Friday, March 19, 2010


Had been out for some groceries yesterday, and the Indian Store was the first place I went in. Below, is an ad placed on the outer wall of the store.

Accommodation Available
Only For Gujarati people.

I actually feel like calling up the provided contact number, and ask such people what is wrong with them, why did they step out of their village well at all?? We are half a world away from our country, and this person cannot do with just any Indian, but needs someone from a specific area. I have not put this up with any animosity towards gujaratis, because in the above ad, the 'gujarati' could well have been any other location/caste/religion preference. It just makes me feel sad and infuriated.

Just want to quote a comment by Soin, on one of my earlier posts here, and all I can say is I cannot agree more .

"its good to know our indians have not given up the indianess in them.even after going to a different continent they still hold up our traditions of sectism,castism and all those.soon shiv sena will have a wing there and claim sydney should allow only marathi inidians coz the first indian immigrant there was a marathi.i love my country."

So true, and so sad is our reality.


On a happy note though, while we stood for billing on the counter at our regular supermarket, the woman just ahead of us handed us a 10% discount coupon for the same store. She said, that she had two of them and could use only one, so she gave the other one to us. It is like one of those out of the blue lucky things that happen isn't it? I am still smiling about it, while the GP laments not having larger figures on the bill. God bless the woman.


Iya said...

which part of Aur are u in.. i will be in Mel next week..

Monika said...

u know its sad but not uncommon when i was searching for a house i had to hear that no we dont want to give to north indians too

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Terrible! You should call them up and give them a piece of your mind! Aren't they meing racist? And in the most micro way possible? Sigh...

And yaaay about the coupon! It does feel good when that happens

sraikh said...

Thats just terrible.
I still cannot get over how the North Indians talk bad about the South Indians. When I say some of my closest friends are SOuth Indians, I was told since I grew up in Singapore, i dont count..Pfft!

liveonimpulse said...

How can't remain trapped in such an insulated mindset if you've decided to step out of the country...As if parochialism wasn't rampant enough here in India..they've decided to carry it overseas as well !!

Momo's Ma said...
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Momo's Ma said...

Hey, Hurray for the lucky girl.
reg house finding woes, its sadd how people are so community specific in mumbai. but its shocking to find such a thing in AU.

Pixie said...

How ridiculous!
Such mindsets are deep rooted and hard to get rid of I guess...

Wow! A good deed! :) especially a discount coupon! How very sweet of that lady! :)

Passionate Goof said...

Iya - Am in Melbourne.

Monika - I know how bad it is in India, its terrible in Bombay, even when you are looking to buy, but bringing that disgusting attitude half way across the world with you??

M4 - It is disgusting isn't it. Indians are BIG FAT racists, trust me.

Sraikh - I don't like any community, and that is the honest fact. As soon as there is a group of people from the same community, they become a bunch of idiots. I just like people, individual people.

liveonimpulse - Oh yes, they are selling it, and selling it well. It is really humiliating, when Indians, are defined by such mentality.

Momo's Ma - I know, how bad it is in Bombay, its disgusting infact, and imagine, people have carried that mentality all the way across till here.

Pixie - It is. Disgusting indeed.

Rakesh said...

maybe the landlord lived in the very next house and wanted a neighbor he could be friends with and speak his mother tongue.

maybe he wanted someone vegetarian as well.

Renu said...

But that is everywhere and may be its not strictly caste but because it makes them feel more comfortable..

here in Chennai also many restrictions are put, they want vegetarians only.

Trish said...

Ohh yeah..I have seen such ads too..makes me want to laugh on their face!
And Thats soo cool about the discount coupon!!so cool!
@Iya..I havent read you..but promise will read up..just so I get to have a blog meet.:D

Sagarika said...

hey firstly i know 1 mail is due.. sorry sorry just a bit caught up (*does uthak baithak ... if not ur apology in the hope that it'll help me burn a few added pounds*) ... and now on the post... yea is saddening wats happening and for a second i even pitied for what KKR had to go thru at the mumbai airport but then again why blame ppl overseas when examples set at home r so bad... that day I was elated that Chennai super kigs had won.. I reaslly admire dhoni.. my boss was disgusted she said I wasn't a Kolkatan... I refuted that I was an Indian first so all loyalty to the cappy... she said that I was first a kolkatan n then an indian (she's a lawyer too) ... i just goped at her and smiled and said i differ (while my brain screamed - Wake Up woman!) ... a mother of two kids, I wondered all day what if her daughters ever fell in love with someone from the siv sena family!

Sagarika said...

Oh 1 thing more... didnt getting the coupon feel like find a tenner in an old jeans which you had discarded months back (esp in a situation when u r broke)???

Piper .. said...

Goof, The gujrati bit was ridiculous!! Cant imagine which planet these guys are from! The discount was awesome! How come I never come across nice people like that :):)

Passionate Goof said...

Rakesh - I think it would be lovely, if he just went back to the village well he has come from!He would get all the vegetarian food, and enjoy his mother tongue too. Wonder why he left all that behind, when he cannot live without it.

Renu - I know, its bad in India, have seen the worst of it in Bombay, including a muslim family being forced to sell their apartment, because the majority in the complex were gujaratis and did not want a muslim family living amongst them. But to carry that mentality halfway across the world... sheesh!

Trish - Laugh? I would rather slap them on their face, because their behavious places all Indians in bad light.

Sagarika - No issues re, just relax. Your boss, needs a big kick on her backside, really. This is the fate of 'educated' India. Its so damn common you know, I have seen parents going berserk when their kids don't speak the state language, and even if teh parents are fine, all the friends, family friends etc, would never stop criticising about how, 'bangali hoye bangla jaano na?', the kids don't take up the state language etc etc. It pisses me off, when the same kids are not even expected to know Hindi. SAD.
The coupon thing really was cool!

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! we can be petty like that. finding a house for non-vegetarians in bangalore is quite a mean task too!

its annoying as hell! :(