Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Boys Grow Up, And We Just keep Wondering.

The BB is growing up way to fast I feel at times, I already so miss the time, when he was a teeny weeny baby, I had sleepless nights then, but yet there is nothing like a newborn. Teeny, tiny, adorable. They mostly cry, but they keep your heart with them, always.

Now he is suddenly learning new things almost everyday. Over the past week, there have been so many new things happening, that I am amazed at the speed of his development, both mental and physical. Each day he grows taller, and can reach greater heights, literally. One day he cannot reach the doorbell, and the very next day he can. It is that kind of growth.

The boy now believes, if any book is picked up, it reads ABC, and so if he picks up any book at all, that is what he says, "Aye, Beeeeeeee, C". That is the extent of his alphabetic knowledge and that is what he thinks all books read. He will pick up mine, open them and say A,B and C.

He has finally got the words now to indicate he has an impending nature's call to attend to. Aah! what a relief that is. Though it is not always used, I am now positively hopeful. Till now I had to guess he needed to go, seeing him run around in circles, and already being halfway there by the time he got in place. Just meant a special pile of laundry each day, for antiseptic washing. In the summers, with the AC working nearly all day long, the frequency of needing a release is greatly increased too. So I am extremely glad that a word has now been found to express his need. It is shushu.

This weekend, we were at a mall, and there was this adorable little girl, around the BB's age. short straight hair, lovely hazel eyes, chubby lil cheeks. Oh! she was a doll I tell you. She spotted the BB, and was very interested in playing with him, the BB had not noticed her, so I took him to her, and he almost pounced on her for a hug. She was a tinier than him, so I kind of pulled him away, before he would topple both of them over. And then I said, 'Give her a kissie.' Now my boy, knows only to receive them, so promptly he pressed her lips to each of his cheeks and then his head, while holding her head steady with his hands. It was hilarious, because here, she was the smaller one, and the one who should be kissed, but the BB got her to kiss him instead. The girl was very friendly and playful too, and it was nice seeing two enthusiastic kids interact, without either shying away or getting uncomfortable. Usually other kids shy away from my over enthusiastic son, so this was a nice change. I wish I see the girl again, she was just so adorable.

Choice of his clothes is a brand new development too. He often rejects my choice now, opens the cupboard and brings out what he wants to wear, leaving the rest of the cupboard in a mess. As of now, it is very cute, but I am so dreading the tantrums which are likely to follow, soon enough. Full length pants are preferred over shorts, nearly always.When he knows something is a part of a set, he just would not wear it in a different combination. So yes, my boy is growing up.

The BB is now capable of opening the refrigerator, so at random times of the day, you will find half eaten cheese cubes lying around in the house. Tough! And telling him not to do it, is currently no use, so I am just hoping he gets over his love to open the fridge. And this is a phase that too will get over.


Enchanted said...

BB is so adorable as always. And already he can get a girl to kiss him... that is biggest sign of growing up GM :-)

And btw nice header. I just found yesterday that you moved here. So i will spend so time going thru the archives.

Solilo said...

"Now my boy, knows only to receive them, so promptly he pressed her lips to each of his cheeks and then his head, while holding her head steady with his hands."

Such a cutie! He know how to make a girl kiss him. :)):))

He seems so friendly and such a darling.

Sraboney said...

He is really adorable!

My daughter has been choosing her clothes for a while now - its quite irritating as she takes a while to decide...

Anonymous said...

he he, this is really adorable... As I said, this could be my blog as well since you say almost everything about BB that I'd want to say about my kid :)

Growing up, reaching door handles, opening the fridge, choice in clothes... And ya, the kissing girls part, I could just copy and paste almost everything on my blog and it'll be true :)

They do grow up fast...

Passionate Goof said...

Enchanted - Welcome. :) Good you found me. I wish he grew up and took care of himself too. ;) Thanks for the header compliment, just made it.

Solilo - Its fine at this age, if he continues to be the same later, I will be in trouble!;) He is friendly, and fortunately this lil girl was the same. :)

Bones - well... I know that phase, and that is exactly what i am dreading, but i am hoping he will be all-boy and put on clothes in less than half a minute and be on the ready to move.

Rakesh - Well, if Yuvaan is there too, enjoy the ride. :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Awww! What a sweetheart!

Yes, little boys do grow up...and how!!

Hugs to your growing boy!