Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The First Proposal

I Love You

Pops out from the lips of the BB, when he met Aadya this Sunday. I was surprised, as was the GP, to hear him say that, all on his own. He said it, the moment he saw her, without any pleas or requests.We our heart out to him, at home, and he never ever says it to us, but he sees the pretty girl, and the words come tumbling out. Showing us the way for things to come I guess. It was not a planned meeting, but just bumping into each other while shopping, and the reaction was so instantaneous. The boy surely knows what to do and when. This officially becomes his first proposal isn't it? And it is the little Aadya's birthday today, and hence I waited to post this today. Do hop over and wish her.

Sunday we had gone meat and fish shopping, when he spotted a sweat shirt he liked. When I finally agreed to buy it, of the two colours, lavender and pink that were available, the BB picked up the bright pink. The boy has a huge fascination for pink, that is the colour he always insists on when he paints too. I like it. Also he completed his art-class term, and I decided to not enroll him for the next term, because he is more a free-style artist, and the pre-decided projects in a small slot of time, just meant that I had to be doing most of the work, while he tried to grab more of the paint or glitter. For now, its going to be poster paints, brushes and his drawing book at home. But on Saturday, we went there to pick up the things he had done in the few classes he attended this term. We also had the BB's face painted for the first time, since it was open day at the art-factory. He had a tiger-face. And that was fun, since we went to the park and some more, with the paint on his face. And did I say, he looked super cute, unfortunately our 'big' cameras were not with us, and all the photos were clicked through the GP's and my mobile.

The Easter basket is what 'he' made in the last session. And the chicks too.


Momo's Ma said...

thats so cute. they really start young these days huh... :)

mindspace said...

cute crafts and what a bday gift lovely aadya got form ur baby :)

Rakesh said...

he he, I guess, it's just the genes working! :P

Piper .. said...

A big hug for the lil one!!! He sure has picked up all the right moves, huh? ;);) Next time I`ll try and make him sayit to me on skype :):):):)

Lovely easter basket! I love the shade of pink!

Monika said...

awwww BB is a sweetheart I tell u

Trish said...

hehehee..HE is sooooooooo cute!!The proposal was soo sweet..it surely as Aadya's first too!!:D
It was nice bumping into u,the other day..
And the projects are fun!

MRC said...


This is yours and Trish's cue to go totally old style bollywood mom on them- abhi se hi apni dosti ko rishtey daari mein badal do ;)

Seriously cute!

Passionate Goof said...

Momo's Ma - I know I know!

mindspace - Thanks... I made them. ;) Aadya is one sweety!

Rakesh - What genes, i used to hate boys!

Piper - All the best for that. He will do it in places, where he has hope.

Monika - Sweetheart.... there are stories that will scare you.

Trish - It was nice meeting up re, and do read MRC's comment below!!

MRC - Oh! I would so so love taking up Aadi as my bahu, she is such a complete sweetheart. maybe I's actually encourage baal-vivaah for this match!

Pixie said...

how cute! :)

BB is truly the artist!

And a very happy belated birthday wishes to Little Aadya as well! :)

Trish said...

LOL!!! @ MRC Not a bad idea though..
GM-Baal Vivaaah..sure..then I think the father will move in too!!
Me?I will finally enjoy a good night's sleep!

Passionate Goof said...

Pixie - Well, there are step by step instructions and materials provided, so I doubt that either of us are great artists. :P

Trish - Lets drop the pretense of you ever being able to live without them! And I am quite in favour of teh 'ghar jamai' idea too. ;)