boss!!:)