Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keeping Us On Our Toes

And this week, the BB, took the car keys, something he usually does, but only that this time he was still inside the car, when we pulled into the garage, and as soon as the GP was out of the car, he locked it. What followed was a calm GP trying to tell him to unlock it, me being super cool, and offering to just go and get the spare sets from home, the GP, telling me not to, so that the BB learns to unlock it and so on and so forth. And in all of this, my BB got too flustered and confused to actually understand what was going on, and just could not unlock the doors. Fortunately the incident happened in the garage, and I could run in to fetch the spare keys. All was well again soon. Most importantly the GP learnt his lesson, not to hand over the keys till the love of his life is safely out of the car. I thanked my lucky stars that it happened after we reached home, and not before. Had it happened at the mall, I would have freaked out beyond measure.

PS - Why are boys so so so completely obsessed with cars, in any, and I mean absolutely any available form? No one ever introduced the BB formally to them. His head turns whenever he hears a bike gunning down the road, and he follows it, till it gets out of sight. What is it with boys and wheels, really, some form of hard-coding?

Addendum - Sunday evening, led us to a park, on our way back from weekend groceries. It was fun, because besides the kiddie play area, this was a huge place, with plenty of running space. There were a lot of families out, it being Sunday evening. And besides the usual swing-n-slide routine, we did a lot of running around too, and hence it was fun. I soaked in the lush green all around. The BB loved being in the new place, and this what struck me the most. All of a sudden he stopped at a place and said photuuuuuus (photos), stood there and did a lot of his pretend clicking. Surprising that he realises, new beautiful places usually means clicking them. The GP and I were quite surprised. And leaving you with some shots from my the park, done with my phone.

Running towards the baseball enclosure.

No matter how much he rules us, he remains to still be a tiny little boy.

A beautiful wooden art-piece at the park. The BB really liked it.


soin said...

its natural.boys cars and all.made for each other. i mean who introduced girls to pink,teddy,chocolates and all.its all

hitch writer said...

Hey thank god it happened near the house !!!!!! phew !!!! :)

bout cars and boys please dont say that... neither cars and bikes interest me so much except as means to get to places... !

and please before you say anything I am a complete BOY !!!!!

Trish said...

Uff thank God,It hppenned at home..
about carsand biks,clueless!:)

Trish said...

Uff thank God,It hppenned at home..
about carsand bikes,clueless!:)

Passionate Goof said...

Soin - Really starting to believe that. And yes, i agree, some things come naturally to us, based on our gender.

Hitchy - I did not doubt your boyhood, one bit, but knowing how crazy you are about cricket/sports, need I even doubt?????

Trish - Oh! You bet. You will be clueless darling, you live in a world with pinks, teddies, dolls, arts, crafts and stuff like that.

Shrutzz said...

wow, BB has started showing his love interest now!!! its nice to have passion for cars and boys will be boys!

nice looks good.

colormesunshine ('A') said...

all well that ends well :)

he's growing up sooo quickly GM.....seems like just the other day I saw his hair cutting pics in Dubai :)

came here looking for cake :)...actually :D...

Trish said...

lol!!@MY WORLD!

Momo's Ma said...

glad it happened at home n u had the spare keys. i am not sure of the boys like cars statement,cos here, Momo seems to love cars(toys, she has around 5-6 of them), n sometimes when DH steps out of the car, she quickly climbs on to the drivers seat n turns on/ off the car, puts her hand on the gear, clicks the window open/ close etc. i have never left her alone in the car though. but hope to be careful always.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Boys love cars. It's in their DNA, nothing you can do about it!

And the park looks gorgeous...especially that wooden art-piece.

Passionate Goof said...

Shrutzz - Yes indeed he has started showing his interest. This park was really huge and rather nice.

'A' - I know, sometimes when I think of it, I feel the same myself. Aww... the cake was not photographed, because I had no idea how it would taste.

Trish - I know. ;)

Momo's Ma - I am sure there are loads of girls who enjoy cars, and boys who like dolls n stuff, but its just that even without being specially pushed one way, the BB just loves his cars.

M4 - I can see that now. Do you know he loves all kinds of rods/bats n sticks too! The park was huge, and its not even a famous or special one out here.