Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Am Happy With A Little Less

Yes, that's me. I don't want everything, nor do I want the best of everything. I am happy with a little less than all. Does that mean, I will get nowhere in life? maybe it does, but my purpose in life is to be happy, not fight all along trying to get there. I am materialistic, you bet I am, it will take one look at this blog, which is less than a month old, to know that, but I don't need the best or the most expensive things. If I really want something, and cannot afford it, it takes me about two minutes to get over that and move on. So, I manage to stay happy quite easily.

I want to work, have more money, a home, family, luxuries, friends and more, and yet I don't want it all, or a lot of it all. I have my priorities very clear, and thank God for that. I have seen way to many people struggle and suffer due to lack of prioritisation. Don't want to go the same way, not because I would not love to have it all, but because I don't want to feel that pain and angst. If I want to lose weight, I am happy even if I don't have washboard abs, but just a decent shape, a slight bulge of a paunch will not leave me biting my nails. I am quite an non-perfectionist, and way too content for my own good I think. I don't strive to be the best, and worse still, it does not bother me. The only place where I wish to excel is, in the role of a mother, and I can see that I am nowhere near perfect already.

In a way that does not push me to my limits, in certain fields, I can never come out and say I am the best yes, but I am happy, and I am just simply happy the way I am. I am content, with what I have, where I am, and I know I would be equally happy if I had more in terms of money or love. I never forget to be thankful for each step I take towards a better life, somehow I never get complacent, forgetting how I have a better life now in some way or the other than before. More than a year down the line I could have been used to it, but I am still glad that I now live without power cuts, twenty four hours of water supply and honking horns blaring into my bedroom.

So if you are competing with me, don't , because I will really not even stand up and try....... sad, lazy me, as always!

Addendum - I realised what it is that makes me want to attain perfection. It is my creative pursuits. I am never ever satisfied with my creations, I find them way below the standard I desire to achieve. That goes for everything from knitting to embroidery to writing to cooking. Absolutely nothing I do ever satisfies me.

On a completely different note, the BB can now say Baby Boy. Ironical? I definitely think so. :)


Smitha said...

First of all - your header blew me away! Its gorgeous! Had to tell you that :) Now will go off read your post and comment :)

Smitha said...

I can so agree with you on this post.. I am a lot like that too - I do like it easy.. am content with what I have.. And yet, when I need to - I can strive and get to where I need to.. you know..but I never lie awake at night worrying that I am not able to achieve something. And I think, for me, is important not compare and compete with others.. My goals are personal ones - not competitive ones.. if it makes sense ...

Anonymous said...

I notice you've attained Nirvana already eh? he he...

But yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, being happy is what matters...

I have to tell you this - Maybe a bit long but I just have to.

You know, almost a year and a half back, my brother and I used to sit at the dining table every afternoon for lunch and he used to tell me stories. Stories of his friends, acquaintances and others who changed jobs at almost 100 to 200% higher salaries, got high paying jobs, jumped up the corporate ladder real fast and all that jazz. That was when Dubai was booming and skilled personnel were in short supply. He urged me to update my cv and post it on job portals and send it to major companies since everybody seemed to be looking for good people. I used to tell him that I'm on track to a partnership in this firm and though it may be small and it may not be paying as ridiculously high as others but I'm fine here. I enjoy my work and i'm not under undue pressure, I reach home everyday by 7 pm and can also come home for lunch every day and have a short power nap. Life is fine.

But yet, he wouldn't take this for an answer and tried hard to pump in some ambition in me. I used to tell him

'Bhai, everyday somebody gets a raise in Dubai and you come back home and give me tensions'

Not that I wasn't worried. I used to think real seriously about what he used to say but never acted upon it, either out of laziness or maybe reluctance to change only for more money. I even got a few very lucrative offers from clients which involved more work from my side as well but meant more status, more money etc. but I turned them down. I had the exactly same thoughts in my mind which you've mentioned here. I thought long and hard about things like ambition, purpose of life, how would it be having more money etc. But I used to think, no matter how hard I try to earn more, there'll never be enough. Once I buy a yatch, i'll want a private airplane coz. few of my colleagues might have one. Cheesy it may seem but it's actually true.

A year and a half later, today we sit at the table and he tells me about the exactly same people loosing their highly paying jobs and now left with no option but to return to their old companies at significantly less than what they were getting earlier and a lot less respect. Alternatively, I managed to stay and grab an awesome increment and still am on track to be a partner with a lot of respect in my firm.

Obviously, I'm happy about my decision (and luck) that I stayed on but i'm more happy about the arguments I had with myself during those days which helped me sort out my priorities.

Passionate Goof said...

Smitha - Hey, thanks for such a genuine and overwhelming compliment. THANKS!
Oh! You and I are quite similair, Ipush myself when something holds my interest, but otherwise, i so damn laid back. And its best to compete with our ownself isn't it? How else would there be a Tagore, Shakespeare, Mozart or Einstein? They would never reach anywhere, if they kept competing with other.

Rakesh - No where near Nirvana, I am too posessed by materialistic wants to be there. But I am not too strong with any wants, except possibly to be a better human being, don't work hard even on that. :) And lucky and smart you about the job!

Ashwini Shenoy said...

I love your thoughts - so unique and worth emulating. Yes, I see everyone going for things that they want only to show that they have "arrived". Things like ethics, f'ships, love, understanding, tolerance get lost somewhere down the way. I too am materialistic but not to the point that I want things so bad that I can compromise on friends and family.

Lovely post and looking forward to more of these from you! :-) Your header is awesome!! :-)

Piper .. said...

I see myself so clearly in this post of yours. You and I should meet some day, my friend.

Passionate Goof said...

Ashwini - Ok, now you are humbling me with such huge compliments, please don't. i think i am just too lazy and laid back, just putting nice words to cover that attitude. ;)

Like my header? Thankeeeeeeee.

Piper - Done deal, tell me when and where, I shall be there!!